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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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this series is slowly beginning to annoy me :/



Thoughts Preview...



AS didnt become a concubine :) She went to meet the Empress or Emperor (subject: english school). I leave AS Empress conversation... 



If she went to see the emperor, he would realize she have puffy eyes and would probably ask why? (japanese spies murdered his beloved empress Min few years ago). 

 AS will tell the truth that she cant be with the man she loves because her grandfather is opposed to the relationship. The adviser knows that this is EC and he will say his name. The emperor will probably be curious how it happened that a noblewoman and a former slave are in a relationship. AS probably will tell that she saw in him what other people didnt and fell in love with him. The Emperor appointed him an instructor at the royal military academy.

The question is whether the emperor will show support "I appointed EC as an instructor and I thought about ties him more strongly with Joseon - marriage" Grandfather will be against it anyway (stubborn donkey :)), but it will show the Emperor's support. Either the advisor and the emperor will say that they cant force her grandfather and cant change the laws and will only show concern.



I think writers again try mislead viewers.

DM probably seriusly wounded warn EC in american legation - reason why he take soldiers and they go save Go family resisidence and be in time. You forget he works for Aeshin and EC saved his live. Where else would he learn about the danger?


Go family is anti-japanese and grandfather organized meeting. 

Japanese soldiers will withdraw because they will not want to conflict with America. Joseon has not yet lost his independence and the Japanese interfere in their internal affairs.

EC want protect Aeshin and her house. EC already knows that he can only prolong the inevitable. (annexation)

EC protects grandfather and the anti-Japanese faction, but this is not his main goal. Grandfather will understand that he was wrong? I hope he will give Aeshin this time. (stubborn donkey)
I am fed up with this in the plot and the problem is being extended by writers (KES please end this here)


After this incident EC will get into trouble. Coming of Lee Van Ik (Minister of Foreign Affairs) and police commander (HS father?). 

The first shoot was for a warning. 

Probably they both threaten each other during the conversation in american legation.


"If you want my silence, you have to either kill me or trust me" - EC and minister Allen conversation? - too many incidents in which Eugene took part



I wonder what will happen in the city. Grandfather and scholars beaten by soldiers or police and imprisoned.

Maybe he couldnt intervene being still in Joseon?











This photo looks like a reminder (photo shot in american legation?). Maybe they will not survive fights with Japan?

many rebels take pictures of themselves.


photo shot is in glory hotel (front door)



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In regards to my last post/ warning, I've received some PMs requesting for clarifications.  I'm going to reply here so that everything will be clear for everybody and fan fights won't reproduce again.

This weeks episodes were great with both the action and story and have been my favourite yet.   There was one scene which really hit me and it was the ending scene when AS and EC hugged. The

Ahh, lovebirds must thank Hina for the privacy. Her spider sense is wrong again when it comes to Ae Shin/Eugene      Credit: Netflix   This part was so good.  The c

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1 hour ago, rocher22 said:

With dignity through the front door.

And no one even moved.

Loved this because he did deserve to walk through it with dignity - he didn't need to get involved and essentially warn Lord Go about what happened to the letters and yet he did it. 


Other thoughts on this weekend's episodes:


- loved the character development from HS. With him assuring AS that he has a plan as well as accepting the fact that someone else is in her heart was amazing. Finally deciding to have a purpose in his life by opening up his newspaper business was great! 


- loved the dream sequence of EC and AS in America. She looked beautiful and they looked so happy + in love


- loved how the Queen was protrayed as intelligent and strong! How she believes that women should also be educated 


- loved the part when Hina realized that Lee Jung Min knows where her mom is and she cussed out "That SOB" LOL made me laugh, true to her feisty nature


- speaking of Lee Jung Min, if anyone else here watches the American tv show Homeland, I'd say that his character bears a lot of resemblence to Saul. In that, he will go through all lengths and use  anyone in order to protect the country he loves 


- loved loved loved the ending where the letters are sent through the RA + Gunner Jang!!! That was SOOOOOOOO cool! Shows how stubborn, resilient, and strong Lord Go is and where AS got these traits from 


I cannot wait to see what happens next! I hope more of the RA now that the EC / AS romance is essentially out in the open 

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"If you want my silence, you have to either kill me or trust me"

At first I thought it was EC Allen conversation but I think this can be EC Grandfather conversation :)


EC is sitting on a chair and you can see the Joseon flag. I think he used his influence and this is a police office. He release grandfather and scholars from arrest. He raised AS and despite his opposition (EC AS relationship) she probably is worried.



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Photo with our favourite *cough* Lee Wan-ik


But at first: hello everybody I am a new soompier *waving hand emoji* but I read you from 4th episode

I am really loving this drama and it made me being more interested in korean culture coz it is my first drama. It is made on the highest level, but you all know it, so let me come to the latest episodes.


Although i think i am eushin team, i really respect KHS and what he done recently for AS. Ms Haman and Mr Hareong (idk how to write his name exactly, sorry) are the best AS "step parents" they are making so many for her ❤ I loved scene when EC, Lord Go, AS where talking and crying scenes after it. It was so touching. 

Eclipse, ending, prewiev made me more and more loving this drama ❤

But I think, DM won't die. Defintely.



Really thanks for making C-strips to @Ahpheng

And others which comment here really importnat and interesting things

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So I normally gif a couple of my fave moments from each episode. Here's two of them below from episode 16. 


Full post here


Full post here.


But I also did something a little different this week cause I feel like Dong Mae's screen time was cut way short. The story has ventured into territory idgaf about, so I did a round up of some of my fave DM moments from both episodes. I think it's pretty funny. See here



If anyone has a request, just hmu

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Theory Speculation


American soldiers and Japanese soldiers - clash. 
It is just a theory but I think the third party could come - RA. They found out too late and will come when it will be over. The Go family leads them and pays them. It is their duty to protect them from danger. I think the potter will apologize to Eugene and maybe even could give him leadership.

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Welcome to Soompi, @jomary4, I'm glad you're enjoying the show. :) The actors and the writer are among the best, and we're learning so much about that part of Korea's history. There are many sompiers here who know more than we do, and who help us understand the different aspects of the culture (thank you!). Happy to have you with us. :)

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Theory Speculation (  @aurelionsol chinggu..let me borrow you heading ya..kamsahanida :love:)


As I mentioned earlier, I think in the next 8 episodes we are going to see the rebel movements in full speed. Hence, I think the next episode will start with LWI realised that the movement has begun and started to use his power as MFA and his connection with the Japanese Army to catch most of them. He will somehow use the same trick, whereby he will framed Lord Go for inciting a movement against the Emperor (he tried this way before but he forgot he dealt with the ones who are willing to run mountains, leap fires for AS..his bad). Hence what we saw in the preview. And then, he will try to get rid of all the minions, starting with DM and his men. SInce Minister Hayaki is practically a fly (i.e he will be attracted only to where the stinks are), he will allow LWI to catch DM and his men again, probably framed for the murder of Hayaki's right man. Thus, what we saw in the preview. DM was shot but I dont think he will die. Remember the French Baker? I was always wondering how big is his role in this drama and the significant of the scene whereby he literally used DM to protect him. I bet he will come and save DM and bring him back to the RA quarters. The potter will save him. But here is the twist of the preview. I believe EC and HS will come to know of this plan. HS first, since he started the newspaper business, there are many gossipers who will come to him to give paid intel. Then, I believe EC and Gunner Jang will plot on how to save Lord Go. I believe EC will use his connection in the Royal Military (assist by HS, the pawnbroker duos, Kyle and Interpreted Im) will save Lord Go. Once Lord Go is out, then the the bigger plan will come in place when all of them met at the mountain where the potter is since EC has secure the mountain for them. Then the next 7 episodes are the execution of the movement. And of course, in between, I hope against all hope, will be more EC-AS scenes.


But the ending is something I dont want to speculate. Knowing KES, it either can end like DOTS or Goblin. Even if in both drama, the OTP are back together but for Goblin, the ending is too ambigious. I mean, the fact he has to wait for another couple of decade to see his bride again is not exactly satisfying. Plus, when they meet again, ET was still a school girl. So he has to wait another couple (or more) of years before they can be together..aishh..not much left for the imagination at that point. The waiting time is too long. I hope Mr Sunshine has its own ending that is both logical and satisfying.

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Published on August 26, 2018 by Stone Music Entertainment



NU’EST W – AND I Lyrics (Mr. Sunshine OST)


by iLyricsBuzz


NU’EST W (뉴이스트 W) – AND I
Album: Mr. Sunshine (미스터 션샤인) OST Part. 10 (tvN 주말드라마)
Lyrics: 텐조, 키비(Kebee)
Composition: 텐조, LOOGONE
Arrangement: LOOGONE
Release date: 2018.08.26


Let’s have a silent dream
In case I lose you
I’m holding out my hand even though I can’t reach


If we met on a different day, in a different season
You would’ve been in my arms
Although I desperately want that

I can’t turn things back anymore
In case I’m filled with regrets
I’m swallowing my tears for you


And I And I
In the end, we’ll walk on different paths
I just can’t hold onto you
Till we meet again later on
At the place filled with love


When I look into your eyes (my heart aches)
Even if it’s coincidence, I hope I can see you again
Again today, I’m in the middle of a forked road
Walking on a path towards you (don’t forget)


You seep into my memories that I’m walking through
White clouds pass through the sky I look up to
Like a flower blooming under my heart that is tightly shut
Your scent comes to me


Right here, just like this
I hope we can stop
So only you
Can remember my last smile


And I And I
In the end, we’ll walk on different paths
I just can’t hold onto you
Till we meet again later on
At the place filled with love


All the days I stayed by your side
Passes by like the wind (come into me)
Like the scattering flower petals
You pass me by


This rain, this rain
Makes our memories
Bloom and get farther away


And I And I
In the end, we’ll walk on different paths (we can’t see each other)
I just can’t hold onto you (with my hands)
Till we meet again later on
At the place filled with love
See You


Rom: iLyricsBuzz
Korean: music naver
English: popgasa



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I just want to acknowledge the great cinematographic shot made by the Director during the last few minutes of E16 starting at 1:12:28. It started when Dong Mae was looking out his terrace window in time for the lunar eclipse. The shot was made inside Dong Mae's room while the eclipse is happening. All the colors was so alive and the background music is holding you not to blink for a few seconds. Really a very good shot.

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August 27, 2018


Mr. Sunshine: Episode 15


by dramallama Dramabeans.com

Eugene confronts the duality of his identity and carefully wields that double-edged sword to prove which side he stands on. An American to the Joseon people, and a Joseon person to the Americans, Eugene struggles to define his identity to those who choose to only see one side. But as the paths of being an American and a Joseon person diverge, Eugene implicitly makes a decision by protecting those he’s indebted to in life and in love.




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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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