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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

Go Seung Ji

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Come Sunday night, I am going to spoil myself silly by finding out in advance if the ending is sad or not. Due to my high, and some might rightfully say, an irrational emotional investment in this fictional show, I don't think I can handle watching the finale, if it is tragic. Who else is in the same boat as I am?

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26 minutes ago, mistergenie said:

Come Sunday night, I am going to spoil myself silly in advance by finding out if the ending is sad or not. Due to my high, and some might say, an irrational emotional investment in this fictional show, I don't think I can handle watching the finale if it is tragic. Who else is in the same boat as I am?


I'm seriously not ready for BE.......!!

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I won't get to watch the entire ep 24 till Monday morning (if it's already available and not delayed) but Sunday night, I won't be able to control myself from watching the scenes posted on IG. The thing is.. still not really feeling that the drama is actually ending. :huh: This denial mode is not good.. at all. :sweatingbullets: Writing/speculating about it here is easy but it's going to be a big mess once reality hits. Will KES be responsible for it??


Great mentor, a loyal rebel, a gentle giant

Generous soul, a cool comrade, a beloved guard







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On 9/22/2018 at 2:17 AM, seabysea18 said:


What are your favorite Mr. Sunshine moments/scenes?  


My favorite are the hugs, AS’s hilarious “come here” at the US legation, fishing date, the bakery proposal and the train love confession scene.  I also love DM grabbing AS’s skirt in ep 4 (?) I know it was kind of wrong but that scene was breathtakingly beautiful with the rain drops, the music and the intensity from both actors. 


I have many favourite scenes but here are my  TOP 10 favourite scenes. It is not arranged by order of preference.


1) First boat “date” where Eugene is the ferryman for Ae Shin. This is when he first become interested in her and fell for her. 




2) Eugene bringing beer for Eun San and bidding him goodbye before going back to America. Eugene breaking down upon receiving acknowledgement from Eun San.




3) Ae Shin’s confession of her love to Eugene on the train.




4) Their second embrace in the apothecary after she told him that his place is with her when he shared his sadness that he did not belong anywhere.




5) Gunner Jang telling Ae Shin that he would no longer be her teacher or mentor and Ae Shin bowing in gratitude to Gunner Jang.





6) Domi teaching Hangul to Eugene and the moment it dawned on him what Ae Shin had written down to show him was “I missed you”. 





7) Ae Shin and Eugene walking side by side after she was discovered by Eugene when she returned the stolen rifle to the American Legation. This is when he first acknowledged his feelings for her through writing his letter to Joseph.





8) The meeting of Ae Shin with Eugene and their subsequent conversation where she apologised to him of not being sensitive to him and he acknowledged there are differences in their social status but reassured her that it is not her fault nor  is it his fault but they are just born in a world like that. He asked her to move forward and continue to protect the people who need her in Joseon while he will be taking a step back. 





9) The scenes from when Su-mi discovered someone in Eugene’s room to Hina giving the wrong key to Eugene to warn him of the intruder in his room to Eugene chasing after the intruder and firing at him after instructing Su-mi to move left.





10) The Royal Military Academy recruits saluting their instructor, Eugene after the last drill.





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22 hours ago, rubie said:


@mistymorning could you help with the content of this clip, about the events in 1907? Merci.




The listed events are, (Well, this time I'll provide wiki link for some, I know it's not a great source.. but yeah )


Ahn Changho -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahn_Changho

Jungmichiljuk -> 7 internal ministers who agreed to new treaty of Korea-Japan on July, 1907. This treaty includes disbanding of Joseon military, delegating judicial power, delegating police, delegating power to appoint gov. employees etc. The list of ministers includes Lee Wanyong, Song Byungjoon, Lee Byungmoo, Go Younghee, Jo Jungeung, Lee JaeGon, Lim Sunjoon. They were all recorded as pro-japan traitors afterward.

Abdication of Gojong - Gojong sent representatives secretly to Hague Peace Convention of 1907, and though they were blocked by Japanese delegates, they held interviews with newspapers. As of result of this, Gojong was forced to abdicate, in the drama threatened by the gun, in reality, by the sword.


These events were all what happened in episode 22. And event you saw in the episode - the suicide of Park Seungwhan who was the commander of 1st battalion and subsequent battle by 1st and 2nd battalions are real history. Because Japanese already cut weapon/armo and had much better fire power, the battle was lost but about half of the 2 battalions escaped and became RA. 




Another awards nomination news. This time it's the Seoul Awards hosted by Sports Seoul newspaper and sponsored by Ministry of Culture, Sports and Tourism of South Korea.


article from https://entertain.naver.com/read?oid=009&aid=0004225755




This is for both drama and movie.  Nominee list for Mr. Sunshine is, 


For the best drama actor : Lee Byunghun(Mr. Sunshine)

best drama supporting actor: Yoo Yeonsuk (Mr. Sunshine)

best drama new actress : Kim Taeri(Mr. Sunshine)


Not Mr. Sunshine but LBH related, 

Best movie : The Fortress

Best movie actor: Lee Byunghun( The Fortress, Keys to the heart )


This will be held on Oct. 27th, and SBS will broadcast this award between 6 PM to 8 PM local time.



Latest BTS translation.


Mae-Wha on the beach! Duel between HN/AS! Unreleased BTS II

scene: DM and HN on beach.

banner: End of shooting? Mae-Wha going to the sea

DM trying to dunk HN to the water.

HN: No( fast forwarded voice) (urgent) No! No! (urgent)

staff: There will be last shooting! for continuing scene!

DM/HN: question marks???

DM:What? Continuing scene?

HN:I thought there's no more scene?

DM/HN walking off from the sea

HN: It's been so long, on the beach, it was exciting, isn't it DM?

DM: Yes(obdiently)

Staff: Do you like mountain better or sea, DM?

DM: I like HN.

HN smilling proudly, both of them laughing.


Scene ( for duel between HN and AS)

Meeting with director before shooting

HN(giving ideas): sliding down on stair railings

AS laughing


scene(AS waiting, thick mask being too hot)

staff: if it's taking too long, let's wait without mask

AS(fan on her face): providing oxigen...

scene: AS doing actions

scene: excellent fencing skills from HN under mask

scene: HN and AS without mask

HN: How are we going to fly(?) later?

AS: with jump and scream like this?

HN and AS laughing.

scene: discussing scene where they aim their sword and gun.

HN's sword getting close to AS's face

AS: It's (***) scary, sis.

scene: DM sits on the beach, with rough look

banner: Please tune in last Mr. Sunshine episode. Last story will be....

DM: magnificent, splendid, and a gift from god. (This is trendy phrase from other show).

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Thanks so much @mistymorning for details of the events in 1907, can't imagine the distressing situation back then. Also for the Seoul Awards news, this isn't.. the Seoul Drama Awards, right. Looks like October should be renamed as Awards instead. Sorry, lame joke.. :lol: but really appreciate the info about MR.SUNSHINE and LBH's nomination. Wishing our drama every success at every awards. LOL.. saying this will probably annoy some people but is it wrong to say so when we all have so much appreciation for MR.SUNSHINE. What is annoying though.. is stating that ABC (insert actor's name) don't deserve to win just because who he is. ;)


Source: OSEN




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Preview stills for Episode 23 released.


There is going to be another Ae Shin fan club reunion gathering. :wub: Isn’t this more positive than all the doom and gloom vibes that we have been getting? I am so looking forward to this scene. But where are the ladies?


Credit: @taeri_yeosin IG




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“Mr Sunshine” Interview ~ Yoo Yeon Seok



Q: Please tell us the reason why you chose Mr Sunshine and your first impression after reading the script.

YYS:  The script was not ready when I was cast.  After reading the introduction of the character, I understood the character I was going to play was Gu Dong Mae.  There is only one woman in his heart.  Because this is a character similar to what I played before, I thought I could express the character well.  Also, it would be fun working with writer Kim Eun Seok and Director Lee Eung Bok, I looked forward to it.  When I first read the script, I found it very interesting.  On top of it, while I was analyzing the character Dong Dong Mae, I was worrying a lot on how to portray his charm.


Q: After going through all these worries, what have you decided to portray Gu Dong Mae’s charm?

YYS:  In Dong Mae’s thinking, his home country had already abandoned him.  Having lived as a butcher’s son had broken his heart and he left Chosun, however there is only one person whom he cannot forget and this person is a female who treats him as a human.  Because of this single reason, he returned to Chosun.  He looks cold-blooded but he has the passion of pure love, the character of Dong Mae has these two aspects.  He doesn’t care if the whole world is against him except only one woman Go Ae Shin, I think this is his charm.  He is a person who doesn’t care when he is going to die.  I was very worried on how to portray his actions and gaze.  His aspect of passion towards Ae Shin is similar to the project I played before.  Also, in order to portray Gu Dong Mae’s way of life, visually I wanted to give him a distinctive look.


Q: I think his visual looks distinctive by wearing kimino and carrying Japanese sword.  What are your thoughts about the costumes and makeup?

YYS:  I have to glue facial hair on my face every time.  Because it was my first time wearing kimono, I found it very interesting. Actually, it was not easy at all wearing geta (traditional Japanese footwear) and carrying Japanese sword to act out scenes.  When I first wore Dong Mae’s costume, I didn’t get used to it and I found it not suitable however now I am so used to it to the extent that I found it uncomfortable not wearing it.


Q:  Did you have any reference materials to act out the scenes wearing kimono and what did you watch?

YYS:  I searched and found lots of footages and movies in relation to samurai in youtube, I watched movies like “Blade of Immortal” “Zatoichi” and etc.  I took those as reference mainly because I had to wear kimono to act out the samurai action scenes.




Q:  In the drama, there are many scenes that you have to speak Japanese lines.  How did you cope?

YYS:  Before filming had started, I have been studying Japanese individually. I couldn't remember the lines well if I used hangul to remember the Japanese lines as I thought it was hard to speak naturally, so I used hiragana and wrote down its meaning to remember the lines.  To prepare for filming, I practised the lines, did recording and listened to my recording numerous times.  This was how I remembered the Japanese lines.  Even on set, someone would check my intonation.


Q:  Since you made so much effort in speaking the Japanese lines, are they any lines that impressed you most?

YYS:  “Let’s go”. Because Dong Mae said it many times.


Q:  Please tell us any memorable scenes and episodes

YYS:   The memorable scene would be the beach scene that both Hina and I were in.  That scene itself was greatand as the filming was in its climax, being able to go to the beach with staff sharing hardship and joy during the filming was more impressive than anything.


Q:  In drama, you spoke Japanese to your ronin subordinates and they were also following you around.  What did you guys talk on set?

YYS:  We indeed have so many scenes.   Because we played the scenes together, we got along well with one another. I got along well particularly with Yoon Ju Man and Kim Ri Woo.  Before filming, we normally practiced our Japanese lines together.


Q: The scenes in which Dong Mae, Eugene and Hui Seong met in the Japanese bar were like touch-and-go, comical and yet impressive.  Would that be ad-libs?  The dialogues of the trio were important scenes, were those scenes elaborately arranged in advance?

YYS:  In one of the Japanese bar scenes, Eugene bought Dongmae snibbles for drinks, Dongmae just took it as a chance and ordered a large serve of sashimi but Eugene immediately changed the order to a small serve.  Also in another scene that because Hui Seong left the bar without paying, both Eugene and Dong Mae were trying to read each other’s mind to see who was going to pay, at the end Dong Mae stood up from his seat first and left.  These are the scenes not originally written in the script.  Also, these ad-libs were not discussed among three of us before filming, we just naturally made them up and played ad-libs while we were filming.   We had so much fun filming that.  We are also satisfied as audiences did enjoy those ad-lib scenes.


Q:  Other than the scenes in the Japanese bar, there are other comical scenes but basically this drama has many serious scenes.  What was the atmosphere on set?

YYS:  Other than the bar scenes I just mentioned, we had so many ad-libs, filming was fun on set, we always had endless laughter there.   Because we got along so well, we always spent great time when we met.  Basically as I had to maintain the profound feelings of the character Dong Mae, I had to do so many preparations with Japanese lines and Japanese sword in one single scene.  Therefore, I always filmed in midst of nervousness while doing preparations for the scenes.




Q:  Please tell us your impression of co-stars Lee Byung Hun, Byun Yo Han, Kim Tae Ri and Kim Min Jung 

YYS:    Because Lee Byung Hun is a senior actor, I was really very nervous in the beginning.  I thought it would be hard to approach him but he is really cheerful and friendly, he approached me first.  He is a mood maker on set, really an interesting person.   Kim Tae Ri is very bright and she brings positive energy.   Because I was a fan of Kim Min Jung when I was a child, I am very honoured having acted with her and I am really pleased.  Byun Yo Han has a mischievous image but actually he is bright and very serious, he is a thoughtful and considerate actor.  When we met, we updated what we were up to and we also discussed worries about the characters.


Q:  Other than the main cast, many veteran actors played supporting roles in this drama.  By playing with them, did you get any influence? 

YYS:  As I just said, atmosphere on set was really good.  Especially I have been respecting actor Kim Eui Sung since long time ago.  This time, we played many scenes together in this drama and because we met so often on set, I learnt a lot from him this time and I got influenced by him.


Q:  Around Gu Dong Mae, there are female characters of Kim Tae Ri who played Ae Shin and Kim Min Jung who played Kudo Hina, which one of these characters did catch your eye more? 

YYS:  Since Go Ae Shin is a very important person particularly in Dong Mae’s life, in Dong Mae’s thinking, it would definitely be Ae Shin because Ae Shin’s actions and words could influence him.   He placed himself in danger and he couldn’t avoid it as Ae Shin was moving forward (t/n: her involvement with the Righteous Army).   Rather than concerning Ae Shin’s moving forward, he was more concerned the importance of Ae Shin’s life.  To overcome this, he pushed himself forward with strength and courage to protect her in his own unique way.




Q:  Turbulent times are depicted as the background in this drama, we saw appearance of various characters from the king and to the characters in reality.  Other than Gu Dong Mae, if there were another character you could play, which character would attract you most?

YYS:  All the characters in this drama are attractive, I really want to play them all.  If I have to choose one, I would choose Kudo Hina.  You don’t know what she knows and what she doesn’t know.  The charm of her character is like a mystery of the veil.  It looks like she got everything but actually she has a deep wound in her heart, her character is very attractive.  Her confident appearance coupling with wisdom really makes her look so cool.


Q:  There are many action and sword fight scenes.  What was the hardest part in filming these scenes?

YYS:  The hardest part is to do everything in one scene.  Overall, there are too many scenes that I had to simultaneously digest well with saying Japanese lines and sword fighting while delivering my emotions in one scene.  I found it really hard.


Q:  You were busy filming but did you watch the broadcast on TV?  As an audience, please tell us any memorable scenes.

YYS:  Because broadcast had started while we were still filming, I couldn’t watch live broadcast of the drama but I always watched the drama online afterwards.  It is hard to select which scene is the most impressive because there are just too many great scenes.



Source: Kstyle

Date:  28 Sep 2018


The rest of the interview is about his travel, his hobby, his monthly fan project since March this year and his upcoming fan meeting in Japan.  Since this is a drama thread, I will skip the translation regarding these topics.


Note:   The source of the interview is published in Japanese, above English translation  possibly has slight differences in meaning from its original interview published in Korean. Please excuse my bad English.



This is my second post here.  Only two more episodes left.  I can’t wait to see its ending.  I really enjoy watching this drama and thank you writer nim for writing such a great story showcasing these 5 unique characters who have their own individual charms, especially both female characters are so headstrong and brave, symbol of Korean women in new generation more than 100 years ago.   Needless to say, watching the scenes of the trio in Japanese Bar was real fun.  Just saw @charray posted stills of the bar scene on previous page. Will find out if the trio can still show us some more fun in their reunion after going through three years of hardship.

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Hint from Netflix? What tissue? What security blanket? :bawling:


Picture of Eushin couple and Maehwa couple taking selfie posted by LBH on his IG. Fans of both ships are happy now........:D :D


This child actor appearing in tonight’s episode. Not sure what is his role. Saw his picture with other child actors at the wrap up party. 



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Looks like the photo posted by Lee Byung Hun showing the 4 of them wearing the clothes at the end of ep 22 (and onward), probably the selfie taken before filming the blown-up scene.


No matter what, into the flame we will go. Hope there will be some good scenes to gif in ep 23-24.




Not sure if this is confirmed, read on twitter that tonight's episode will be more than 1 hour (about 1hr 45min?) Anyone knows this for certain?

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2 hours ago, rubie said:

Looks like the photo posted by Lee Byung Hun showing the 4 of them wearing the clothes at the end of ep 22 (and onward), probably the selfie taken before filming the blown-up scene.


No matter what, into the flame we will go. Hope there will be some good scenes to gif in ep 23-24.


Not sure if this is confirmed, read on twitter that tonight's episode will be more than 1 hour (about 1hr 45min?) Anyone knows this for certain?


1hr 45 min? O_O :scream:


Edit: Looking at the instagram spoilers and reading the recap at dramamilk, am I the only one who is finding this episode a bit underwhelming? Don't get me wrong,


the notable deaths( and supposed major death) that happen

are extremely sad but this doesn't feel like the penultimate episode of a drama.

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:bawling: Fans are cursing KES now.. big spoiler... don't read.. 



Defenseless Mr. Haengrang and Ms. Haman killed by a firing squad in the middle of the road. Is that Japanese interpreter the big rat!?? :angry: He took the 'wanted pics' of the RA to someone..


Bigger spoiler... the finale.. preview






It doesn't appear that there's a longer broadcast tonight.. and our worst fears.. are coming true.. :bawling:

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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