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@aisling thank you for the thread :partyblob:


Not only did she wait but she also watched him panic and lose his cool :joy: maybe she heard his comment that he didn't shave - she did ask him about it and he said he did it earlier or something right? Lol poor KJH - his embarassment today lifted so many people up globally :joy::joy:

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3 hours ago, shimshimae said:

exactly! maybe certain things are involuntary lol :joy:


Yup, and I saw the same thing from both sides... It was as if they were two teenagers with a crush & completely oblivious to what was going on. Junghyun freaking out about his unshaven face + pjs (it was sort of a funny monologue)  & Hyesun playing it cool and inviting Junghyun to a theatre play without mentioning the rest of the cast, later realizing what she'd said in front of thousands of fans, & then feeling awkward too. I kept feeling we were not supposed to witness this moment. :loolz:


Honestly, I just want them to stay in contact. I don't care about whether they date or not, but today's labang was hard to ignore. 

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As far as I know: (correct me if I'm wrong)

Oppa   - when younger female calls older male

Noona - when younger male calls older female

Unnie  - when younger female calls older female

Hyung - when younger male calls older male


While the older male and the older female will usually use the younger male's name and the younger female's name if they want to call them.


credit to the owner


From a website about how to address your boyfriend/husband in Korean language:


1)One way to say honey and babe is 자기 (JAGI). This term is used between both married and unmarried couples.


Jigeum myusshiya, jagi?
What time is it, honey?


Jagiboda duh mutjin sarameun upsuh.
Honey, there’s no one more handsome than you.


Jagi, peegonhagetda. Soogo manassuh.
Honey, you must be tired. You worked hard.


2)You can also add a 야 (YA) at the end and say 자기야 (JAGIYA).


Jagiya, jibae uhnjewa?
Honey, when are you coming home?


Jagiya~ Oneuleun nagasuh mukja.
Honey~ Let’s go out and eat today.


Jagiya, naemal deuruhbwa.
Honey, listen to me.


3)Another way to affectionately say honey, sweetheart, and darling is 당신 (DANGSHIN). 당신 is used between married couples.


Dangshin, bogoshipuhyo.
Honey, I want to see you.


Oori ssauji malja, dangshin.
Let’s not fight, honey.


Dangshin, oori noraebang galgga?
Honey, shall we go karaoke?


4)And yet another way to say honey, sweetheart, and darling is 여보 (YEOBO). This term is also used towards your husband or wife.


Yeobo, mwo mugeullae?
Honey, what do you want to eat?


Yeobo~ Bbo-bbo!
Honey~ Kiss!


Yeobo, geurun shigeuro malhajima.
Honey, don’t talk to me that way.


From another website:


There is some younger female that still calls her older bf/husband as oppa but younger male calls his older gf/wife as noona seems unnatural because Korean guy often refuse to calls his gf/wife as noona.


Younger male will often calls his gf/wife name instead or just call her jagi (still unmarried) or jagi/dangshin/yeobo (already married). 


I think the reason why the they refuse to call their older girlfriends/wives as noona are because they don't want to feel like a boy with their girlfriends/wives.

Usually, in Korean romance dramas, if the male lead is younger than the female lead, he will get annoyed if she calls him cute and sometimes said thing like "I want to be a man for you" or "I want to be your man" or "I want you to think me as a man" when he is courting her.

-Okay, that's all for today. Class dismissed!:lol:-


I feel that Kim Jung Hyun is crushing on Shin Hye Sun but she is known as always being friendly with her male leads even before this so my hope is they will still keep in contact at least as friends.

But, I found it interesting that her voice sounded quite different on their joint live today compared to her joint live with Na In Woo:P


The part of their joint live with English subtitles

credit to the owner


My favorite part:

credit to the owner


It seems she likes to do the IG live in vehicle while he likes to do it while wearing hoodie LOL


Anyway, I'm really glad that already she had the experience of how to do the joint live with Na In Woo before this so she could teach him because he also doesn't has the experience of doing the joint live:sweatingbullets:


I couldn't imagine if both of them don't know how to do the joint live today.

Maybe they will just stare at their own phones until they fell tired.


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Shipper or not, let’s just enjoy their cute interaction and hope to see them together in another project. Not now, but maybe in few years? I do think their onscreen chemistry combined with their talents is unmatched in k-dramaland.

But our Junghyunie does get giddy around her, that’s a fact. I just can’t get over how he showed his crush on her in front of 40k people :joy: He literally couldn’t look at her while she was just waving to him. 



And the fact that the first thing he worried about when she posted a comment was that he didn’t shave??? Like why would you worry about that if you’re just doing online chat?  :loolz:

And then Shin Hye Sun asking why he didn’t shave? She must still remember the feeling of his stubble scratching her in her lips  :glasses: 




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