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[Drama 2017-2018] Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life), 슬기로운 감빵생활

Go Seung Ji

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21 hours ago, spark101 said:

So excited for this! It really is a mini Reply '88 reunion- love the supporting cast here. 


Out of the new dramas about to start, this is the only one I'm interested in watching because of the director, Shin Won Ho.

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From hot cop in While You Were Sleeping to hot prisoner  ....:D

Also wonder if the writer  likes Les Miserables ...since we have our very own Jean Valjean here? 

Our mAle leads. I’m surprised at the lack of buzz or promo for this 


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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Current Drama 2017] Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life) 슬기로운 감빵생활 - Wednesdays and Thursdays @ 21:10 KST

I was going through some of the cuts and it was quite fun. All sorts of strange characters...if you had seen Secret Forest , you will recognise the guy who played Prosecutor Yoon - he plays a chaebol heir here who is really loony and from Asian Wiki , it seems his name is also called Jaebol 2se :lol:. Our male lead Kim Je Hyeok is in for an interesting time!



And because he was such a famous baseball player...he was definitely the focus of everyone inmates and guards alike...there was this scene where he had to remove his pants so that they could take a pic of his private part - and lol, all the prison guards wanted to see.



Like all new inmates, the others wanted to rag him - initiation so to speak..since he was the "celebrity" the other inmates targeted him and gave him a good scare, blind folded him and pretended to cut him....lol!



The 1 st eps introduced the inmates and life in prison for our superstar. But our Kim is no pushover and seem to have a temper and boxed one of the inmates later that night. So long story short he was called out and that's where he met JKH's character Lee Joon Ho - whom I am guessing is one of the more senior prison wardens...well surprise surprise , they know each other (childhood friends , i am guessing ) and both were surprised to see each other there.

And Kim had to be put into solitary confinement for a while as punishment for punching the inmate earlier...but Joon Ho and him seems to have a good friendship in the past with JH bringing his some ramen in his confinement cell.


We were also given a peak into Joon Ho's home life - he lives with his brother. Krystal plays Kim's girlfriend and she and his mum visited him as well


I think this is how he ended up in jail, I think it was in self defence


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A solid first episode that kinda introduced our main players and part of the inmates and stuff..In the upcoming episodes for sure we'll get glimses of the others as there are quite a lot...I might say i liked it a lot,quite promising,a story about people...Before finding out the relationship between Je Hyeok and Junho i actually believed the later one is his stalker:lol:  it was quite the nice touch to send us back into their past and see their younger selfes and explain Je Hyeok's scars...I must say that i kinda like our hero,he is usually bland and keeps it in himself till it's goes BAM and then goes crazy,i actually loved that he punched that inmate jjaja ... I also knew he wouldn't give money to the Jail Officer to keep him safe and so on and that he more likely help the Mom of the younger inmate...I wasn't that suprised about the old man revelation as well they are in jail and covers can't be judged...Still curious about the complexity of the relationship between the two friends,is Junho truly his friend or has also some other motivations...Somehow,maybe watching too many dramas i'm making stories but i feel something is somehow off,and that he might have some grudge or something...It did look like they lost contact for a long time,curious why they didn't meet more often...Also how he became a Jail Officer...From what i understood if i didn't misunderstand when they were young Junho was the ACE of the team and the one who was supposed to become big and Je Hyeok was the one who had it harder on the accident and low chances to ever play again(the surgery had low chances of succes unlike Junho yet he quit) and now we're shown the furtune on them reversed,curious if Junho has regrets for his decisions back then even when he had it better than Je Hyeok...I actually felt really bad for Je Hyeok for ending in prison for trying to protect his little sister from that robber...The poor dude will have a hard time with the inmate wanting payback for that punch and the Officer more than happy to help as he is now on his black list so it will be quite intretsng seeing him winning them over as we're clear that he won't leave too soon...


It was for some moments weird i must say seeing Jiho as his ex and seeing later on that she was actually the Daughter of the Late Couch...Somehow it felt weird seeing the younger version and thinking he will later on date her,felt a bit wrong,maybe because i saw them as young especially her so that image is the one wrong in my head...Looked like the late Coach Wife looked thankful that Je Hyeok didn't quit baseball even if it took longer to make it bacause of the recovery etc unlike Junho more because of her late Husband,that would be sad...


I hope Viki or VIU will get the license because it is a promising drama and with the Shin WonHo at the realm i have faith in it...I don't know the writer but from what i saw i liked it...

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56 minutes ago, Miky88 said:

.I actually felt really bad for Je Hyeok for ending in prison for trying to protect his little sister from that robber...

JH is f'ked right at the moment he got into there. His mother f';ked him up to save his sister.


It is likely that he will spend the rest of his life in prison because of something which will happen in there, or he will at least lose the power to play baseball anymore. Junho will make sure he has his revenge.


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While everyone is waiting for Eng sub I try my best to give a  rough summary




  • Kim je-hyeok, our famous baseball player #25 enters the baseball ring
  • at a batting arcade? He just stands there, frozen, in a batting position and with a whole bunch of fans behind him.... silence..... camera flashes..... silence....
  • Fan #1 "did you placed in the 500won?" 
  • Kim: "oh"... no wonder the ball wasnt coming out! ha!
  • Fan's 'intagram' post: highly skilled baseball player, but lacks common sense -.- #kimjehyeok #baseball #Kimjehyeok gold player #kimjehyeok is an idiot



the crime

  • Walking on the streets, truck in coming
  • KJH to Mother: 'she not a child anymore she can take care of herself..." 
  • KJH going visit his sister who just moved into an appartment
  • Some man tried to rape? his sister, 
  • excessive violence used, therefore was charged for assault rather then self defense (correct me if i'm wrong)


  • HOW CAN HE JUST LEAVE THE HOUSE WITH A WINDOW OPEN!!!  #kimjehyeok is an idiot x2
  • calendar: 11th departure to USA press conference 
  • Air plane ticket: seoul to boston 'Finally'
  • the laywer nagging KJH for piling up garbage in a 3 billion won car... hahah
  • Lawyer: "this is the longest tunnel in korea, it takes 1hr to get through"; KJH "Really?"; Lawyer "False -.- "
  • KJH "I heard if you can hold ur breath the entire time through the tunnel, ur wish comes true" "Are you a kid!?, dw there's nothing to worry about"
  • First trial: "gone over the boundary of self defense, pronounced 1 year in prison" 


Bus scene

  • SIster calling.. battery dies (the lawyer told you to charged your 15% phone)
  • Beobja: "excuse me, ur KJH right?"
  • KJH " how do you know"
  • B: "Is there anyone that doesnt know hyung?" & lists his achievements: something ace of the baseball ring, 2 year winner of the Korean MVP, thrice winner of the golden glove? , Highest paid player.... "why you here? hyung, im a fan of ____ (some other player), he's more handsome LOL
  • "Why you at western prison house and not seoul or the southern one? If the southern prison is a hotel than the western jail is campsite"


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seoul bus stop

  • Ajumma "to the west jail" taxi driver "y?" "see my son, the weather is so cold these days, he must have a hard time" .... "keep the taxi fee,  i have my own children, save the money for your son's 'management fee?' “collection fee'?"
  • "i'm here to see my son" "please fill out a request for visit" "what form, what 'collection fee?' hurry up or else the dishes will get cold!" "ajumma you cant bring in food, only management fee is allowed
  • "mom!" here comes the second lead *_* ah kyoung ho oppa is so handsome 
  • Lee joon ho "already past the gates?, got it im coming, sorry mom your son has to work now" "dont worry its just a place where people lives" 
  • LJH "Is KJH here?" Worker "104 needs inspection" "y" "didnt you hear on the walkie talkie, the chief told us to hurry up" "cant u go alone, it's not like your new, go check yourself" "I dont think i can" "sigh, then when i can i see KJH?"


Entering the jail, stares at the basket of supplies

  • Beobja " I heard that the colour green will bring peace to the heart that's why there's a lot of green items. Your personal items will be kept for storage and return upon release. Hyung, how much $ do you have in your wallet" 
  • "50 000won" "Is better to turn that into your 'management fee'. the maximum is 300 000 won, if your friend/family want to paid then they can come directly here or wire the money online" 
  • "so is this it?" "no there's a body check" "i ready did that, weight & height check" " they have to check your privates parts  to ensure that dont have any drugs, knives, memos... up there" "for the sake of human rights, you just have to squad on a platform where theres a point upwards camera..... " 
  • aww poor guy he so embarrassed "please save me", chief enter "theres a urgent matter at building 5, hurry up," "KJH i'm fan" "KJH can i have your autograph after?".. leaves


  • on the ambulance: "what did he swallow?" "chest pieces, spoon, nail clipper (with a string hanging)..." O_O "probably be in the hospital for 2 days, don't worry LJH, KJH still has to spend 2-3weeks in jail during the appeal process" "you saw him?" "yes, he has VERY GOD DAMN NICE BUILD" 


the bloody scene

  • Prof " we all came here for different reasons, but after  drinking this glorious red fluid (blood), I hope we will all become brothers. (EW) " KJH "what are you doing?!?"  "player KJH is left handed?, ok then right arm its is" "NO No Wait!!" "Excessive lost of blood will lead to drop in body temperature, if you feel cold or dizzy , please lift up your right leg" nods "lets start" 
  • operation commerce, lifts right leg 
  •  "wait wait, i'm very cold, i feel like im body heat is going down, SAVE ME" 
  • "very well then i shall save you once, because we are brothers"
  • "thanks" sees the ketchup? HAHAH
  • "you can put down your right foot now"


  • "superstar, can you close the lights?" "how long are you taking?" "its almost daybreak"
  • chief "KHJ y are you not sleeping?" "looking for the light switch" "have you ever seen a switch in a jail cell? we dont turn off the lights, stop pranking him and go to sleep"


time to eat

  • Beobja "this cell has a lot of supplies, looks like everyone has a bit of money, prof help me out next time"


  • Prof "there's no beef in the beef soup, you can say only place the meat there for the flavour then take it out afterwards."
  • prof "KHJ how's the meal", KHJ "is delicious" "that's a relieve, the cook used in cell #4 charged for murder & dicing up the corpse nevertheless he has quite the culinary skills" LOL


  • lawyer "KHJ how are you, did you sleep last night?" 
  • KHJ "how much longer do i have to be in here?" 
  • "1 month at most, i will try my best to speed up the appeal process, the media is helping out too, you will definitely be out after the second trial, ok?" " i changed my phone number (takes out the memo), the reporters were too much for me"
  • "Can i ask for a favor?" "individual cell?, it's fully right now just wait a bit, i making a deal with the chief" "I already settled for the individual exercise time, i keep on trying with individual cell request" 
  • "no it's not that, can you take care of the credit card fee and a express parcel? because I came in here too suddenly, i forgot to turn off the healer. also i promise to give your son a bat and glove, so hyung do you mind giving to him? it's your son so you should know which brand he likes. "
  • "is my son the problem right now? that guy is already completely hopeless for baseball." don't slack off on your exercise" 


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Exercise court

  • Green vest became a father last night (?), they are trying to think of a name
  • Boebja: said some name, "hows that?"
  • KHJ " sounds stupid" "it's my mom's name" LOLOLOLOL
  • Chief "don't gather around, spread out" 


  • prof: "a baseball?" "yes, is that not possible?" "y dont you go for something easier?" "that's right... how about an apple?" "that's possible, the weight of an apple and a baseball is similar that definitely help out with player KHJ's training"
  • "yes thank you, and the money?"
  • "50 000 deposit to my account, ofc you can take your time with that"
  • Chief "visitors for boebja, and KHJ" 
  • boebja "me? who?" 
  • chief " 2 visitors for KHJ, come out"



  • Boeja" hyung, its only 10mins"
  • KHJ " i know"
  • "if you talk that slow, you will be in trouble, who came ?"
  • "mom"
  • " y do you take so long just answer that, and who else?" 
  • ....


  • KHJ " y did u come?" 
  • mom "hows the meal?"
  • the meal comes on time, i ate well, its good here
  • did you sleep well? 
  • yes, you dont have to worry
  • it is cold in the cell, Is there heat?
  • Yes, there's no problem
  • Je-hee... (sister)
  • don't bring je hee here, she probably at home crying, what's the point in bringing her here. Mom, i'm really fine
  • oh I almost used up all the time, Ji-ho-ya you should talk too


  • jiho "what is this? did you not tell here that we broke up? 
  • KHJ i was planning to... your nails 
  • are you okay?
  • no
  • meal?
  • dreadful
  • did you sleep well?
  • no a bit, i couldnt sleep at all
  • is it cold?
  • yes, its freezing. it feels like i caught the flu. i feel like your clothing is a little revealing... (its only an unbutton collar DUDE!) 
  • what does it have to do with you, we already broke up. can  you really laugh right now
  • that's right
  • be careful of the people
  • you be careful
  • i am careful
  • do you want to fight again
  • come at me, -1 min left-, what sound was that ?
  • there's only 1 min left (AWW)
  • jiho-ya oppa is fine, so its fine if you dont come here
  • who said i will come
  • thats right
  • oppa, you have did nothing wrong so please dont lower your head, we are all on oppa's side -the visitation ended-, if you need anything.... empty sit... this jerk


elder scrubbing the washroom

  • gundal: orders the elder to clean up the stinky toilet, "how many times do i have to say, clean up properly"
  • prof " did your girlfriend come and see you"
  • gundal " wow this superstar has a girl friend, that's a big news"
  • KHJ "an EX" 
  • gundal : ? 
  • prof"doesnt have one" (hand crossed 'x') HAHAHHA!
  • gundal wants to pee "move"
  • KHJ "please dont do that
  • gundat"why does that matter" , "mr.superstar you will only be here for a short period so dont bother with these trivial matters" 
  • "but still, he is an elderly, it's a little too much"
  • "this **, theres no elderly or infant in jail, everyone is the same, do you understand?
  • Boebja "im back"
  • gundal "mr.superstar it's none of your business, you **jerk"
  • KHJ " please apologize" "
  • what
  • apologize
  • i dont want to, i said i dont want to you bastard, you are really getting on my nerves....
  • elder grabs KHJ before gundal does: shut up you bastard, dont pay attention to me, did you hear that?
  • "purchased ITEMS"
  • prof "now everybody sit down, lets check out our purchases, KHJ what are you doing? sit down?" (i guess this what the 'management fee was about')
  • staff Soji "Let me confirm the items"
  • 6 bottles of milk, 3 bottles of orange juice, ginger tea,  ssanghwa tea, pu'er tea, 6 chicken leg, face wash, electric shaver
  • "oh its a full set again, prof please come and sign the papers" "prof why did you order an apple this time? no one eats an apple these days because it tastes bad" "player KHJ hello, if you want thing you can fill in a request, we have more items than a supermarket/department store" 
  • Gundal "soji go away" " elder, one bottle of juice and milk will settle it right?" 
  •  "thank you"
  • prof "KHJ catch, oh nice catch, it was only a joke, a joke " 


bath scene

  • boebja "as expected of an athlete, you have a nice build, but hyung you have hurry with shower" 
  • KHJ "i know"
  • "hyung you are such a problem"
  • "me, y?"
  • "grandpa doesn't have any money, its a one time request to buy items so you have to pay for everything in 1 go. And you take turns with the payment. However, grandpa doesnt have any money so he can only pay with his labor. he has been living that kind of lifestyle, so its your fault hyung " how did the visit with your mom go? did she cry? 
  • what about you
  • "noona came, i was quite surprise but it turns out mom's surgery didn't go too well.
  • apparently she will die with in a few days. today was suppose to the other surgery, but we couldnt pay for it so it didnt proceed. 
  • "y? oh, im fine. theres no way out of this.
  • when i was 7 my father died from a traffic accident, i cried alot then.
  • my uncle ran away with the life insurance.
  • hence my mom, grandpa, noona and i lived together under a hut (?).
  • however, it caught on fire/ there was a fire, so my grandma died and my sister disfigured. my poor noona.
  • mom  works at restaurant but got involve in a hit and run accident on the way home. 
  • They havent caught the culprit yet.
  • my mom ended up with a severe brain trauma and undergone many surgeries since 
  • i thought the previous surgery was the last, and lied to the bank to get some money. its more difficult this time (wow way to write a soap opera)
  • hyung, its our turn, it's not everyday that we can enjoy a hot shower


  • oh hyung, you dont have any shampoo, ill lead you mine but dont forget to buys some next time (soap bar? )
  • "excuse, its all most finish but please use some"
  • "thank you"
  • "its nothing, the hot water is almost done,  you should hurry up"
  • "thank you, oh its cold" LOL

why are the subs still not out?? is there no team subbing this drama ??

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A Report about 2 people visiting KJH


staff 1 : wow there reports for these things too,KJH most be tired/annoy

LJH : thats right out KJH must be really tired

staff 2: hard work, he's doing well, dont worry, probably didnt sleep yet




LJH & staff members discussion about KHJ's personality

staff 2: he's a bit slow, a burden 

LJH: he's like a hazelnut  


prof: elder like one

elder: thank you

gundal: have it all, hurry up have it all, KJH stop staring at me, your eyeballs will fall out. i was joking, joking (before). oh so scary, 

our superstar is so scary i cant live in this cell anymore


LJH: normally his is slow like a turtle, easy to bully but once he get serious/crazy its not a joke/funny, he can be very terrifying 

that y he's called a Mokdong-yeok dorai not Mokdongyeok idol 


gundal: what are you doing, have you gone crazy

KJH: You should say things more politely, you f*king say things politely you a*hole


staff 1: arent you going home

LJH: yes i have change 

cell: roomate

did you get off work


gundal: come in you a*hole

khj: no you come a*hole

gundal: do you not have eyes

KJH: do you not have guts to punch a superstar?

chief: what are you guys doing

gundal: chief ! this guys is crazy, look at my face he punched me

chief: KJH did you hit him

KJH: yes, i punched him

chief: take gundal to the infirmary, KJH

gundal: you going to the solitary room, wait for your death and some more swearing 

chief: KJH out 

boebja: it was a mistake, so how about you take him to another rooms instead of the solitary room? (like this guy, +10 points)

chief: stop taking nonsense 

prof: kim player you should hurry and follow/leave

chief: ill take him, you grab a coffee. how can that bastard annoy our KJH






chief's room


C: a smoke?

K: i quit

cigarette is very valuable  in here, then again an athlete should value his health, how about this bottle (energy drink?). it's hard to have glass bottles/materials here.

K: thank you

C: supposedly, you have to let go of your ur age (seniority), pride. doesnt matter who you were outside of here. there are rules here that you have to follow

the mess that you create would be enough to send you to the disciplinary room, which would be unbeneficial  to your appeal. 

however i like player kim so i will let it go this time. 

K: thank you. i will repay this flavor 

C: ofc you have to (writes memo), you can repaid it now with money.

i heard you are meeting up with the lawyer tomr, you can just transfer the money to this account, or you can just call your friend/fam 3 000 000 000 (?). call them now

hurry, what are you doing someone is going to come 


LJH: chief theres a problem in 2033, you should go

chief: do it by tomr, take KHJ to his cell


K: what are you doing here

LJH: oh superstar long time no see

K; shut up, what are doing

L: what can i be doing, im working

K: you come see me now

L: its not that, couple days ago someone choke on a nail clipper, so i have been in the hospital. i wanted to see you. how can you cause trouble so soon

K: how is your arm

L:ofc how long has it been, you

K: goo






childhood flash back


2005 AutumnL


Some highschool ace pitching the last round of baseball game "can he strike an out??"


that ace my friends is not KJH but LJh (ohhhh wat is this turn out)


girl: uncle mee tooo

KHJ: dont do that to a kid tasty?

LJH: come here 

K: coach? 

L: idk


women: eating ramen again

coach: here is beer, no practice tmr

women: which team are you going to 

L: the one with most money


coach: one dude has the wings to fly but the other one didnt get any offers (LJH)

L (?): looks like you cant drink much- gets up and drinks water

women: he woke up for an early jog, showered and came back (KJH?, they didnt name who went for the jog, correct me if i got the roles mix up)



leaving for seoul, 

women: say bye to your father

kid: he is going far 

women: yes VERY far (lady you shouldnt say that in a drama)


next News, today's afternoon ___ highway near ___ resting station a triple car accident happened... coach died, kim & lee injured


hospital name tag: kim & lee's name


doc (to KJH) : it's fortunate, shoulder surgery is 50% success, you seem to have a good healing process, 1 year rehab, going back to the field wont be a problem


doc (to LJH): it's serious, the bone was fractured and went out of place (?), surgery is the only way 10% success, no problem with normal life but you have to give up being a baseball player (T_T my baby)

if you dont chose surgery, recovery period would take 2-3 years and ....(didnt finish)



doc: we had asked him to stay, but he was very studborn

even if he couldnt play baseball, he wanted to go back to his hometown

his mother came and filled out the discharge procedures

how sad, there could have been hope if he underwent the surgery.


women: KHJ thank you 

KJH: there's nothing else i can do

women: if you gave up baseball to then... ji ho's father would cry 

its going to be hard, and you dont know how long it will take 


KJH: its fine, im slow anyways, i dont have any burden/pressure

its late but ill get the treatment and start out fresh


(oh the kid is JI HO!! she's bitting her nails)







L: what are doing here

K: let me make a phone call

L: hurry, or else we have to switch uniforms

 k: hyung, i have a request 


at home

LJH: lee do gyoem, is this our house or a dog's

LDG: i need to write this,  what is KJH's room #, why doesn't our hyung have an individual cell? 

LJH: our hyung, im your hyung 

LDG: you should thank KJH. a superstar is your friend, your best friend 

LJH: i played baseball too, i was better

LDG: no you are different

LJH: whats different

LDG: you are like a crystal, fragile, easily broken but...

LJH: but..?

LDG: our KJH hyung doesnt know how to give up

so what is KJH's number, please tell me hyung tell me ...







next day


Chief: KJH come out, you bastard come out 

KJH: but its still an individual room 

Gundal: rice taste good

prof: that's strange

gundal: he was a dorai to begin with


didnt deposit the money to chief 


KJH: give me food, dont do that im trying to adjust

LJH: you ok

KJH: how did you know

LJH: i heard from another officer, the chief was already bad person. you should have told me

its okay, i can hand it

kidding me, that's y ur here right now, if you have that much money help out/fund me


gundal: why are crying since this morning? 


KJH: hyung, help me out

in __ hospital theres patient (boebja's mom)

surgery in process


LJH: KJH stop there, dont go any further. all the people him here are crimminals/ bad people 

KJH: okay, i heard he was my fan

LJH: that grandpa is a bad human too, he had 9 previous crimes and this because he murder someone, he stabbed a bypasser 20times (hate the sin dont hate the person)

He stabbed someone 20times just because that person looked him in the eye

dont trust anyone

our KJH is such troublesome

cant you fix that dorai personality of your? 

im going





K: now that i see snow, i want to eat ice cream

B: once you win the appeal, you can eat whatever you want

you just have to wait 1 week

Jiho: there's only 1 week left, hold it in

Gundal: someone hit me hard but can still walking out of here unscratched

Chief: but you never know, there might be unpredictable happenings

Gundal: he hit someone, why isn't there a report about it

Kim: This is a strange place, doesnt seem it like humans can live in it

gundal: hand out the cigarette 

soji: no you cant, if someone finds out you have to go to the disciplinary room

gundal: whats happening? BREATHE! hurry up and call the ambulance (aw he's a big softie) 

#74 inspection 

LJH: you can save that person, he's completely a thug


today @ 11am KHJ's trial

LJH: today is your life's most important day, so just hold it in one more day


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This drama will probably end with the complete ruin of Jehyuk, and the transformation of Junho as a cold, abusive warden. The actor playing Jehyuk is all but an unknown, and Jung Kyungho is a long-time veteran so JKH is the chief character whose fate will be more emphasized.


Same thing which happened to Ryu Junyeol and Park Bogum. Because Park Bogum was better known, the producers gave the win to him.

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2 hours ago, Jillia said:

I gotta say I loved the first episode. It felt solid and assured in the direction. Looking forward to tonight's episode and for the 14 episodes to come afterwards. I hope this thread gets more active. Actually I expected a lot more fans of the Answer Me-Franchise to tune in. Or Jung Kyung-ho fans. Well it doesn't matter as long as there are a couple people who like this drama. :D

I agree. I am here for JKH. I liked the cuts , really hoping for someone to sub it but meanwhile I want to say a big big thank you to @ImEatingUrCookies . You are heaven sent. All the cookies in the world for you :cookie::cookie:


was surprised that the male leads are former childhood friends & both baseball players. I sense some past rivalry. 

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  • Guest changed the title to [Drama 2017-2018] Prison Playbook (Wise Prison Life), 슬기로운 감빵생활

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