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Nicholas Tse + Cecilia Cheung


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are married.
nicholas admitted it already.

rumour has it that cecilia is pregnant. it's been three months since they've admitted that they've made up.





are you certain about this?

Yes, I am certain about this :)

I just watched an interview of Nicholas Tse at the airport and he said 'Yes, I am married' and he lift up his hand with his ring.

It was really funny how all the reporters were asking him, 'Is it a boy or girl?', 'When is she due?'. Nic just started laughing :) he's so cute.

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are you certain about this?

I mean, I'll be happy if they are married cuz they are a very handsome couple and I think they have so much chemistry.

but just that recently, Ceci had mentioned about married but said that Nic haven't propose yet!

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Guest chibimarukochan

lol i hadn't been upl to date with the hk entertainment news recently...and now this stuff going on. don't know whether it's true or not because they never make it clear on this entertainment show i watch 'scoop' lol. it's like really stupid because they're more of a gossip show than a real news prgram. most of the time they just talk about rumours andnot the actual real thing that happens. -_- they do show some news sometimes though...but most of time it's all gossip and rumoured bfs and rumoured gfs of so and so...

about nic tse and cecila...i would have never guessed llol. i don't really think they suit for some reason but don't really care about them in particular, so yeah...they can do what they want.

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