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[Drama 2017-2018] Dal Soon's Spring, 꽃 피워라 달순아, Mon-Fri


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Dal Soon's Spring


Resultado de imagen para 꽃 피워라 달순아



Hangul title: 꽃 피워라 달순아!

Engish title: Dal Soon's Spring (provisional)

Episodes: 120

Network: KBS2

Release Date: August 14, 2017 --

Runtime: Monday - Friday 9:00-9:40

Director: Shin Chang-Seok

Writer: Moon Young-Hoon



Eun-Sol (Hong Ah-Reum) is the only daughter of a CEO for a shoemaking company. She lives a happy life, but an unexpected incident causes her to lose her memory and she begins to live under the name of Dal-Soon. She has a bright personality and takes an interest in shoes. Dal-Soon reveals her past and succeeds as a shoe master.


Hong Ah Reum as Go Dal Soon

Song Won Seok as Jung Yoon Jae

Yun Da Yeong as Han Hong Joo

Kang Da Bin as Suh Hyun Do



Note: this drama will replace TV Novel Sea of the Woman.

Source: asianwiki


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script reading:

KBS2 A new TV novel 'Let flowers bloom' has revealed the scene of reading the script and raised hopes for the drama.

On the first day, the 'Let flowers bloom' dialogue reading was held at the KBS annex. Shin, Chang Seok PD, and the former production team, Lim Ho (Han Tae Sung), Choi Jae Sung (Jung Seung Gi), Park Hyun Jung (Song Yoon Hwa), Jo Eun Sook (Suh Min Young), Kim Min Hee (Han Tae Sook) and others attended.

The actors showed amazing concentration and showed fantastic teamwork from the first meeting. The senior actors continued the warm atmosphere by encouraging their juniors. Shin Chang-seok PD pointed out the problem clearly when the child actors made a mistake, and led the scene with joking jokes in an atmosphere that could be heavy.

It is a human drama that tells the truth of the past and succeeds as a shoe craftsman. 'The Sea of the Woman' will be broadcasted first at 9 am on August 14th.

Source: 01

'꽃 피워라 달순아' 대본리딩 / 사진제공=KBS

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Any prediction as to when we will adult cast, I am looking forward to seeing older YJ (the actor has caught my eye from FIS)

it is going to be interesting to see two actors who probably never crossed paths on FIS set, will now have quiet a bit of air time together. 

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