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Go Seung Ji

[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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On 7/17/2018 at 12:33 PM, zba72 said:

Hello everyone :)  can’t help

but to post something.  I am totally in love with this drama.  KES is really good at selecting the cast.   You can feel the tension and attraction between the OTP and the others are truly great in portraying their character.  Ending for this drama will probably be an open ending.  I just don’t want sad, depressing one.  Between the 3 gentlemen, I think DM will sacrifice himself for AS as he knows that he will never be able to get her. 

Happy to see you here, @zba72 B)

On 7/17/2018 at 1:24 AM, USAFarmgirl said:


When EC was approached and begged by that poor little boy so afraid for his sister and I seemed to wonder why the heck is he  taking so long in deciding to help and respond.  If anyone should have mercy on that poor boy or understand that fear he should. In just a blink of an eye I was reminded why I love this dramas writer so much.  For EC gave that little boy something much more valuable than a helping hand.  He gave him courage and the realization that some things no matter what you might face. Whether you win or lose are worth fighting for.  Watching that boy pick up that rock and hit that Japanese soldier on the head.  Was like watching a little boy on his way to becoming a man...


How does one kill  or face a giant?  Having the courage in believing that you can...

Well said again @USAFarmgirl I seem to be in lockstep to all your sentiments in this particular drama, which makes me happy.

23 hours ago, katakwasabi said:



Apparently there's a petition going on saying mr sunshine is distorting history :ph34r:

Yes, I was afraid of this. I think there will always be disagreements and arguments with this touchy subject matter. I am split also on many issues, while understanding most of the details of the arguments.

But as @USAFarmgirl hinted at in highlighting the boy's courage, I hope the drama will stay away from the heavy historical stories which can't be challenged in the macro, while focusing on the little people of all nationalities and backgrounds who didn't go along with the prevailing evil of the time, and fought back in their little ways.There have been many examples of this already, and I hope it'll be the focal point for those of us who want to look for some inspiration against a dreadful facts of the historical backdrop. :phew:

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While the historical backdrop of this drama interests me, it’s actually the stories of immigrants, self discovery and the fight for democracy that give the emotional pull to keep me watching.  Eugene, Ae Shin, Dong Mae, Hee Sung, Hina separately could not be any different as people yet collectively they represent voices of many backgrounds who make up the basis for a country that is undergoing changes.  Their fight for democracy, for a country that values its people, with a government that serves its people, I think is a universal theme that anyone can relate to.  So I am looking forward to seeing their inspirational and difficult stories unfold in the next weeks, with all its humanity even in the darkest places.  How they find themselves, where they belong, their sense of worth, loyalty, bravery... all that make up the human dramas which are arguably more memorable and grander than the visuals on screen.  

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 Its always a bit annoying when everyone is in love with the heroine on dramas.

But, here I can understand why all three of them  are in love with Ae Shin..

Looks like each of them found their own missing part inside her.


But, I still dont like that.

My heart always sinks for Dong Mae.

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1 hour ago, rubie said:

Published on July 15, 2018 by VEM


MR.SUNSHINE MV: Sad March by Elaine (OST Part 2)




The first time i heard the song I thought it was christina perri :D  very haunting tune but i love it.

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Such beautiful and sparkly scenes between Ae Shin and Yoo Jin.



I think that the girls should have kept the clothes they switched.

They both looked perfect. 

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7 hours ago, amone said:

^Isnt it something related to his parents grave? Another mystery. 


Finally going face to face with the Kim family must have brought a huge emotional turmoil to Eugene. He was just a small boy seeing his parents die and then growing up all alone, he had nothing but more struggles and hardship till he joined the Marines.


Hopefully he would find some closure to his childhood tragedy. I think he's man enough to think rationally and not kill the couple on the spot but if there were no indication of any grave site for his parents, that would be just too cruel for him. :tears:

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Cruelty of love began last week and still continuing....

Sorry Hee Sung deureunim.. But I am still looking forward for their bittersweet scenes. 


One of the best OTP scenes.. tension!



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NETFLIX RECAP (their highlights are jjang!!!!)


EP 1 

EP 2





EP 4




All from mrsunshinenetflix IG 

Edited by triplem
4th image ( pic , gif , IG , Twitter) onwards needs to go into spoiler. TQ
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Annyeong everyone


Ooohhh I like Mr Sunshine mostly because of Lee Byung Hun's mesmerizing charismatic acting. Although I like Mr Sunshine so far, but there's one thing I noticed...the pace is so slow. It reminded me of Taiwan dramas long ago...that one moment can drag o n for few minutes before the next action starts.


I do agree with some of our chingus here, the cinematography is ddaebak! The view is so lovely that I can't help but admire.


By the time the long lost fiance turned up with the bouquet, Ae Shin has already fallen for Eugene. Curious to see how the plot going to unfold..............

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37 minutes ago, rubie said:

Lady Ae Shin's fanclub update :lol:


Source: Chungmuro Crumb





I am betting on the crush for her forever (need to explain further? Best teamwork for 2018 so far), the admirer breaks my heart and it is a feeling I treasure (masochist forever lol ) and the fiance is for my happiness (I wanna see Hee Sung suffer, because he deserves for not respecting the arrangement for ten years lol. But I love the character if it would turn out that way and I also look forward on how he will break the shell of Ae Shin - aside from being with mysterious Eugene). How I decide on my ship right now for MS

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July 20, 2018


“MR. SUNSHINE”  Beginning of history - interview  (A translation)





LBH:  Looking from this angle, this is not attractive.


KTR:  Although it has to be said, it must be done like that.


YYS:   It is really not easy.


KMJ:   I don’t want to act too mean


BYH:  If I continue, I will reveal the drama, so stop!


Filming started in October 2017 and it did not stop for a moment.  The main actors of “Mr. Sunshine” disclosed everything about the drama


 “Mr. Sunshine” is


LBH:  The story started in 1871 with Shinmiyangyon and lasted through the   early 1900’s.


YYS:  “ Mr. Sunshine”  depicted dramatic changes in Korea.  Individual characters living in this upheaval and fighting their destinies gathered together.  This is their story.


BYH:  “Mr. Sunshine” is a loss of sovereignty.   In the chaotic era when Korea lost its sovereignty, people want to guard their most precious things.


KMJ:  “Mr. Sunshine”  is about unknown heroes.  Although there are no history records,  the story of unsung heroic soldiers cannot be forgotten.


KTR:  “Mr. Sunshine” is about powerful roles.  All these characters,  bringing  on strong drama,  gathered together to create very subtle effects and is very exciting.


LBH:  This 1900’s story is not a period that TV dramas and movies focused on.  If you look at the visual effects of this drama, you will find them very unique.  There are both Korean cultural relics and Western cultural relics.  Combined with Japanese and Chinese cultural relics,  this is new and visually refreshing.  I think this TV series has the charm to satisfy the audience’s curiosity.


BYH: I really look forward to it.  Clothes, suits, articles, etc.  Our background is also the background of Korea.  How the time of mutual adaptation combines these into the story of the drama.   Our Audience can look forward to what stories and emotions will be generated.


What is the atmosphere at the filming site?


KMJ:  All the actors in our drama are particularly powerful.  When we see Hee Sung; when they see Dong Mae; when they see Ae Shin; when we see Eugene; our coordination and reaction are different.  But it is very interesting.


BYH:  The shooting atmosphere at our site was very good.  With Lee Byung Hun sunbae as the center, I feel that all actors match each other and are in unison.


KTR: Whether it is Eugene, Hina, Hee Sung and Dong Mae,  the actors all fit their roles and they all complement each other.


YYS:  Although their positions are different, but minds of the three men have the same focus,  the plots are brilliant.


The most looked forward scene?


BYH:  All the scenes were results of the joint effort by the actors and staff so I really want to see them and I look forward to them.


KMJ: I am most looking forward to the scene of fencing in the drama, I hope the scene can be presented very elegantly.


YYS:  No matter what, as far as Dong Mae is concerned, the most important reason for returning to Korea is because of Ae Shin.  Therefore, I look forward to the scenes that I meet with Ae Shin.


KTR:  Like other TV dramas, everything is built up for the final ending,  I am most interested in the ending, hope to see it soon.


LBH:  As I have shot a lot of scenes,  and it’s possible that I may change the answer.  But for now, the first encounter with Ae Shin.


The reason is?

On July 7th, at 9 o'clock in the evening, come to tvN to confirm it yourself!


KTR:  For Ae Shin, “Mr. Sunshine”  is a drama about faith and growth. It is the story of struggle striding toward the latter lifetime.


BYH: A story about people who wish to protect their most beloved and precious things.   I think this is the charm of  “Mr. Sunshine.”


YYS:  While reading the script, or watching the trailer, you can feel that this is an exciting drama.


KMJ: The inner fire, the anger, and the pain because it is a story worth remembering.  So I hope you will remember it .  There is still a lot of pain in the heart because it is a story worth remembering.


LBH:  The background of this TV series is around 1900.  We will try our best to restore this era visually and emotionally to our audience. I hope everyone will look forward to this.


BYH:  July 7. 


KTR:  First broadcast


YYS  “Mr. Sunshine”


KMJ:  Please watch


LBH:  Please watch


BYH:  Must watch.



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