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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

Go Seung Ji

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As posted on YeoNiverse Wordpress




Leaked description of Yoo Yeon Seok’s character in Mr Sunshine, Goo Dong Mae

Also read: Kim Tae Ri’s | Byun Yo Han’s | Kim Min Jung’s | (at the moment, Lee Byung Hun’s role description hasn’t been leaked yet)


Goo Dong Mae (Actor Yoo Yeon Seok)


He was born as a Baekjeong’s son.

Baekjeong people were not even regarded as human. The daughters and wives of Baekjeong were boastfully raped, and while Baekjeong’s men hold the knives, they could not wield them on anybody. It was humiliating everyday.

When their paths crossed, others would get startled, steered away and even spit on him. Even forceful beating would feel less hurtful. His being was worth less than cows and pigs. That was Dong Mae.


As he couldn’t live as cows and pigs, he got out of the village following a group of singing beggars. The hardship period was long and the beatings from the hyungs were brutal. The violence used by the people of  Cheonmin class towards other Cheonmin people were more vicious than the tyranny by the Yangban class. A better world for a Baekjeong son like Dong Mae was nowhere to be found on the ground of Joseon.


So Dong Mae abandoned Joseon on his own. No, actually, from the very beginning, Joseon never had Dong Mae.




As he crossed over to Japan, Dong Mae has caught the eyes of Kokuryukai’stop leader. Dong Mae has held knives since he was ten. Dong Mae’s swords were aimed only at the fatal spots, neat and swift.


Dong Mae’s country was not Joseon nor Japan, but the Kokuryukai. Dong Mae moves for the sake of Kokuryukai’s benefits and prosperity. Dong Mae was like a beast who captured beasts. He tore and devoured everything in front of him that blocked his way.


The Kokuryukai bestowed a new name for Dong Mae, something that a father would do for his children. So from that day on, in Dong Mae’s heart, Kokuryukai was his father. 


Kokuryukai intended to expand their influence in Joseon and made Dong Mae stood in the vanguard to lead.




There was only one reason for Dong Mae to return to Joseon - the eyes of the only woman who stared at him. There was no contempt, disdain and not even fear in her eyes. The woman is no other than the aegisshi (noble young lady) of Joseon’s aristocrat family, Ae Shin.


As he behaved as a person should, he became desperate for the name Go Ae Shin onl. He shouldn’t feel like this, but he wouldn’t care even if everyone in the world became his enemy.


He was really displeased with the American guy who would often hang around Ae Shin. He was struck with the feeling as if he was being cut in. But he never had her, though.


Loving only Ae Shin, crazy in love, being crazy because of love - Dong Mae is such a man.


Source : Dimitory via YeoNiverse


(T/N: Read this post for more background info on the traditional Korean social hierarchy back then and the discrimination faced by the outcast group, ‘Baekjeong’, the caste which Dong Mae belonged to) 




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As posted on daydreamer11587 tumblr




Leaked description of Byun Yo Han’s character in Mr Sunshine - Kim Hee Sung

Also read: Kim Tae Ri’s | Yoo Yeon Seok’s | Kim Min Jung’s | Lee Byung Hun’s


Kim Hee Sung (Actor Byun Yo Han)

Shining Hee, star Sung. Just like his name, Hee Sung stood out wherever he went to. As he was sweet, funny, with a lot money and handsome, he was always dating. He self-proclaimed as a philanthropist but by others he was called a womanizer.


They say ‘the upstream water should be clean first in order to have clean water down the stream’ but in Hee Sung’s case, it was the opposite. The upstream water (the nobleman / his parents) were too dirty.


Thanks to his notoriously horrible grandfather and notoriously coward father, he lived his life without passion as a ‘foolish bastard’.

I’m afraid of the blood running through my veins. If given the power it might be wielded inappropriately. 




As he could no longer stand his mother’s pestering, he returned to Joseon to get married after ten years of studying abroad. He actually wanted to delay his arranged marriage with the girl whom his oppressive grandfather has chosen for him. 

However now, that glowing lady.. is my betrothed?


Hee Sung regretted his past ten years in Japan. And now it’s already too late. It seemed like there was no room for him in the woman’s heart. He could drive her self out of Joseon, but he couldn’t drive the foreign man out of her mind.

The only thing Hee Sung could do was to delay his marriage with Ae Shin. However to never marry her became such an ironic thing to promise. It was such a sad thing he never expect.


Source: Dimitory via daydreamer11587 tumblr


(T/N: The translation isn’t perfect and there might be mistakes because there are parts which I got confused about. Feel free to correct the mistakes if you can spot them)

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March 3, 2018


TV series “Mr. Sunshine" Character introduction - Choi Yoo Jin (a translation) 




Both his mother and father are slaves, from the moment of their birth to the slave status.  He is an American with dark hair. In any case, a man with a stranger’s composure, an  aggressor’s arrogance, and an onlooker’s sexy charm.


At the age of 9, his master, Kim, a Government Official, killed his parents, confirming how powerful the Kim family was.  Although the reduction of property is a regrettable, it set an example to other male servants and cannot be cosidered a loss.  This is Choi Yoo Jin’s last memory of Korea. 


Choi Yoo Jin kept on fleeing to be furthest away from Korea. He went on board the US warship “Colorado”   He was a confused youth at that time.  He did not know what country to call his motherland.  Even though it meant crossing the ocean to another land, starting to live at the bottom did not make any difference. He must fight to win.  If he were to lose, he would continue to fight. 


It seemed that his name is often linked to "first". The first Oriental to enroll in New York University; the first among Orientals to be named Senior Captain of the Navy; the first to be awarded the Medal of Honor within in the Oriental community.


When "최 유진" became "Eugene Choi",  he chose the United States of America to become his own motherland.


Waiting for Eugene Choi to return from the US Spanish War was a Medal of Honour and an assignment to be stationed in Korea.


In order to contain Japan and Russia whose forces are expanding day by day, the United States used the pretext of protecting its own nationals and dispatched troops to Korea.  Eugene Choi, proficient in English and Korean, quickly adapted to the new environment.  In his report, he wrote that for his country's independence, even today,  Korea has suffered countless lives. But he did not know where Korea's sovereignty was.  For him,  Korea is only the country that allowed his parents to be killed and a country that he escape from.   The so-called "two classes" apparently pretended to be liberalized by reform and in fact they were vying for the glory of selling their country.


From the age of nine when he escaped from Korea, Eugene Choi never looked backwards, often recalling only nightmarish scenes.

So he is determined to return to Korea not to go backwards and fall. Korea is just a piece of land that he must go through, just a stepping stone. 


He was determined to march through Korea, cross Korea and return to his US motherland again.

But he could not possibly know that his fate was waiting for him in Korea, shook him unscrupulously and meeting Go Ae Shin, a woman who wanted to save Korea, her motherland ...


Source:  a LBH fan @weibo

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I'm excited for this mainly because of the writer and producer. 


Also Yoo Yeon Seok and Byun Yo Han, Kim Tae Ri is cute too though...but mentally, I'm trying to work on getting over my personal dislike towards Lee Byung Hun. 


The age difference doesn't even bother me, and he's a very very talented actor...skill wise. Just his personal scandals...I'm not too fond of. 


Regardless, it's a talented cast and a promising work. 

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@peonie Thanks for Eugene Choi's character's description translation! I was working on it as well once I saw it was posted but got confused here and there so it took me a long time to translate xD 


@aznlad33 I think I'm in the same boat as you when it comes to LBH but I will see first how the show will unfold. Truthfully, I am not that big of a fan of the writer but, I came to love Goblin's first 6 episodes so much and I acknowledge KES's ability to write very fun scenes with her characters (like the forever fun Goblin x Reaper interactions). Despite that, even before YYS got cast in the drama, I already decided to check it out because of the interesting premise - Korea in early 1900s and the righteous army. I hope those aspects of the show's premise will remain in tact and delivered well (but realistically it's hard to have high hopes). But the cast are talented indeed. 


Anyway, here's Kim Min Jung's role description:


As posted on daydreamer11587 tumblr




Leaked description of Kim Min Jung’s character in Mr Sunshine - Sato Hina

Also read: Kim Tae Ri’s | Yoo Yeon Seok’s | Byun Yo Han’s | Lee Byung Hun’s

Sato Hina (Actress Kim Min Jung)


Her Joseon’s name was ‘Lee Yang Hwa’, however, even before the ink dries, due to her pro-Japanese father’s keen eyes(?), she was married off early and her name became ‘Sato Hina’. Her mother couldn’t even watch her own daughter’s wedding. Because her mother, although a good and faithful wife, was abandoned by her father because she was a Joseon person.


Thanks to her father who sold off his own daughter and country, she became a woman whom if there was anything she could sell off, she would have to sell herself before being sold and raise herself up before being removed. 


When her father married her off to an old Japanese man with great wealth, Hina chose to bite instead of weeping. She looked for the weakest spot, fasten her teeth on it, and knocked it down.


As if Hina’s prayer was being answered, her old husband died after their two years of marriage and Hina’s gloomy youth was being compensated with a large fortune she inherited. The large fortune was no other than the hotel ‘Glory’. The one who was delighted the most when she inherited the hotel was her father, Lee Wan Ik. As Hina could see through her father, she wilfully kept her husband’s surname in order not to lose the hotel. 


To those who were looking for a hotel in Hansung (one of Seoul’s old names), a young and beautiful widow like her was yet another entertainment for them. Modern boys, dandy boys, hobos, and all kind of boys in Joseon flock in Hotel Glory, making Hina reach record high sales every day.


Hina didn’t envy the King either. All of those powerful Joseon men were in Hotel Glory all the time. Every night Hina watched the imperialists’ three inches tongues wretchedly tearing Joseon to pieces with a smile. She felt sorry for Joseon for having to choose biting instead of weeping too.


She always lived a second life. Her second name became her real name, her second country became her real country, and now only if the second man become hers, then her life would be perfect.


The man is none other than Yoo Jin. However, the man was looking at another woman. The aegisshi from an aristocrat family.

Source: Dimitory via daydreamer11587


(T/N: The translation isn’t perfect and there might be mistakes because there are parts which I got confused about. Feel free to correct the mistakes if you can spot them)

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February 27, 2018


Coffee treat from Choi Jin Ho for MR.SUNSHINE cast & crew


Source: Star Today ++


Body image


Actor Choi Jin Ho presented a coffee truck at the filming site of MR.SUNSHINE. 


On February 24th, a warm treat of coffee, tea and snack was sent by the actor for everyone involved in filming in the cold weather.


Choi Jin Ho, when asked about the surprise gift of warm beverage & delicious snacks, said, "I am happy to be working with the best director and the best staff." 


Choi Jin Ho plays the role of Lee Se Hoon, a high-ranking government official in the upcoming period drama, to be aired on tvN in July.


Photos: churrokingtruck


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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Mr Sunshine 미스터 션샤인 - Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Seok, Byun Yo Han and Kim Min Jung

March 7, 2018


Here's why Mr Sunshine could be Korea's first global TV hit
Unpacking a new trend in international television.




Over the past few years, Korean television has been going from strength to strength. While the stars and shows may not be household names in Britain, with a growing US following and fans across the globe, this summer any Korean drama fan's watercooler topic of discussion has already been decided: it's called Mr Sunshine. (Not to be confused with the short-lived 2011 Matthew Perry sitcom, by the way…)


Korean dramas or "Kdrama" is more popular than you might think. Behind Hollywood and Bollywood, Seoul has become in the last few years a major player in the field of entertainment. Thanks to PSY, Kpop is an international phenomenon and South Korea is now exporting television globally, too.


A brief catch-up for those new to Kdrama: director Lee Eung-bok and screenwriter Kim Eun-sook released Descendants of the Sun in 2016. It was a romantic series set in a modern-day conflict zone, made with a large $10.8 million budget and an international setting.



Song Joong-ki, Song Hye-kyo, Descendants of the Sun

©  KBS (Descendants of the Sun)


The show became a huge sensation and made instant stars of leads Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo. Such was the demand for the cast after the show aired that daily news stories appeared even in the foreign press about the pair's real-life relationship.


The difference between Korean and American drama is once the drama is done, it's done – the story is wrapped up, characters finish their arcs and the world moves on, no matter how much of a ratings winner it becomes.


Without further seasons to obsess over, the hot topic of discussion is the writer's next work – especially as Korean television is written by a single person, with no group efforts or creators taking a backseat after the pilot.



Goblin, tv series



After Descendants came Goblin. Set in the modern day, it was a sci-fi story about a supernatural being falling in love with an ordinary woman. With a shockingly high level of pre-release hype, Goblin too became a success and made leading man Gong Yoo (known to British audiences for the instant zombie classic Train to Busan – watch it free on Amazon Prime today) television's go-to star.


So that's where we are today: the writer-director team of Kim Eun-sook and Lee Eung-bok have got two huge hits under their belt, and now they've created Mr Sunshine, a series with the Hollywood-friendly Lee Byung-hun (GI Joe) as its star and – crucially for that breakout appeal – a strongly American theme.


The production has been kept under wraps, but we know it involves another love story, this time set during the 1871 Shinmiyango (US expedition to Korea). It's the story of a boy who travels to the United States during the Shinmiyango and returns to his homeland later as an American soldier. (It's a politically charged issue, as an armed conflict broke out between the two countries resulting in the death of hundreds.)




©  TVN


Anticipation for the series is high enough among international audiences that the teaser trailer has already been viewed more than 1 million times on social media with little to no promotion upon its release.

With its lavish, widescreen panoramas, tall ships, epic battles and even a Wild-West motif, the spectacular teaser suggests no expense has been spared.


For Korean television shows, the soundtrack is much more important than for western releases and with Mr Sunshine, the current hot topic is who will appear in the OST. With an average of five to eight separate single releases before the full soundtrack, there is a lot of money in Korean soundtracks and a high possibility that Kim Tae-yeon of Girls' Generation will be sought after to sing at least one featured song.






For those new to Kpop, this now-solo singer is one of the most successful Korean singers of all time. With 69 solo award nominations, 23 wins including for Best Song for a Drama and Outstanding Korean Drama OST plus 121 wins and 224 nominations as part of Girls' Generation, everyone loves Tae-yeon both at home and overseas, with her solo albums reaching number one in multiple countries.


Descendants of the Sun and Goblin are strangely unavailable on UK Netflix, but are available to stream free (with English subtitles) via VIKI.com and via the VIKI app (you can watch DOTS here and Goblin here). International distribution for Mr Sunshine is yet to be announced, but Netflix, we're looking at you...

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Little Forest soompi thread :)


March 12, 2018


“I want to find the balance within me, and enjoy my work”


by SONG Soon-jin / KoBiz




A film of KIM Tae-ri, by KIM Tae-ri, for KIM Tae-ri has been released. It’s Little Forest, a film by the director of Forever The Moment (2008) and The Whistleblower (2014), YIM Soon-rye. After starring in PARK Chan-wook’s The Handmaiden (2016) as Sook-hee, KIM Tae-ri entered the spotlight and quickly became a rising star in 2016. She followed up by giving another impressive performance after being cast as Yeon-hee in 1987: When the Day Comes (2017). In Little Forest, she plays Hye-won, a young woman in her 20s who has worries of her own. Hye-won is worn out by the fast, tiring and hungry city life. She decides to move back to the country house she used to live in with her mom when she was young, and spends four seasons there. While eating meals made from the crops she raised herself, Hye-won searches for her soul and gets the courage to live again. It’s a film that heals your soul. We met with KIM Tae-ri who continues to make a name for herself in the Korean film industry to talk about the film.


This is your first film as the lead character. How do you feel?

I was excited the moment I received the scenario. The film turned out even better than I imagined, so I’m satisfied. 

This film came out a little different from the original Japanese manga series. How did the character named Hye-won come to be?

When I met with the director for the first time, we talked for a very long time. She was more curious about what kind of person I was more than talking about the scenario. A few days after she asked me everything about my family affairs and personal details, she called and asked me to come on board. So, I received a script that had already been edited for the Korean audience from the beginning. Hye-won and I have a lot in common. We’re both independent, and we both want to be acknowledged. We also have a lot of pride. In the original, she is someone who closes herself off from others more than me, but I’m similar to her where she tries to resolve her worries, pains, and stresses alone. The area I focused on the most in order to depict Hye-won was in her relationship with her mom. I had to imagine and create a relationship that was omitted from the script. For example, when Hye-won finished her exam and found out her mom had left, she walked through a forest with an upset face. What was she thinking then? How was it like when she lived in the city? That’s what I was thinking about. At first, I thought she would have been very mad. Her mother did not come to her graduation or her first day of school. While she reflected on the days when she was alone in the crowd, I think she would have felt lonely. 

Hye-won continues to apply for the teacher certification exam. She works at a convenience store to make a living, and buy meals from food trucks to get by. This character speaks for a lot of youths in their 20s. 

Hye-won is actually in a unique situation. Her mother left her, but she still went back to her country home. This is something the audience might not relate to. I think that’s why her life in Seoul depicted something very relatable to the audience. By showing a very ordinary life of someone in their 20s, the audience can see themselves or their friends through her.

Did you find yourself getting comforted during the shooting process?

I think the biggest gift was being able to work with other actors at my age. We were always together, and we would just chat with each other on the bench every now and then. Those times really helped heal me.

Director YIM Soon-rye is an animal rights activist and a key female filmmaker. Would you say there is anything unique about her film set?

Director YIM Soon-rye’s rule is that “every living thing is precious”. She also emphasized that we must live together with nature. There are many animals and bugs in our film. There is a scene where Hye-won picks a caterpillar off of her friend. I had to throw the caterpillar from about 3 stories high. We had a blanket prepared on the ground. No one cared about my acting. All of the staff were looking for the caterpillar. Also, if a fly came onto the set, we didn’t catch them. Instead, we just waited for them to leave. While shooting the film, I adopted two abandoned cats. I think I was influenced by the director.

You were in The Handmaiden with PARK Chan-wook, 1987: When the Day Comes with JANG Joon-hwan, and Little Forest with YIM Soon-rye. You were lucky with your films and directors.

Until now, the directors I worked with had broad views of the world and were pure, regardless of their gender. I think I was so lucky, that it’s more like a miracle. Since I’m a new actress, I wanted to meet people who would lead me. I was just starting off during The Handmaiden, so I felt relieved that the script, continuity, film art, and everything else would be perfectly prepared by director PARK Chan-wook. With 1987: When the Day Comes, the continuity wasn’t very important. A lot of the scenes were determined on the spot by the director and the cinematographer. With YIM Soon-rye, I really felt like I was making a film. Some scenes like friends quarreling were made impromptu, and I did a lot of ad-libbing. At first, it was hard to do something on the spot, but it became fun towards the end. I think I’m learning a lot through different projects.

Since The Handmaiden, after portraying several adventurous characters, people also noticed what a strong person you are in real life. You have a lot of female fans. Have you noticed how popular you’ve become?

I know many people started to support me thanks to Sook-hee from The Handmaiden. I intend on keeping this in mind whenever I speak or choose my projects. I don’t want to disappoint my fans. However, I still think that I should find a balance within myself. Instead of making rash decisions, I try to think about things from different angles. 

The Handmaiden recently claimed the BAFTA for ‘Best Film Not in the English Language’. Are you considering using this opportunity to find your way into the international film scene or to star in a co-production?

I’m open to all possibilities. If the opportunity comes, I want to try it. However, I don’t have a burning ambition. I’m worried that I might not have enough ambition, but my hope is to enjoy my work without getting tired or stressed. 

You’ll star in a drama series called Mr. Sunshine.

We’re in the middle of shooting. It’s my first time, so I’m not sure if it’s going well. In movies, you must make your character as impactful as possible within 2 hours. That’s why you have to act very carefully for each scene. But, if I act so powerfully for every scene in a drama, I will get tired and so will the audience. I’m trying to be more relaxed when I perform.

Do you have any films lined up?

I recently watched an indie film called richard simmons on the Beach (2016) which was directed by JEONG Ga-young who also stars in it. I was shocked. I didn’t realize one could make such a simple piece that’s also entertaining. I hope more films like hers will be made. Little Forest also cannot be categorized as the main stream film. If such movies can perform well and make enough to recoup the investment, I will be able to make more diverse films too. I want to work with more female directors.

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April 3, 2018


Kim Tae Ri Explains How She Changed After “The Handmaiden”


Source: Soompi by K. Lew




Kim Tae Ri recently participated in a photo shoot for High Cut magazine, where she talked about her various works and her changing mindset as an actress.




The actress first talked about working on hit scriptwriter Kim Eun Sook’s upcoming drama “Mister Sunshine.” She shared, “The script is very easy to absorb. Just by reading the lines, it was easy to imagine how the actor would act out those parts. She writes very well.”


With Kim Eun Sook known for her famous lines, Kim Tae Ri was asked if there would be any in the upcoming drama. She laughed and replied, “There definitely are. But they’re spoilers so I can’t say anything.”





On her recent film “Little Forest” reaching a breakeven point, the actress commented, “I feel proud. For ‘The Handmaiden,’ I was too much of a rookie, and for ‘1987,’ I felt less pressure because there were many amazing seniors who also appeared. But for ‘Little Forest,’ I felt a bit more desperate. I especially felt the need to do well, so nowadays, I feel really good.”





Kim Tae Ri also shared that she feels more responsibility now than during her “The Handmaiden” days. She explained that she used to think she was quite young, but she is at an age now where she can’t think that way anymore.


She added, “Putting age aside, I’m being paid for working now, so I can’t be careless. I can’t keep using young age as an excuse. During ‘The Handmaiden,’ I trusted that the production staff would make a good film on their own, but I can’t think that way anymore. I feel much more responsible now.”


Source (1)

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April 5, 2018


Kim Tae-ri feels ‘more burdened’ after ‘The Handmaiden’



Actress Kim Tae-ri said she feels more responsibility in acting after starring in her breakout flick “The Handmaiden.”


“I thought I was young enough, but now at my age, I don’t think it is appropriate to think so. No I’m earning money from acting, and I can’t just live with a thought, ‘Things will be fine because I’m young,’” said Kim during an interview after a recent photo shoot with a local fashion magazine.


“In fact, when I starred in ‘The Handmaiden’ as a rookie, I had thought, ‘Well, the director will take care of everything because he picked me.’ But now my mind has changed. I feel more burdened,” she added.

The orange-tinged photos showed the actress posing in a dreamy and sensual atmosphere. One photo featured Kim holding a red rose with a blank look, while her natural makeup emphasized her natural image. 


Kim also shared that she has good feelings for “Mr. Sunshine,” an upcoming drama written by hit scriptwriter Kim Eun-sook. 


“I could easily absorb the script. I could easily image how the actress would act out just by reading the lines,” she said.



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  • Guest changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Mr Sunshine 미스터 션샤인 - Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Seok, Byun Yo Han and Kim Min Jung - Premiers in July

April 8, 2018


Upcoming tvN Drama “Mr. Sunshine” Releases Beautifully Cinematographic Teaser


Source: Soompi by K. Lew





Highly anticipated tvN drama “Mr. Sunshine” has released a stunning and impactful teaser.


Kim Tae Ri narrates, “Yesterday was far, and today is unfamiliar. Tomorrow is the feared upheaval. We all were, in our own ways, passing a changing Joseon.” Amidst her narration, shots from the drama as well as shots of the cast in their characters were revealed. Some of the shots of scenes show a battle, the loud click of a gun, the unsheathing of a sword, and the Korean and American flags, all a beautiful amalgamation of traditional Korea meeting the modern West.


Lee Byung Hun appears dressed completely in black, looking dashing in a black fedora. He stands out sharply from the white, snowy background as he walks on an icy landscape. He will be playing former slave and current U.S. marine officer Eugene Choi.




Kim Tae Ri appears in two shots, both wearing traditional Korean garb. In one, she peacefully reads from a book in the sunlight, and in another she gazes deeply into the camera. She will be playing a nobleman’s daughter, Go Ae Shin.




Yoo Yeon Seok glares intensely at the camera, with long hair tied back, with determination in his eyes. He will be playing Goo Dong Mae, the president of the Black Dragon Society.




Kim Min Jung is gorgeous in 19th-century Western clothes, wearing a red dress and a matching hat tilted at a fashionable angle. She has a confident, mature look and will be playing Hee Na, the head of Hotel Glory.




Byun Yo Han is also dressed in Western clothing, wearing a clean cut suit with a neatly trimmed beard as he smiles mysteriously. He will be playing Kim Hee Sung, Go Ae Shin’s fiancé.




“Mr. Sunshine” is set in 1871 during the real life events of the American invasion into Korea, and is about a man who was abandoned by his nation and returns to Korea as an American soldier. The drama is the third collaboration between writer Kim Eun Sook and director Lee Eung Bok, who also worked on “Goblin” and “Descendants of the Sun” together.


“Mr. Sunshine” will air its first episode in July.


Watch the full teaser below!

Source (1)



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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Upcoming Drama 2018] Mr Sunshine 미스터 션샤인 - Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Yoo Yeon Seok, Byun Yo Han and Kim Min Jung - Premiere in July
  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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