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[drama Japan 1998] ニュースの女 / News Woman / Anchor Woman

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Guest t3n5h1_chu_k015h173



* Title: ニュースの女

* Title (romaji): News no onna

* Also Known As: News woman / Channel 2

* Episodes: 11

* Genre: Human Drama

* Viewership:

* Broadcast network: Fuji TV

* Broadcast period: 1998-01-07 to 1998-03-18

* Theme song: Sanpomichi by Judy and Mary


Honami plays a newscaster, a tough pro who is capable of stonily reporting even her own husband's death in an traffic accident on air. The plot revolves around Honami's relationship with her late husband's teenage son who she is forced to take in. The show stars popular Kyozo Nagatsuka as the boy's lawyer and her romantic interest. The series also includes a lot of behind-the-scenes newsroom action and depicts the rivalry between the show's director and producer, who are locked in a constant debate over whether new and variety are, or should be, one and the same.


* Suzuki Honami

* Takizawa Hideaki

* Nagatsuka Kyozo

* Fukikoshi Mitsuru

* Fujiwara Norika

* Nomura Hironobu

* Ono Takehiko

* Fukada Kyoko

* Ameku Michiko

* Okunuki Kaoru

* Nishimura Masahiko

* Abe Hiroshi

* Ito Toshihito

SOURCE : ニュースの女





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Guest happytime

I watched this drama while i was in Japan. Personally, i think it is very good. After i watch this drama, i look differently at anchors, because they are not just reading the paper but they are the one who decide which news to brocast. You will also see, there is a lot of rivalry in the news room, since everyone wants to sit in "the chair". But i must day, this "anchor woman" is really strong even though she hv so much problems to face. anyway i don't wanna give out too much detail because it would be spoilers :D

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I love this drama, the topic was refreshing back then, kind of a pre All-about-Eve drama without all the evilness. Honami was her usual elegant self and her relationship with Hideaki was very well written. I also love it when Kyozo visits the 2 because he's bound to bring over delicious food and say something hilarious. For anyone in the mood for a lighthearted at time touching comedy, you should definitely give this a try.

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That's comedy drama, about life, human relationship and profession.

I love to watch this dorama again.

Could someone give me a link to download this dorama with english subtitle?

Thank you so much..

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Oh god, this brings back so fond memories. I think I watched this when I was in grade 7 or something. I remember feeling really sad and down when the anchor lady decided to refuse going back to the big posh TV station. Haha, I think if I watch it now, I'd feel happy that she stayed at the small station instead, riding bycicle to locations.

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Guest miss_shell_y

omggg i loved dis drama

i saw it in hong kong

as my first drama

n i just fell in love with tackey when i saw him ^^



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