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Nicholas Tse + Cecilia Cheung


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Guest funfunfun4every1

what?! they are married?! i have NO idea!

that's sudden!

i'm going to give them my blessings even though i do not like cecilia. nic's too good for her!

REALLY? I think cecilia's too good for him~ I dont really find nic hot as everyone think he is.

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Guest boonorbane

they look good togetehr. i found about this last sunday. nic has confirmed that they got married (in the philippines!) alhtough, no comment to the pregnancy rumors.

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Guest sweet.dreams

oh man...i wish nic could have married someone else...but i guess cecilia is okay. oh well, it's his life...hope he lives it well and happy! :)

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Guest hiroko_666

i still feel bad for nick's mom, lolz. She found otu her son was married through the newspapers.

wt da~~ dats gay... i mean i find dat rili disrespectful to the parents

y wouldnt he inform them? unless dey didnt like cecilia (?)~~ lol o wells~ good luck to them~

dey do look great together altho i dont like nic much XD

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Guest Iloveminwooandbrian

OMG--- REALLY??? WOW...... I never thought cecil and nic

would even be together. surprising but yepp... great lucks

and they both make a kute couple.

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