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[Japanese Drama 2017] Kanna-San, カンナさーん! , july 18, Tuesdays 22:00


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  • Drama: Kanna-san
  • Romaji: Kanna san!
  • Japanese: カンナさーん!
  • Director:
  • Writer: Kahoru Fukaya (manga), Magi
  • Network: TBS
  • Episodes:
  • Release Date: July 18, 2017 --
  • Runtime: Tuesdays 22:00
  • Language: Japanese
  • Country: Japan


Kanna Suzuki (Naomi Watanabe) has a bright and positive personality. She works as a fashion designer at a company. She is married to Rei and they have a son Reon. Her family life is filled with happiness. One day, Kanna learns that Rei is having an affair. She kicks him out of their house. Kanna has a hard time dealing with her job and raising Reon by herself, but she tries her best for Reon and to achieve her own dream.


  1. Based on the manga series "Kanna san!" by Kahoru Fukaya (published from 2001 to 2007 in Japanese josei manga magazine You).



Source: asianwiki




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I am loving this drama's concept and waiting for eng. subs but still watching raw.  I have enjoyed every episode so far.  A woman who is self-realized, self-actualized...needed to be brought to the drama venue.  I understand it was a manga so I'll have to go back and find it.

Ms. Kanna is a delightful and caring human being so it not hard to fall for her character.  She doesn't let life's disappointments take her down and she doesn't let the fool of a husband be her undoing.  I love her strength in the face of adversity.  She gains a lot of strength from just looking at her son's expression and wanting to make his life happier.

I am sure many men will fall for her and her obvious charms.  She is bright, smart, funny, creative, caring, a good mom, a nice person, she has her own unique style, and she is also beautiful to boot.

Writer Kahoru Fukaya, thank you for this refreshing story line and I'll be happily watching this drama until the end..


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