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Gilmore Girls

Guest Incise Soul

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Guest maizakichi

I heard that they stopped doing Gilmore Girls because Alexis didnt want to do it anymore

and the lady who plays Lorelai said that if Alexis wasnt going to do it, neither was she

if it's true..then..it's a really sad reason -_-..


i so love gilmore girls~

and yeah..i like jess and rory too..hihihi

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Guest StaRj9erz

one of me and my sister's bonding moments is watching this series..i love the family values and mother & daughter bonding of Rorie and Lorelie..i also love the Jess and Rorie moments...though Jess' character is quite rebelling, it was fun watching it...

i miss it now coz i wasn't able to follow the story..ohh wow!! but it's already on the 7th season?! ohh my lots of catching up to do...

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Guest Keyla

ya i know am so late...

so the last season... it was good but you can feel that it's not complete... but still it was good; Rory said no to Logan, sad decision but a normal one... Lorelai and Luke back together finally! love the rory and lorelai relationship... it was sad when she didn't get the job in the times when she gave up the other for an uncertain one but the presidential campaign (or sth like that...XD) was a good opportunity for her...

It was sad to see that ending, after such great episodes and events...

but i guess am gonna rewatch it when i'll have the time!!! it's fun to watch...

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Guest I_broke_a_nail!

I wanted her to be with Logan too.

but out of all Rory's lovers, I think her and Jesse were meant to be!

I felt SO bad for Logan.

After all they've been through too.

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Guest mooness19

Hai.. This is my first post. I'm still newbie in this forum. I watch GG 15 years ago, since in high school. Until now I still Team Jess!

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