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Lee Joon x Jung So Min Couple (Actor x Assistant) - Official Couple (1/1/18)


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4 hours ago, eyjooniesh said:

JoonMin Couple is the official name for them, but I have heard of  Judo Couple too, korean fans are calling them Watermelon Couple as they're very refreshing to watch especially during hot summer weather ^^


JoonMin and Judo couple! both sound so cute :wub: thank you for the info 

this is one of my fav fan vids of them 


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Thanks for creating this thread. Ive been looking forward to this. Please keep the news cooming.

I love this two since their awkward days in press conference. Somehow even though the looked ackward,there is something...some vibes i cant describe about these two. And the chemistry is no joke,even there were not much romantic scenes between these two but they are just off chart. The intensity,the nerves...these two really nailed it. Simple scenes could mean a lot,so i really looking forward the next episodes where they can be more open and more unreserved of their mutual feeling. I wanna know how these two delivered the scenes when it gets more intense. 

@daisyven ur videos are amazing. Keep it coming. Thank u for making it. U really capture the nuance well. 

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3 hours ago, eyjooniesh said:

I'm so sad over the second news TT


well, her management is trying to ride on the success of Father is Strange and JoonMin couple so from their perspective is a good move , I just hope she takes her health into consideration, she has been filming for at least 5 months now she has to go for 3 additional months for the other drama .I'm worried about her. 

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