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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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1 hour ago, charray said:


What is samgyetang? Is it the chicken ginseng soup? And what is baeksuk?

Baeksuk is that chicken soup dish that they always eat in the drama- the one Eugene and Ae Shin ate together for lunch in Ep 12... Samgyetang is similar to baeksuk but it seems that the preparation is slightly different according to wikipedia...

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In regards to my last post/ warning, I've received some PMs requesting for clarifications.  I'm going to reply here so that everything will be clear for everybody and fan fights won't reproduce again.

This weeks episodes were great with both the action and story and have been my favourite yet.   There was one scene which really hit me and it was the ending scene when AS and EC hugged. The

Ahh, lovebirds must thank Hina for the privacy. Her spider sense is wrong again when it comes to Ae Shin/Eugene      Credit: Netflix   This part was so good.  The c

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Hey Dong-ji deul,  

I want to apologize early if I may spoil some fun for you guys but here are some of my confused twitter rants

I think I am sure now that is Joseph.:tears: but I am still hoping I was wrong. 

I think the fact that they decided to include that awkward scene between chief of police and KHS might be sign how he could help DM out of police bureau. Idk it's just my thought. :huh:

I want to correct myself. He's not a monk.

Eun san and Jang posu talking abt musin society not being their enemy after finding out they discovered one of their comrades.

I am pretty sure that guy was listening to everything because camera zoomed out at the end showing little part of the door. Incense sticks were freshly burned so that means he was there to meet them as well. 

Someone here have mentioned earlier abt AS's mother's origin. Her name apparently is Kim Hui jin. So I don't think she is a commoner or slave. But since the show mentioned slave getting their surname from their first owner, I might be wrong. 

Let me know what you guys think. Any kind of opinions are welcome.:D

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@Susie Derkins We found out few days ago Joseph will die and even wrote some predictions. Police Chief and his help is  reasonable because he didnt pay the debt (we cant predict everything :))

Yes. An old friend could eavesdrop and this is something new, interesting in this story.



The death of AeShin mother Kim Hui Jin? and her father Go Sangwan is a mystery. They were members of RA. They were not married (why? what is her origin? she is girl from low noble family? why woman was RA member and why she was in Japan?) and Aeshin born one day before their death and back alive with 2 RA members from Japan? 

What revolt? They wanted kill Lee Van Ik in Japan?

They were betrayed, died and back Joseon in cremation urn shortly after Unya incident https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ganghwa_Island_incident (interpreter-EC conversation ep 12)


Im confused very much right now :D


It must be the joyful work of writers and has some hidden symbolism in Mr Sunshine. A completely fictitious event and not very real. KES likes these things...







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Episodes 11 and 12 were pretty great (I can't believe we're mid drama, time pass too fast), 12 seemed even shorter than usual for me and I don't know why.


My thoughts:

-Lee Wan Ik needs to die asap, poor Hina I hope she free herself from this monster one day (even hearing him walk is frightening).

-The Hina x Dong Mae scenes keep making me go :wub:. The umbrella scene was a nice surprise because I thought we would only have the scenes from episode 11. 

-It's nice to see the good sides of HS, but I wish he had even more scenes with him. It may or may not be because I'm a Byun Yo Han fan.

-The whole scene with Hotaru and the gang was sad and badass. 

-I can't believe Eugene eat the paper :lol: things we do for love loool.

-I found the song used at the end of episode 12 weird, maybe a bit too modern?


Who is ready for the pain from episode 13 next week? Not me.

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August 13, 2018


Mr. Sunshine: Episode 11


by dramallama Dramabeans.com




Ae-shin attempts to reconcile her desires as a fighter for Joseon with the reality of her identity as a noblewoman, but her brave step forward isn’t accompanied by Eugene. While Eugene takes a step back, Dong-mae and Hee-sung take a step forward to protect Ae-shin from her own stubborn flame and those who try to extinguish it. All this attention for Ae-shin leaves Hina alone in facing her biggest demon: She can sense his looming threats, but she’s learned to how to defy his ominous desires and protect herself.


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Romance aside, this was not mentioned yet in any discussion, I think. When WI said he is planning to make the doctor as a royal physician. I think he is planning to kill the emperor. I hope HN catches this and be cautious about it or warn the emperor or the minister she's working for. Since that the minister is also the one who gave out orders to the righteous army, does this mean they are not working for the emperor but for the minister himself? I doubt the emperor knows about any details of their activities. I also suspect the part where they were talking about the Mushin Society not being their enemy is to solidify the position of Mushin as those that don't have loyalty to Japan (?) or to paint a good image of Mushin despite their well-known brutality. This may also be among the scenes that is an adjustment to DM character. However, it creates a contradictory, sort of, on AS's earlier depiction of DM and his gang as traitor vs the statement about Mushin Society have never been the one to attack/target the righteous army, and thus not their enemy. The animosity of AS towards DM must have occurred not just because of him siding with/working for the foreigners of the day but also that he must have killed her teammates/or those who supported their cause when conducting his many jobs. Else, I would think her claim that he's a traitor is weak at best, given also that she is the only one thus far who mentioned it. If working for the Japanese/the foreigners makes one a traitor than would that make most people in Joseon who are embracing the foreigners' cultures and goods a traitor as well? Just an observation...


Oh, I was watching one of the bts where there is a scene that Hotaru was running to hug a bloodied and injured DM. Seems like we will be seeing this scene this weekend. Safe to say he'll be back! 





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@miracle23 yes in those day, people who embraced foreign cultures are frowned upon. This is depicted in many Chinese dramas o that time as well. 


I am really not sure if KES changed any o DM n teams portrayal except for changing the groups name. 


Yes, looks like Hotaru will be hugging him. From the trailer, I wonder if EC will be the one to rescue DM from the horrible Lee Wan Ik.


Yah n that guy at the temple, he was give a good few seconds of screen time. He must have some role later.


@Ahpheng es time passes too slowly to sat!

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The man who Dongmae met at the temple is one of Aeshin's father's comrade, one of the 4 men in the photo. He had brought Aeshin's parents' ash to home. He was also at the train to Jemulpo wearing straw hat on the day Aeshin was shot. I guess, he came to say hello to his old friends and make up mind to revenge (kill Kim Yong-Ju, the betrayer).

I don't think Aeshin's mother was a slave. In that period, studying abroad was very expensive. She must be from noble family or rich family too. And her mother's class has never been mentioned in the drama, so it's not any issue. They had a wedding photo, so they were married in their own way. There were many Korean students in Japan who fought against Japanese invading attempt at that times, they were some of those. And at that time, Wan Ik wasn't that big person yet.

Aeshin declared there would be no future together with Eugene. And Eugene replied his destination for today is here & that's enough. So they could start dating again.

In Ep12 we saw some random scenes, such as Hui Sung visits the police officer and the post officer to return the money, and Dongmae visits the temple. I'm pretty sure all those scene will be connected to the new incident (Dongmae arrested) in ep13.

One thing I'm most worried is, Aeshin brought out the Joseph's letter from Wan Ik's house, so Wan Ik couldn't read it. Actually he is suspecting Joseph as a helper working for the king's side. But the letter was just saying hello to his son(Eugene). Wan Ik may misunderstand Joseph and kill him, and it may cause Aeshin to blame herself.

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21 hours ago, luna11 said:

@blademan Thanks for liking my gifs and I don't mind reposts on other sites but please do credit my personal tumblr or offer a link to the original post. 


"Creds. Tumblr" is extremely vague and gives no indication as to who the actual creator is. There's a lot of users and posts on Tumblr. Giving credit where it is due helps keep fandom alive otherwise we'd all just be talking into the wind cause creators are afraid to share their work.


So sorry!!! Will do the next time!!

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I think.. from Google-translate.. in conjunction of Liberation Day (8/15), tvN is airing MR.SUNSHINE eps 1-12 back to back starting from 1.30am(?). Stories of soldiers not recorded in history. Feel free to correct me.


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@miracle23Yes. Lee Van Ik, Royal phisician - japanese origin, poison emperor, Hina... This can be another thing that can lead to the execution of LVI.


@saturn AS, letter, blaming herself after Joseph death (crying scene). I like it because this is one more step in AS growing up. EC discovers that Joseph was a supporter of the emperor (reason EC) and could die sooner or later? He doesnt blame her. It would calm her soul.


AS parents - they had a private wedding (photo) but not official (custom) 





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From the IG of actor Bae Jung Nam / Choon Sik (pawnshop co-owner)


From the look of the costume, it appears like the filming is getting into fighting/battle mode, or perhaps, the production almost done for the finale. The cast and crew have been filming in super hot weather, a treat of cold refreshments is most appreciated!


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theory is out of date :)


I have a impression that EC mother could be still alive and he will find her accidentally during the war with Japan... She escaped somewhere north of the country? We didnt see her body and she could plan to throw the shoe into the well. Choi's family could be shocked by the incident and didnt even look for her body in the well. They moved to Hanseong. EC regain his biological mother after losing his stepfather? 
That could be a good plot twist. 
Of course, this is just a theory.

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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