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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Blind Date, 盲约, Aug 15, Cast: Lu Yi, Jiang Rulu


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Blind Date




  • English title: Blind Date

  • Original title:  盲约
  • Type:  Drama

  • Episodes:  52

  • Airs:  Aug 15, 2017 to ?

  • Network:  Anhui TV

  • Duration:  45 min.


"Blind Date" is the chinese version of the popular argentinian drama "Ciega a Citas" about modern love and romance with Jiang Xin and Lu Yi. Jiang Xin plays a young woman, who is still single. Her sister is about to be married and one day Jiang Xin overhears her mother talking to her sister, that if she will come to the marriage of her sister with a boyfriend, her mother will pay for the marriage. Jiang Xin has 258 days to find a boyfriend, in order to score off her bothersome mother and to enable her sister a wonderful marriage. Lu Yi plays her counterpart in this fresh and romantic drama.

NOTE: Lu Yi and Jiang Xin’s modern drama Blind Date is expected to air at the end of the year in December with 54 episodes. It is reported that female lead Jiang Xin gained ten pounds for this role. Blind Date is about Xia Tian’s (Jiang Xin) quest on finding a boyfriend before her half-sister’s wedding. She has 278 days to find Mr. Right, and to prove her mother wrong (who thinks Xia Tian will depressingly show up at the wedding in all black, still be overweight, and utterly lonely without a date). Through this nine month journey, Xia Tian matures and becomes courageous. She is no longer the low self-esteem girl she used to be and finally discovers that true love has been right next to her all along…


Lu Yi

Jiang Rulu


Source: mydramalist





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source: avirtualvoyage

Jiang Xin’s Blind Date with Lu Yi to air in August


A romantic comedy in the house, anchored by two great actors, can we get a YAHOO?! Adapted from the Argentina drama, Blind Dates (Ciega a Citas), which was also based on a blognovella written by Carolina Aguirre, the Chinese Adaptation stars Jiang Xin and Lu Yi as our OTP. After hearing a conversation between her beautiful, younger sister and their mom, our heroine promises to make her mom lose her coins in the bet. Being the less favored daughter, mother thinks our heroine can never arrive at her sister’s wedding with a real boyfriend, and with the wedding being 200-something days away, our heroine puts herself out there on numerous blind dates to find Mr. Right. If she does, mom is willing to open her coin bag and pay for her sister’s wedding!

New Stills:

Jiang Xin looks positively younger and adorable.

photo BD 51.jpg

Lu Yi walking dangerously too close to the overdone make-up face. Make-up artist, he’s a man!

photo BD 53.jpg

photo BD 60.jpg

Directd by Ke Han Chen (Fifteen Years to Wait for Migratory Birds) and written by Ru Ping (Shining Days), Blind Date has a tentative broadcast date on August 15th with 52 episodes.





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