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[Drama 2017-2018] The Secret of My Love / My man's secret, 내 남자의 비밀, Mon-Fri 19:50


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The Secret of my Love

(My Man's Secret)




Hangul title: 내 남자의 비밀

Engish title: My man's secret (provisional)

Episodes: 100

Broadcast: KBS

Airdate: Sep 18, 2017 - Feb 9, 2018

Time: 19:50 KST

Duration: 40 minutes



This drama is about a man who wears a mask he wishes he could shed, and about a woman who has left his beloved brother in order to find happiness



Park Jung Ah

Song Chang Eui

Kang Se Jun


Note: this drama will replace "Unknown Woman"






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I am finding it interesting so far , but I am confused about the twins. Are they really two of them and if so how did they end up separated or are they one person living two lives. Will one take on the others life when he is hurt?


Wow, Jin Hae Rim  is nuts. An adopted daughter who got rid of the real daughter. She is very scary and has fooled the assembly man enough that he has had his wife committed instead of listening to what the woman was trying to say.  The loss of Yeo Rim  was not an accident. I shudder to think what the girl will do when she realizes who Yeo Rim is now but also I want what she did to come out.

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In Wook is truly a pathetic man. I can’t stand him for falling for Hae Rim’s lies. He was so dumb to take the fall for her mistake. It makes me so mad that “NO ONE CAN SEE THROUGH her fake ness.” She doesn’t even love him but is obsessed with him because she can’t have him. Now we know that Hae Rim feels nothing for Jae Wook that will soon change, when Ji Sub becomes Jae’s Wook. Jae Wook won’t be infatuated with Hae Rim and her obsession will go to Ji Sub. Hae Rim’s adoptive father doesn’t love anyone but his career.

He is dumb @Ldy Gmerm for believing a stranger he took in and raised. But his wife was right Hae Rim purposely got rid of Yu Aaron for her own gain and has the nerve to be upset when her adoptive mother lost trust in her. 


In in the next eisode Ji Sub’s birth mother wants to kill him . I still don’t get why she wants to kill him. Can someone please give me an insight. She abandoned her baby but it wasn’t clear if she had twins. 

I tend to believe Jae Wook has a horrible childhood. I blame Jae Wook’s grandfather for the the pain he had to go through. In the beginning JW’s mother seemed innocent and was pushed to commit a horrible sin and become the greedy woman she is today. If only JW’s grandfather had shown Jw some kind of kindness maybe he would have turned out like he has. So lazy, greedy and obsessed to have a woman who doesn’t want him. 

@euraka  @sava2sava @maddymappo @tulip06  @msmy   :wub::wub:Please join me guys 

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15 hours ago, UnniSarah said:

In in the next eisode Ji Sub’s birth mother wants to kill him . I still don’t get why she wants to kill him. Can someone please give me an insight. She abandoned her baby but it wasn’t clear if she had twins. 

I do not know why for sure, but she mentions it is important that she bring a healthy baby into the home. She is afraid that if the baby is sickly it will be appear she was inferior and had inferior off spring. She finds out that her baby is so sick he likely die - maybe Ji Sub and feels relief.


They don't show the part in the birth scene when the other baby is born, she hears no crying, so that leaves open the possibility that she actually adopts one of a stranger's twin new born babies,  but in the preview she says something like "you were supposed to die so how dare you come before me now", so it does seem that the sickly child she gave birth  could also be Ji Sub.    


On the other hand, If she adopted a healthy twin and she was told the other twin died - that would give a strong reason for her wanting to kill him, so that grandpa doesn't find out that JW is not biological offspring.   Otherwise her motive would be she doesn't want anyone to know that she abandoned her own baby. (I guess).


Both JW and HR felt unwanted.  JW hated IW, because he was blamed for everything by his own mother who wanted to give a good impression and appear to be a good mother to IW.  HR was always disliked by the mother who adopted her. I cannot figure out why they adopted a child.  She was made to feel responsible for everything that went wrong, it was her fault (like JW).  So she abandons her sister* it appears because the sister was injured (she may have thought she was dead) and was afraid that they would blame her, that is why she ran away crying "its not my fault, I didn't do it, it's not my fault".  She was blamed and returned to the orphanage only to be taken back by the father  (maybe he is her bio father, but because of his political position he never revealed it). 


*I am editing  about the opening scene of Jw HR abandoning her sister. She does leave her wandering and crying in the rain and covers her ears as she runs from her, but then when she hears the shout she runs back to see what happened, and then I think frightened she will be blamed for the injury runs away saying it was not her fault, but she knew it was.   Question is did she really mean to leave her sister wandering around?  The shaman says she did. It was all her fault etc. But was she reading what HR was going to do or Hr's own guilt, self hatred and contempt for herself?

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