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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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tvN Presents Mr. Sunshine 미스터 션샤인     Director Lee Eung Bok (Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, Secret Love, Dream High)   Writer Kim Eun Sook (Goblin,

Ahh, lovebirds must thank Hina for the privacy. Her spider sense is wrong again when it comes to Ae Shin/Eugene      Credit: Netflix   This part was so good.  The c

This weeks episodes were great with both the action and story and have been my favourite yet.   There was one scene which really hit me and it was the ending scene when AS and EC hugged. The

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Im so late :)


@bedifferent, @charray, @miracle23 good points of view about gloves scene, tram scene, duel AS Hina. If i didnt mention someone please forgive me :)


@Ahpheng high lvl comic arts :)


My thoughts


I will write about something else... 


I chose too easy route. Korean drama is repetitive and boring. This is their problem when you see a few. Writers probably receive advices from Netflix and created a complicated plot. Something happened that I didnt expected,  better for me because it just arouses my curiosity.


Lee See Hun mistress (they add something interesting, Lee Wan Ik spy but now useless)


AS Hina duel in Lee Van Ik house:


LVI personally killed new minister of foreign affairs (he go out and kill him and AS/Hina fight in his house)

Will both women be surprised after losing their masks? 

Good fighters and what is her identity and for who she works?

Hina tell AS? „He is my father but we are not in good terms? He poisoned my husband and I looking for proof?”

Hina tell her about fight in Glory Hotel? 

What AS tell Hina about her identity or something else?

This will be interesting conversation.


Hina will see the letters and give them back to AS. She already knows that they love each other when she was on the tram and got into a conversation with DM (she also saw the scene of gloves?)


EC AS bridge meeting EP 12? 


AS give him letters (LVI house, warning) and ask who is Joseph? He tell truth (missionary, stepfather). I dont believe she tell this.

„Im AeShin and we cant be together” - this must be troll again and she tell this someone else or writers change meaning when she talk again with EC (river meeting and sharing guns?)


Joseph - predictions?


a few days ago I had no reason why he would die. Now it has become more interesting and I will give some of my theories.


Foreigner, supporter Emperor/King Joseon (reason EC his stepson), politicaly involved, Lee Van Ik dont know EC and Joseph is like son/father and thinks they work together (big mistake)


- Lee Van Ik hire robbers/assasins

- they attack Joseph close Hanseong or suburbs of the city

- EC hear about this attack (american citizens was robbed, he is acting consul, captain US army) and take few soldiers and arive and see Joseph (seriously injured)

- many locals hear about attack and start coming (event, curiosity)

- AS coming and see crying EC, blooded hand (photo) and last conversation EC-Joseph 

- Joseph die


EC lose biological parents, stepfather and cant be with woman he loves (law, difference beetwen their origin). America turns a blind eye to the incident (it is not worth to politically intervene for a missionary).


EC want leave Joseon. AS asks her grandfather for help. America reject the request for EC transfer. However, the second time he leave and cut all information from Joseon. AS is broken and want back her man and want revenge (Lee Van Ik). She kill him or plot? (execution)

EC will hear about it, come back and stop her? LVI can be new minister pf foreign affairs and powerful man.


Why i think about AS? She is hot flame and without EC very dangerous and she dont show mercy. She is warm flame when EC is around and she is happy.


Ok. Im tired of writing and you reading? xD



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What the.. th_lmfao.gif@Ahpheng that AS  FanClub Meet & Greet is the FUNNIEST ever! th_laughing.gif How did you think about it? Genius! th_lightup.gif Fans on twitter were indeed talking about this... and you nailed it. Bravo!


And when he sees this.. we better run! :P

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2 hours ago, alindahaw said:

Hee Sung's '' I'll be your shadow'' line is :wub::)


I love the conversation in the tram.  Like i said before i like how HS mind works. I am now getting a bit bias towards HS... sorry EC :P

i do hope AS will give him a chance. 


At this point i really loathe Wan Ik and i hope he will not be appointed as the foreign affair minister.  I hope lord Jung Moon will come up with something to stop that from happening. 

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42 minutes ago, blademan said:

The new OST is so heartbreaking :( and I don’t even know the English lyrics yet!!



Credit to the owner.


I mostly refer to "popgasa" but it  doesn't have the English lyric yet for part 7.

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10 hours ago, chickfactor said:

One last thing: Lee Deok-Man, who's apparently working for Wan-Ik and sent that guy to search Eugene's room - Hina said that he was Ae-Shin's cousin's husband? So he's Ae-Soon's husband?


It does look like he is indeed Ae Soon's husband, he's also Lord Lee Jung Moon's cousin. But being part of Ae Shin's family, his betrayal (colluding with LWI) will really really hurt Ae Shin and her family. But Ae Shin's grandfather doesn't seem to consider him as family, being the grandson-in-law when the relatives were urging him to adopt a male heir. So, it appears that Ae Soon's husband really exists, already appeared and will have a considerable impact on the story, not just a name mentioned in the winds.


It might be something that's usually overlooked but the drama keeps track of things deemed trivial so that viewers would not have to assume what happened to this person or that item/subject. Like mentioned earlier, the girl shot by LSH was shown being treated in the hospital. A reason, to highlight perhaps that Eugene felt responsible for her injury (in his quest to avenge on LSH) and also to show the connection to the Japanese doctor brought in by LWK.


Su Mi finally decided to burn the troublesome silk baby blanket.. a simple household item but has gone around full circle hiding the banknote, getting it into Eugene's hands and still creating a problem when DM saw it and now demanded payment from Ae Shin. Indeed there are many thoughtful details that surround the characters to make them truly part of the storyline.


Still.. did HS finally find out what really happened to Eugene's parents? Eugene has got his revenge, but is HS still in the dark? Or has he decided it's better not to know at all.



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I laughed so much with the tram ride, with some of the funny memorable lines. 


What a funny convo: "The mountains of Joseon belong to the King, but most lands belong to me (HS)" to which the counter was given: "All the easier for me to find your burial spot."  Another one after the tram suddenly stopped and the hug between the two men, with HS asking nervously:  "Are you alright? You could have ended up with an injury. I am fine." and DM's response of "Shall I look for a burial spot nearby?" LOL


AS barely containing her laugh was funny by itself :) :) :) .


But what a revelation of HS: "Whether you wear my suits to protect the country, or sell them, I will be your shadow."  Wow, I thought he's just a happy-go-lucky guy, but he has his heart in the right place after all.

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I caught up to Ep 10 and already I am getting restless wanting to just watch all the way to ending without having to wait patiently.

How "Lee Byung-hun" carries thru the character of Eugene Choi is just so amazing and mesmerizing... ahem...that's one word I did not think I would use to describe Lee BH but this particular drama is just so amazing and mesmerizing all because of him and for that I need to salute him for bringing forth the character so well... Yes... he has a stern face, a worried face, an "arrogant" face at times... but whatever facial expression he wears ... it fits each moment so well.  Thank you so much Mr Lee for bringing so much character and life into this k-drama "Mr Sunshine"

Next I need to applaud is "Kim Tae-Ri"... she is indeed the perfect one to be Go Ae-Shin.  Yes...I read some was against her being the lead actress with Lee because of the age gap... Hey...as I watch from Episode 1 to 10 thus far... I find KTR to be so well matched with LBH. They are like clockworks.   Their expression, tone of voice, body language and all are such a match and in sync.  Her low tone when she share her thoughts, or when she is mumbling to herself, her facial expression...they are perfect indeed. I can even watch this series and both LBH / KTR without the volume on and just watching them that way is beyond description.

Thanks so much to the writer, producer, director who offer the role to this 2 amazing artistes.

Age gap or not... important is they bring the story across to viewers.  Strangely another series I am so stuck with is Dong Yi and likewise there were comments against the main artistes Ji Jin-Hee and Han Hyo-Joo being their age gap of 14 years... hey...they carried out their role amazingly well too... 


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Hi @jojoanna welcome! Welcome to the thread, you brought great observation about LBH and Kim Tae Ri as Eugene & Ae Shin *can't agree more!* The drama is almost halfway, and it wouldn't have attracted the viewers to watch if the actors doesn't have any credible chemistry between them. Truly, the leads match each others so well in their roles and with all the cast, too. 


And now for the most important scene in episode 12.. so, Netflix was not teasing the fans.. :)


Eugene decided to stay longer in Joseon.. yes.gif



Source: News1


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:o :huh: :blink: SERIOUSLY, WHAT DID YOU DO EUGENE! th_lmfao.gif th_lmfao.gif th_lmfao.gif


I watched this clip repeatedly and laughed so much every time till I'm out of breath..  it's a copy! :w00t: How on earth did David and Byunghun keep their straight faces acting this scene??


As long as he could stay on, no paper is too hard to chew and swallow. Hahahaa.. he's MR.SUNSHINE alright! :P


Clip: ePhoenix



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Tonight episode 12 makes us smile and laugh out loud ^_^ .. but not for long.. :unsure:


Episode 13 Preview, marking the (dreaded) second half of MR.SUNSHINE :( this show is making emotions go on a non-stop roller-coaster ride every week.. :sweatingbullets:


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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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