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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Our Glamorous Time 你和我的倾城时光


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9 hours ago, dashmount20 said:

Thanks mrsyooknit for the recap of the novel. Love it.

Gosh.. I cant wait for this series.


1 hour ago, jrpliang said:

I was looking through some pages of this thread because i was looking for information on zly new dramas when i saw your translation.i got hooked right away.thank you for being kind hearted to us who can't read chinese.keep on translating and updating us,will you?thank you so much:blush:



thanks! I don't understand much but I am able to give e general idea :) I really liked their romance in the novel and I am hoping the drama captures it well. Don't hold too much hope for their intimate scenes since I dont think they will make it to TV. We will get a few kisses and that is it, the other stuff could be too racy. :ph34r:

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23 minutes ago, mrsyooknit said:



thanks! I don't understand much but I am able to give e general idea :) I really liked their romance in the novel and I am hoping the drama captures it well. Don't hold too much hope for their intimate scenes since I dont think they will make it to TV. We will get a few kisses and that is it, the other stuff could be too racy. :ph34r:

Hahahaha.i don't mind the detail.some general ideas will do.just don't stress yourself too much.we will be super patiently waiting for you.hohohoh.totally agree with you.some intimate scenes will be okay for fan service.but if too many,i think it won't look good and will make the drama lose its essence since the episodes are not that many.moreover since PA,I think we are getting used to few intimate scenes as long as the leads can deliver well :D

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they are filming on a cruise



this part is from early on the book but I dont think it was in a cruise. I kind of skipped the details when I wrote the summaries, but this is what males Lin Qian realize how smart and calculative he is. 


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so i'm like.....I haaaaate you girls :lol: i just started reading this thread last night and got hook on your reaction to the novel and the 2 actors..Aaaaaaaaahhhhh so i got tempted to read the translation too...Youuuuuuu girls are sooooo bad :tongue:  his type is really my weakness  when it comes to characters, And i love me some more zly.. so yeah looking forward to watching this drama, gonna be a long wait tho... 

I just finished watching when a snail falls in love the other night, i loved and enjoyed it too. wang kai and wang olivia wEre great.. i was supposed to head back to kdrama because of hajiwon's hospital ship, but yeah will not be able to let go of our glamorous time too lol :lol:

Girls can you post again a link of their bts video for this drama, want to see their chemistry, i can't access the one posted a few pages back. Thanks.

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This chapter was so long and the next one is also super long :dizzy: Anyways, reminder that it is probably not a super accurate translation. 

Chapter 26


Ten minutes later. 

Li Qian sat holding her chin, her eyes were looking at the screen pretending to concentrate. She couldn’t help but listen to every little sound coming from the boss’ office. Like when the boss stood up, walked up and down the room, sat down, typed in the keyboard, etc. 

She felt a bit relieved. She should have known that he was a person who could control his emotions. He is similar to Lin Mo Chen. But she wals also a little irritated. You refused him, you don’t love him, you are the winner, you should be happy. 

Just as she had finished her sentence she wanted to bite her tongue. What is up with her tone? Then she saw him sitting behind the big table, expressionless, with a park of dark shiny eyes staring at her until her heart felt uneasy. She had bowed her head to avoid his eyes, found and excuse and ran out of the office. 

“What are you thinking?” 

Lin Qian was shocked, she looked up to see Gu Yan and Xue Mingtao. 

"Gu Zong, Xue Zong, do you need something?"

Gu Yanzhi and Xue Mingtao smiled. “You haven’t changed your clothes?Are you coming?”

Lin Qian was shocked by the question, then noticed that they were both wearing a jacket. She heard the sound of footsteps. Li Zhicheng’s voice came over “She is going.” 

Lin Qian stood up and turned around to look at him. “Li Zong.” 
Li Zhicheng was wearing a jacket. His whole persona looked upright and cold. Under the short hair, a pair of handsome indifferent black eyes. With a low voice: “ Change your clothes, we are going out.”
“Yes.” Lin Qian turned off her computer and grabbed a jacket before following them to the elevator. 

Xue Mingtao was driving, while Lin Qian sat in the passenger’s seat. Everyone was in high spirits due to the rising sale numbers. Out of the corner of her eye, she looked at Li Zhicheng who was sitting quietly. From time to time he would answer with two sentences. His voice was particularly low today. He would occasionally look at the front of the car. Lin Qian could feel his clear like water eyes that were also burning silently looking at her. She felt uneasy so she became more and more quiet, which attracted the attention of others. 

Xue Mingtao glanzed at her and said: “How come you are so silent today? Do you have a cold?” 

Lin Qian realized that she hadn’t say a word during the whole car ride. Today was a good day since it was the start of their victory, but she was behaving abnormally. She could feel the eyes of the two men sitting in the back. She smiled and said, “A bit.”

At the next stop, Xue Mingtao turned to look at her: “Stick out your tongue, let me see”

Lin Qian: “Huh?”

“I used to learn Chinese medicine.” “Oh.” Lin Qian turns towards him and opens her mouth sticking out her tongue. “Ahh” 

Who would have thought that at this angle, her eyes turned to look at Li Zhicheng. He was leaning against his seat, hands on his knees revealing the white cuffs of his shirt. He was looking at her, the same compelling eyes that he had this morning when he confessed. Her face got hot. Subconsciously she quickly closed her mouth and avoided his line of sight. Don’t let him see. 

“Why are you hiding? It looked very good, it shouldn’t be inflamed. But your face is so red. Fever?” As he finished, his hand touched her forehead. 
Once again Lin Qian felt Li Zhicheng’s eyes on her. They landed on where Xue Mingtao was touching her. Lin Qian’s face kept getting hotter and hotter. Xue Mintao told her to drink plenty of water but she wasn’t paying attention. What is the matter? She obviously refused him earlier. But at this moment it felt like as if he was watching her every move. And she would even consciously filter out everyone else and just focus on his every move. Maybe it was because he has such a strong presence? 

The car stopped at a new industrial area no that far from Ida Group. 
What are they doing here? These looked like some abandoned factories. She quickly followed them in. Li Zhicheng walked in front, he didn’t see or talk to her. They entered a three story white building. The layout was simple and elegant. Looking at it, Lin Qian thought that it was arranged according to Li Zhicheng’s preferences. Why did he buy or rent this office? What is he doing? 

They didn’t explain and she didn’t ask. They just kept moving from room to room making comments about the decoration and making some small touches. Occasionally, they would look at each other but his face was calm. Lin Qian gradually calmed down and thought that this was good since they were back to their boss and assistant relationship. She enjoyed working by his side. 

They walked into a room. Gu Yanzhi smiled and didn’t say anything. Xue Mingtao looked around, nodded, and said: “This room has the best decoration and style.” He smiled and looked at Lin Qian. Did he want her to express her opinion?

Li Zhicheng also turned to look at her: “What do you think?” 

She looked at him and smiled: “I think it looks very good.”

He didn’t speak again and turned around. Could it be that this office is prepared for an upcoming manager? Who could it be so that Li Zhicheng was so concerned about the decoration and even asked her opinion. 

Back to Ida, Xue Mingtao kept asking her opinion on the decoration. She was happy to answer since she didn’t want to return to the office.  
She couldn’t help but ask: “ Xue Zong, what is the purpose of the office building we saw today?” 

Xue Mingtao was very surprised: “You don’t know? I thought Li Zhicheng had told you. We will soon be setting up the Vinda brand there and establish a new company.”

—a bunch of corporate stuff and LQ being impressed with LZ—

That day she returns to the office past 7 in the evening. She stepped out of the elevator. Just by looking at Li Zhicheng’s half-way opened floor, her heart who had relaxed for most of the day suddenly felt tight. We are adults, we can get along without being embarrassed, right?

As she approached her desk, she saw Yang Xi Run sitting on her seat. She smiled and walked over. “Are you looking for something?” 

Yang Xi Run stood up and smiled: “ Lin sister, I came over to get myself familiar.” 

“What are you getting yourself familiar with?”

Yang Xirun looked stunned for a moment, then said: “The assistant position.” After seeing Lin Qian’s reaction she lowered her voice, “I received a phone call an hour ago from Gu Zong. He told me that you will be transferred soon and that I should prepare to be the president’s assistant.” 

Lin Qian couldn’t speak. Then she heard a familiar voice come from the door: “Lin Qian, come in.”

Lin Qian went in and saw Li Zhicheng sitting on the couch, his face was cold. An idea came into her mind. Is he firing me because of what happened this morning? Indeed, to maintain the workplace, this would be the best way to deal with it. She didn’t have the idea to do it this morning. However, her taking the initiative to resign is one thing and him doing it is another. Since she rejected him, he is letting her leave.

“Sit.” He quietly looked at her eyes with that cold handsome appearance. The eyes didn’t look as deep and strong as earlier, they looked calm like the usual.

Lin Qian sat down quietly. Li Zhicheng pushed the documents on the table to her. She glanzed at the cover: agreement of dismissal. 

This was too sudden. She had already guessed it but it felt incredible to have the facts in front of her. The letter of dismissal, even she was too lazy to read. With an arrogant direct heart, she firmly stared at him across the table: “Because of what happened this morning?”

Li Zhicheng stared at her reddish cheeks. After a moment, there was a trace of a smile on his lips. He opened the letter of dismissal for her. “What do you think?” He said casually. “ Do you think I would let you go?”

Her heart was startled but she couldn’t figure out what was happening. Now she looked down to read the letter. In the first page it said: “Lin Qian volunteers to go to the company Vinda and has reached an agreement with Ida Group to terminate their labor contract…”

Lin Qian blinked. Company Vinda? Xue Mingtao had mentioned that the new office building today was for this new company. So fast? 
“Keep reading.” Li Zhicheng said. She did and once she reached her letter of appointment, she was shocked. “ Lin Qian…Assistant President…”

Assistant President and President’s Assistance. Similar but the order made the difference, this was a different status. Assistant President is a high level job, and you are generally in charge of specific departments. Lin Qian looked at the title, and felt her heart jump. No wonder today he took her to the office. No wonder they asked about her opinion on the decoration. That office, was it prepared for her? 
She couldn’t speak for a moment. As if able to detect her inner hesitation, Li Zhicheng spoke: “ This appointment and Ida will have nothing to do in the future, you will be alone.” 

Very simple words, but as usual it filled her with emotions. If it was for love, he would keep her by his side rather than send her away. His feelings were not affecting his judgement. Since it had nothing to do with love, then this was based on her ability and performance. Her ability was strong and in this battle she also made contributions. So he will let her go outside.

Lin Qian holding the letter stood up, she had never looked more serious: “Li Zhong, I will do a good job. I will not let you down.” 

Li Zhicheng was sitting on the sofa with his hands on his knees. He looked up at her: “ I will never disappoint you.”


That night, Lin Qiang couldn’t sleep. She had a million thoughts running through her head. As for Li Zhicheng, in the quiet office he laid out a game of chess and invited others to play.  In the whole Ida, only the vice president Liu Tong could compete with him. They are facing the window playing silently. Liu Tong laughs: “ I have played five times and I have been defeated five times today. There is very little hope of winning.” He lifted his eyes and looked at Li Zhicheng: “Today, there is something in your heart. You seem impatient...” 

Li Zhicheng thought for a moment then replied: “Not impatient.” He gently put down a piece: “Lazy, no regrets.”

Note: This last conversation, there is a lot that I can’t understand. So it is a bit chopped with some guests. I also took the last paragraph and will put it together with chapter 27 since it felt out of place here. 

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@mrsyooknit thank you for posting the video again. thank you for translating The rest of the chapters too.i was talking with a friend and asked her if i could borrow her brain for a day so that i could read the rest of the novel not translated yet lol :lol:  

Are all of zly projects this secretive when filming.? hope they show this earlier next year


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