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[Mainland Chinese WebDrama 2018] Legend of Yun Xi 芸汐传


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Count me in as the fans. I am one and half year late but this drama is really something so I cannot move on. I started re-watching and read the novel but only managed up to chapter 500 something. Enough to grasp the feeling to what extent this adaptation is loyal to the original story.


I have a lot to say about drama and novel, but to not flood this thread I would put everything in my own blog. I would just say here that the key is how the producers market the drama itself. Their market is quite segmented to idol fan base initially, so this "sweet and light-hearted" would not do if the drama follows exactly the novel,  not to mention the limitation with budget and the length.


Almost everything is toned down to many extent, notably the coldness of LFY. Actually I could place almost everybody in the drama to the novel, except our two main leads. The only time I could see drama LFY when reading the novel is in the genius strategist part. They fortunately maintained it 100 percent. But the powerful part is pretty much supressed because the drama took an angle where LFY suffer from a long term poison so sometimes he is weak. Too bad, I would love to see more fighting scenes. ZZH looks so cool in the black costume with mask. The noble costume does not help to show his domineering aura, it does not like the novel LFY who wore almost black all the time. Sometimes I feel that novel LFY looks like Batman. Tall, black, powerful, smart, fond of flying and mysterious.


For HYX, I do not always like how she is portrayed in the novel version. She is basically genius in everything, including the palace politics. For someone who travelled from the future, this is unrealistic. Her jealousy is also toned down to many levels in the drama so then we are served with one the sweetest scenes when drama YX got drunk. My biggest problem is, the heroine is from the future. It just feels like cheating when she somehow managed to bring with her the fancy detox system into the past, while at the same time beat every opponent like a highly experienced politician. So her portrayal in drama, with all the shortcoming, comes more naturally to me.


There are some posts that I did not manage to quote, but I would give some comments on it.

The first is the skinship. I agree with the majority that the quantity is enough, not more or less, highly contextual. The quality is a problem. One of them even looks so fake. They would rather have none in my opinion. CDrama anyway is not famous for the heavy skinship and to me this is not something so mandatory (but a nice bonus when placed smartly). After diligently reading this thread from page 1, I understood that it is related to the idol status of JJY. She was under the contract when filming and when the drama is aired. It is also possible that she is inexperienced. She is more or less a new comer, coming from music industry. Her experience is quite limited, much less for lip contact. I imagine those who come from acting school, like ZZH, are trained for such scene so he should not feel awkward. JJY now graduated from an idol status, hopefully she takes the acting responsibility more seriously. But the overall acting of JJY is just great, considering she starts as a singer and idol. She is the next big thing in China entertainment industry if treated properly.   


On LFY's rear end ,  it was witnessed by YX in the novel. So as an adaptation it is quite loyal right, lol. ZZH has the body that we need to see in LFY, except that novel LFY is 10cm taller. As I have no expectation on the rear end scene, I have no idea why this is such an issue if there is double body or not. I assumed it is his own confirmed by his interview, and the first thought when seeing it actually reminding me of a scene in Eastern Promises. Such a dedication, regardless the look that harvested many complaints.


ZZH's acting is great too.  He looks so different than his real person so I initially could not believe this is the actor. On the early episodes I got an impression that he was upset all the time, instead of starring such a blind person like most people think. When he finally smiled, I then got confirmed he was previously acting cold. The character is not an easy one to deliver. Not only cold and aloof, but at the same time has to be domineering, intimidating, powerful, genius and noble. The rare smile in the show is like a precious gemstone. But then I saw his real personality smiled a lot, so it is not that priceless anymore lol. One of my fav scenes on LFY appearance is when he entered the palace wearing red robes with his two generals. He looks so damn gorgeous, confident, aloof and intimidating at the same time.    


On one of the previous discussions, somebody posted an interview/just telling I don't remember which one, when ZZH mentioned that he watched JJY singing performance after their first meeting and he thought that her singing is not bad. It intrigued me, because it means that he did not really realise JJY as an idol. She is the most popular member of SNH48, so being an idol pretty much means you are not really taken seriously lol. But as the show progressing, they really become close up to the point of comfortably grabbing each other hand openly during the fans meeting,  which I think it is either to serve the fans or they are indeed close friend.


On 10/23/2018 at 5:34 AM, yang0837 said:


Lol...all I can think of is Tuxedo Mask from Sailor Moon. Prince Endymion was one of his alter egos.



When I watched their fans meeting in YT, I feel that JJY in that dress will fit perfectly as a sailor moon. So maybe ZZH could be the tuxedo mask. What a coincidence with the pic above LOL. 


On 12/2/2018 at 10:23 PM, owlstar said:


I have no self control so couldn't stop myself from gobbling up all the chapters.  But yeah, waiting for chapters is kind of painful, not sure why but the author has stopped translating again.  At this rate I don't even know if the book will even be done in 2-3 years.  I think I might just re-read it from beginning once it's all translated because I'm already starting to forget character names/plot lines. 



I've dabbled in a few other translated novels,, but nothing comes close to Yun Xi in terms of character development and world building.  There are so many transmigration stories for some reason, and it seems like the female lead is always hated by many many female characters and loved by many many male characters.  It's really odd actually.




I haven't really found anything good to watch either (and now you're making me want to rewatch Yun Xi again too lol). :rolleyes:   I started watching Colourful Bone but it's not really doing it for me even though the male lead actor is attractive enough.  I heard some good things about Ever Night but I like to marathon watch so will wait until it's done airing (although I heard there's a season 2?).  Wonder if Zhao Ge will really air this month...  



I want to complete the novel but at the moment I do not feel like dong that. The story gets more complicated. Those who managed to complete it must be a hard core fans. 


On 6/24/2019 at 9:28 PM, antonius3258 said:



Guys I have a good news!! 

Ju JingYi and Zhang Zhen Han will have a drama together again in 2020, titled The Way of Flavours. JJY as Fu Rong and ZZH as Xu Jin. The entire information can be found at






Wow!!! Amazing!


I think I was the lucky one, right after watching LOYX I got this news. I hope the story will be great, not only rely on the leads chemistry to success. The male in the poster I could easily pictured as Merxat actually, due to the long hair. 

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Hi guys, just checking back in this thread to recommend to everybody who hasn't  been able to move on from LoYX open ended conclusion, to try the currently airing I drama named Under the Power starring Allen Ren and Tan SongYun.  The lead characters have great chemistry and the dynamics of their relationship and characters are kind of like those in LoYX.  Hi to all the new posters.  I am glad you guys love LoYX like we did and hope to see you guys in The Way of Favours ( drama Re-pairing of  JJY and ZZH) thread .  :heart:

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