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Nicholas Tse + Cecilia Cheung


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Credits to Nicholas Fans-tasy for the news.

Eastern New Territories - An Interview with Nicholas Tse on Recent Marriage

October 3, 2006

On October 2, Nicholas accepted an interview where he discussed details of his marriage to Cecilia Cheung. Happiness was clearly plastered all over his face, as his smiles couldn't be contained; this, seen throughout the duration of the interview!

Reporter: Was it an unplanned wedding?

Nicholas: It wasn't. I had asked her before how she had envisioned her wedding ceremony, and she said she hoped for the light of the sun to cast over the seashore; which is why this time there was the light over the seashore. Before going, I had united with her assistant and told her that the hotel there had a dress code, requiring her to bring a dress over. However, we ended up without shoes, resulting in the two of us wearing sandals at the ceremony. It was a good thing her dress was pretty grand; we could still match. I on the other hand, had worn a white shirt with jeans. I had planned it such that the sun would be setting in the background. One side had the setting of the sun, while the other side had thunder and lightning. For the final act, we watched fireworks, while a live band surrounded us with music. Speaking frankly, it was a pretty romantic atmosphere.

I had actually been planning for this wedding, about one and a half to two months prior. This idea was entirely my own; but I was kept very busy. Besides planning this, I had other things to do. But with the aid from my good friends, Cecilia had no idea that I intended to walk with her ‘down the isle.’ I had taken an airplane to Manila, and from there, taken a personal plane to the island. Seeing that the sunset was in place, I suddenly got down on one knee and asked whether she was willing to be my wife. It took her about 10 seconds before she finally gave me an answer. Those 10 seconds were excruciatingly long; I started to fear she would say no. But in the end, she did accept!

For this trip, I brought a total of three rings over; one for proposing, and two for the wedding ceremony. Cecilia was the one who had packed my luggage for me - In order to keep this discrete, I had tucked the set of wedding rings into the camera bag because I knew that they wouldn't check in the bag. Throughout the entire ceremony, Cecilia was completely dazed; her eyes had absolutely no focus. After the ceremony ended, we witnessed another couple tie the knot. She was still alittle shocked and surprised that it made her and me lose sight of things. Pointing towards their car, she asked me 'How come their car is decorated?' I too had become dazed,and didn't know how to answer her. It wasn’t until after she had looked back at the photos till she realized that our car actually had beendecorated with the biggest decorations, as compared to theirs!

Reporter: Was it because you guys were expecting that you married?

Nicholas: There really is no baby. We'll let it happen naturally... it doesn't matter how much we have, but yeah, I'm really anticipating for it which is why I won't give up. Although it doesn't matter boy or girl, but what I really hope for is that our first born will be a boy!

Reporters: Will Cecilia retire from the entertainment industry?

Nicholas: She will! I'm not forcing her to have children, this was actually her own decision. My wife will be like Hilary Tsui, retiring from the industry so she can focus solely on raising our children!

Reporter: Do you believe it was Hilary Tsui who leaked on your marriage?

Nicholas: Upon returning to Hk, the first phone call I made was to Eason. The second was to Hilary, so it couldn't have been. They had both known before, and had promised not to speak of it! Because Eason had to prepare for his concert, he was unable to attend the ceremony. He had even joked that at his concert, he would say 'Please don't bother my two friends as they watch the show... oh, I forgot to tell you all that they had gone to get married!'

Reporters: Is your mother really angry?

Nicholas: I know that as her son, I was quite wrong. But it's a small misunderstanding; my mother won't be angry!

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Guest marshmellow

I didn't even know they were together.

Congratulations to Cecilia & Nicholas!

Personally, I think Cecilia's too old for him.

But that's just me.

Unless they're actually the same age and he just looks younger?


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Guest SweetiexJenn

wow what a surprise! i thought they were dating!!! and that was a stretch already after the last time he dumped ceci and she became all anorexic coz of the breakup! :(


hope nic fans don't get too upset. afterall i doubt many girls adore him as much as ceci does. she's giving up her career for him...she totally lets him dominate her. in this world not many powerful women are willing to give up their power...so he has to mean a HECK OF A LOT to her! ;)

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Guest dianak

OMG REALLY!! WOW! both of them are my fav. chinese actor and actress!! WOW and they're both really popular movie stars! They remind me of Brad and Jen when they were still married! I'm so happy for them! And if she was really pregnat just imagine how cute there baby will be!!

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Guest lilyphilia.

WHAT??? :crazy:

is this really true??

i can't belive it?! my beloved cecilia is already married???and she's already pregnant?? this came to as a shock..

i just wish them all the best and i hope they'll have a very beautifula and healthy baby... :cry:

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Guest dreamsicle

Reporters: Will Cecilia retire from the entertainment industry?

Nicholas: She will! I'm not forcing her to have children, this was actually her own decision. My wife will be like Hilary Tsui, retiring from the industry so she can focus solely on raising our children!

What a richard simmons. He needs to leave the industry, not her.

But whatever, I've had it with Cecilia's insanity a long time ago.

Whatever. If she wants to be the stereotypical Chinese wife devoting herself to bearing a son, then let her be.

What a waste <_<

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