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[Japanese Drama 2017] Akira and Akira, アキラとあきら, Sundays 22:00


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Akira and Akira


Resultado de imagen para アキラとあきら




Akira Kaido (Osamu Mukai) comes from a wealthy background. His father ran a large company. Akira Yamazaki (Takumi Saito) comes from a difficult background. His father went bankrupt and their family runaway during the middle of the night. Akira Kaido and Akira Yamazaki are hired at the same bank.

April, 1986, training for new bank employees takes place. Two teams are made to carry out a mission. Akira Kaido and Akira Yamazaki lead the opposing teams.


  1. Based on the novel "Akira to Akira" by Jun Ikeido (published from 2006 to 2009 in novel magazine Mondai Shosetsu ).



source: asianwiki


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So just finished ep 1 raw. I was clueless throughout the whole episode but I get the drift. But basically didn't understand  anything but still liking the raw.

. Ep 1 was more of flashback how wealthy young Akira cross paths with poor Akira. The two child actors so cute. I like that sweet scene of poor young Akira coming back for their dog.


Left is young Akira Yamasak. On the right.. wealthy Akira Kaido



I get the feeling that AK ( wealthy Akira) is  kind of weakling. But maybe I just didn't understand. There was a scene where you boy AK got hit on the face after coming out of the cinema

 Present time: I don't like this guy with the glasses always shouting at  AK

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@baobao below is the poor Akira Yamazak payed by Takumi Saito




 RT cto




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Just finished ep 2 raw. It was mostly flashback to their youth.  And as I said previous post, I feel bad for Akira Kaido. I don't know why because I've no idea about the dialogues but.. he's always shouted at like it's his fault or something...



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