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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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2 hours ago, mistymorning said:

Main difference is color of cover/box (Eugene ver is dark blue, Aeshin ver is pink???) and , and for pre-order customers they give posters(60cm x 45cm) Eugene version poster has three men, Aeshin version is Eugene-Aeshin doing eye identification. Nothing else seems to be different.


Other site is also selling, this one is selling for US(Item is for set )



FYI, Here is the track list for 2CD. I believe these are identical in 2 versions.


01. The Day all winds stop (The Day Overture)

02. Park HyoShin - The Day Original Ver.

03. Elaine - Sad March

04. Kim YoonAh - Days WIthout Tears

05. Kim Suhyun - Sori(Sound)

06. Melomance - Good day

07. Savina and drones - My Home (Eugene's Song)

08. Ha Hyunsang - Become The Wind

09. Park HyoShin - The Day Original Ver.(Inst.)

10. Park Won - Stranger 

11. O3ohn - Shine Your Star (Prod. by ZICO)

12. Nu'est W - AND I

13. Paek Ji-Young - See You Again ( Feat. Richard Yongjae O'Neill)

14. Shin Seunghun - Like a beautiful flame

15. Sejung(Gugudan) - Paramour

16. Ben - If you were me

17. Hwang Chi-Yeul - How can I forget

18. Jung Jaeil - Far away dream



01. Richard Youngjae O'Neill - Mr. Sunshine (Title)

02. Greensleeves (Musicbox Drama Ver. )

03. Eugene's step( Eugene's narration )

04. Sad ending

05. Wild flower

06. I choose it. ( Aeshin's narration)

07. Like a flame

08. Aeshin and Hamandaek

09. Something bad (Huisung's narration)

10.  Days without tears (Piano Ver. ) (Feat. Kim Huisung)

11. Walking side-by-side

12. Black bird

13. One more step

14. Age of romance

15. Glory

16. What is "Love"

17. Enemy of the world (Dongmae's narration)

18. Sad waltz (Dongmae's theme)

19. Choose to bite. (Hina's narration)

20. Waiting (Hina's theme)

21. Death Of Mother

22. Ghost Ship

23. Sniper

24. Battle

25. Tumultuous Joseon

26. Elaine - Rise Again ( Feat. Will Bug )


* Some of the titles are translated, instead of official english title(Too lazy to find all of them, sorry)


Never felt like visiting Drama location site, but oh well, I love to go there and check out room 304, bakery and apothecary.... 

Do I think in correct way, that CD1 is with ost (songs with singing voice) and CD2 ist with score (instrumental music in the background, from opening etc)?

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In regards to my last post/ warning, I've received some PMs requesting for clarifications.  I'm going to reply here so that everything will be clear for everybody and fan fights won't reproduce again.

This weeks episodes were great with both the action and story and have been my favourite yet.   There was one scene which really hit me and it was the ending scene when AS and EC hugged. The

Ahh, lovebirds must thank Hina for the privacy. Her spider sense is wrong again when it comes to Ae Shin/Eugene      Credit: Netflix   This part was so good.  The c

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52 minutes ago, jomary4 said:

Do I think in correct way, that CD1 is with ost (songs with singing voice) and CD2 ist with score (instrumental music in the background, from opening etc)?

Yes, I believe so(unless noted Inst. in CD1 ). CD2 seems to have the instrumental musics and narrations. I am sure they'll release something like standard version of OSTs later, considering current one is limited to 10K copies. They're currently weekly top Ballade best sellers in yes 24 and weekly top ost best seller in aladin.


Also, Seo Yujeong(actress of Hongpa) appeared in entertainment show "Happy Together 3 ", episode 555. She talked about her experience shooting Mr. Sunshine. esp. with Lee Byung-Hun.

(Photo from http://www.kyeongin.com/main/view.php?key=20180921000018439)



Park MyungSoo asked "how is it to act with LBH" to SYJ. She said, "I was very very surprised". "Usually while acting, it's not easy to stare at person's eyes speaking to him/her, but if you watch acting in Hollywood, they are staring at each other, thru out their acting." 

"Maybe because of LBH sunbaenim's Hollywood movies, he seems to focus his eyes on you while acting, drawing you into his eyes, really a master's work."





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18 hours ago, rubie said:

Hi and welcome to MR.SUNSHINE. That is correct, unfortunately. The final 2 episodes will not be aired this weekend. Episode 23 will be aired on the 29th while the finale will be on the 30th. 

one more week...let's hope we will have a good and happy end for EC and AS...

thanks @rubie

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@mistergenie what can we do but to LOLed it .. the previews have never been 100% true so far. th_blahblah.gif If they make it true this time.. then.. there will more than just Glory Hotel going up in smokes.. so, better watch out tvN th_bomb.gif and Netflix th_chair.gif and KES th_stretcher.gif


Our three lovable guys by Ruro, this time they're Eugene's fanboys :P


And guess what.. Kyle himself saw the caricature and re-posted on his (David McInnis) IG. How cool is that! :lol:


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15 minutes ago, andy78 said:

i hope we will have ep 23 preview...i want a otp moment/scene at least....


I feel you. We are all desperate.


How we have been reduced to this? Leave alone the full episode, we are left hoping for at least breadcrumbs in the preview.  We all would like to see many EC/AS scenes in E23 (like the ones  in E21) but with the way things have been going, I have become so pessimistic that I am already expecting the reunion and the aftermath to be underwhelming.


Slightly off topic: I was wondering about the picture they took in Tokyo. The only way I see it being referenced again, is in the future with someone looking at it - either with sadness (EC or AS) or love (as in their child).

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20 minutes ago, andy78 said:

i hope we will have ep 23 preview...i want a otp moment/scene at least....


Same here.. I feel the same way too, it's incomplete right.. without a preview or something. :unsure:And it's already Friday when tomorrow is Saturday.. when we would be watching the finale. But nope.. it's another week of waiting. :sweatingbullets: Although they've shown that preview for the special program.. it's just too grim.. give us something to hope for! th_please.gif

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Finally! Something to soothe our heartache of waiting.. sweet 3 syrupy doses of EuShin behind-the-scenes. :lol: LOL.. the actual drama scenes were all so sad and heartbreaking for us to watch but the leads were laughing their hearts out during the preparation. :P LBH have always been funny and goofy behind-the-scenes, always trying to lighten up the mood. Usually he's filming movies (that took less time) but for a 24-episode drama like MR.SUNSHINE, they've all grown closer and more comfortable with everyone.


Photos: APAN Star Awards 2018


Hope to see Lee Byung Hun, Kim Tae Ri, Kim Min Jung et. al at the ceremony in October.



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The same making video posted by TVN on their IG. 


Lee Byung Hun doing voice narration for commercial. When watching Mr Sunshine, I fell in love with his voice and can recognise his voice now. :wub:  But who is the female voice doing the narration with him? 



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3 hours ago, mistergenie said:

Slightly off topic: I was wondering about the picture they took in Tokyo. The only way I see it being referenced again, is in the future with someone looking at it - either with sadness (EC or AS) or love (as in their child).


Considering the old-fashioned way of photographs were taken, it'll definitely take awhile to develop the photos. Eugene might leave a forwarding address in the US or if he has none.. sent to the American Legation in Tokyo c/o Major Kyle Moore or the shop might forward it to Hee Sung instead since his address is in their records. Realistically, neither Eugene nor Ae Shin will have the photo in those 3 years. But EC went to see Kyle after he got out of jail, presumably still stationed in Tokyo.. so, he might have visited the shop again.


I'm thinking that this time around, it's AS who will be angry at EC for leaving her 3 years without a word.. not even an alphabet.. whether he's ok or otherwise. Communication would obviously be difficult since the RA hiding in the mountains but she probably expected a little hint from him, not knowing that he's been in jail. When EC 'hated' AS, he ended up embracing her so tightly. Then he 'resented' her, he decided to propose instead. So.. if AS is 'furious' at EC.. she might point the rifle at him first (as she did once) and.. then .. we connect the dots.. :P


@charray If we click on the original post of the clip, it has KTR tagged there. I think she's the one providing the narration with LBH, in her natural tone. Actresses tend to sound differently when they lower the tone of their voice for the roles they're playing. I've seen/heard of a few of the actresses doing this and it work wonders for their overall performance.


September 21, 2018


Charismatic quartet brings binge-worthy ‘Mr. Sunshine’ to life

By: Rito P. Asilo - Entertainment Editor Philippine Daily Inquirer


There’s more to the popular South Korean historical drama series “Mr. Sunshine” than its controversial depiction of period romance, arranged marriages, political opportunism and activism in the face of colonial rule.


The show, which is telecast on the Korean network tvN and streamed on Netflix, is so polarizing that it reportedly generated its highest and lowest ratings this month.


Set during the American diplomatic expedition in the late 19th century that quickly turned into a deadly armed conflict called the Shinmiyangyo, the series tells the fictional tale of a young servant, Eugene Choi, who becomes an officer (Lee Byung-hun) of the US Marine Corps.


On his trip back to Seoul (which was called Hanseong then), Eugene unexpectedly falls in love with an aristocrat’s headstrong daughter, Ko Ae-shin (Kim Tae-ri), who’s betrothed to a man of her parents’ choosing, Kim Hee-sung (Byun Yo-han).
Another controversial character in the series is Goo Dong-mae (the charismatic Yoo Yeon-seok), a sword-wielding peasant who’s forced to live a fate dictated by the abuses he and his family had endured at the hands of power-hungry soldiers. Recently, “Mr. Sunshine” had to “modify” his character after it was accused of romanticizing Dong-mae’s pro-Japanese stance.


Just as compelling are the attractive actors portraying those fascinating characters: Korean superstar Lee Byung-hun, whose filmography includes “Bungee Jumping of Their Own,” “G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra,” “Red 2,” “Terminator Genisys” and “The Magnificent Seven,” was the first South Korean actor to present an award at the Oscars.
Kim Tae-ri has won a lot of awards for her debut performance in Park Chan-wook’s “The Handmaiden,” with “Along with the God’s” Ha Jung-woo.


Yo-han and Yeon-seok’s bodies of work are also nothing to scoff at. Consider: Yo-han is as famous for his award-winning portrayals (“Socialphobia,” “Six Flying Dragons”) as he is for his forays into musical theater (“Hedwig and the Angry Inch”).


Like Yo-han, Yeon-seok also played Hedwig in a later iteration of the gender-bending rock musical, acted in “The Good Person of Szechwan,” and starred in award-winning rom-coms (“Warm and Cozy,” “Mood of the Day,” “Dr. Romantic”).


Inquirer Entertainment is treating “Mr. Sunshine’s” avid followers to this Q&A featuring Byung-hun, Tae-ri, Yo-han and Yeon-seok:


Lee Byung-hun as Eugene Choi in “Mr. Sunshine”


What were the challenges of portraying a character like Eugene Choi?  

Most of the time, I have to play a character who finds himself in a situation that I’ve never experienced, so I immerse myself in the role and focus on his situation when reading the script. My performance is the result of constant practice and hard work.


What was it like working with Kim Tae-ri?  

She possesses such a wide spectrum of emotions that I hardly even notice that she’s very early into her acting career. I feel that the confidence and vulnerability of Ae-shin can also be seen in Tae-ri as an individual.


Kim Tae-ri as Ko Ae-shin —Photos courtesy of Netflix


Are you as headstrong and independent as Ko Ae-shin?

Yes, very much so. But if there’s a difference between us... I honestly wouldn’t have the courage to pick the path that Ae-shin chose if I was born to such a prestigious family in her time. I’m much more afraid of suffering.


What do you think of arranged marriages, which becomes a crucial game-changer for Ae-shin’s character?

The concept just doesn’t make sense to me, especially in this day and age. So, I just relied on my imagination to portray her feelings about that.
What were your first impressions of Lee Byung-hun, Yoo Yeon-seok and Byun Yo-han?

Great. My first impression of Byung-hun was that he was quiet, but as I got to know him better, it turned out I was wrong. He’s actually quite playful.

My first impression of Yeon-suk turned out to be true, which is that he is very sociable and positive.

I couldn’t really read what Yo-han was like, and he still is a bit of a mystery to me. I think it’s part of his charm that he’s not easily figured out.


What adjustments did you make from appearing in films to acting in a TV series?

Is it harder or easier?  I couldn’t really make the connection between the particular scene I was shooting and the overall story. It was difficult to act without understanding the full story.


So, it took quite a while for me to get into the rhythm of the bigger story. Both areas have their own challenges.


Byun Yo-han as Kim Hee-sung


How similar are you to your character Kim Hee-sung? If you met him, would you get along with him?  

Hee-sung makes a lot of sacrifices under the circumstances he’s in. I feel like he has a bigger heart and is more generous in a lot of aspects than I am. He is kindhearted, so I would definitely get along with him.

What sets “Mr. Sunshine” apart from your other TV/film projects?  

I don’t worry too much about the differences in the projects that I’m involved in. I believe that each work has its own unique quality, so I try to respect that when I act.


If you weren’t an actor, what would you be doing now?  

Being an actor is the only thing I’ve ever wanted since I was very young, so I can’t think of anything else.


You played the title role in the stage musical “Hedwig and the Angry Inch” in 2016. What kind of fulfillment do you get out of theater that you don’t get from acting on TV or in films?  The biggest difference would be that you’re not allowed retakes onstage. Also, theater lets you interact directly with the audience, which I find very exciting.


For your fans, what kind of girls do you like?

Someone who is devoted to me.


Yoo Yeon-seok as Goo Dong-mae


You turn in an intense performance as Goo Dong-mae. Are you as intense in real life?  

I do have some serious and intense aspects that are quite similar to Dong-mae. But, overall, it’s not easy for me to compare myself to Dong-mae.


How different is Yeon-seok now in 2018 compared to the Yeon-seok in “Oldboy” in 2003?

It’s already been 15 years since “Old Boy.” I’m sure there are many things about me that have changed. But one thing I constantly remind myself is my commitment to acting.
Which do you enjoy doing more of—drama or romantic comedies?

I don’t have a preference for a particular genre. I tend to choose a role based on the overall scenario and the character itself.


How different is performing onstage from acting on TV or in films?

There are a lot of differences between acting in front of the camera and onstage. When you’re shooting something that is recorded on camera, once the shoot is over, you can never redo it.


On the other hand, when you’re doing a play or musical, you can actually monitor the audience’s response and constantly improve and diversify your acting. It’s a great opportunity for training for an actor.


If you met Dong-mae in person, do you think you’ll get along with him?

I don’t think I would be able to, because Dong-mae would get along only with people who are associated with Lady Ae-shin!


What type of women do you find attractive?

I like a woman with a great smile.

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I smiled a bit firstly when DM and EC met.

Eventhough its been 3 years, its like they continued a

conversation they started that morning.


And then it looked like Dong Mae was without his sword.

I wouldnt be able to handle that.

But the sword is still with him.


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@rubie  Thanks, so it is Kim Tae Ri’s voice. She is very eloquent and clear in the narration so maybe that is why it is different from how she sounds in Mr Sunshine.


Speculating on the next episode -  I don’t think Ae Shin has the capability to point her rifle at Eugene this time as the preview (if we are to believe it) shows that she is injured and in pain. 

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BTS translation https://tv.naver.com/v/4105770/list/256798 , if you can't access naver, please try BTS in this link.

scene (where EC showing 1 bullet left in his gun to AS) 

EC: We just need to use this one bullet well.

AS: What a great lover.


scene( EC escaping with AS)

EC: Let's go

stepping out and EC surprised by misstep? Trying one more time


scene( LBH and KTR jumping before the shoot to act real, they're holding hands )

Staff: Get to spot

LBH: Me? (holding KTR's hand)

Other staff: No, no...



KTR: Did I lean against the wall? (asking to LBH)

LBH: Yes

KTR: Oh, I didn't know. I'm sorry. ( Go Aeshin / Currently in trance )

LBH: You were acting while in trance.

KTR: Yes ( eagerly )

LBH saying wow... and KTR hitting him with her hat.


Scene where they're still jumping

KTR jumping.. and LBH starts jumping vigorously. (Banner saying chemistry explosion!)

LBH suddenly stops.. saying : my pants snapped.

KTR: Really?

LBH: My pants.. button.

KTR still jumping and saying "Ting~~" 

Scene where KTR and LBH stopping under the arch.


Scene in the cell? in US legation

(EC and AS spending a night till morning)

LBH wore slipper. KTR holding script?

Staff: (to LBH) Maybe your legs are too wide open?

LBH: I can get wider. (showing)

KTR: Just about right width. 


KTR pretending to snore then waking up with smile

LBH was looking down with emotion but with KTR waking up that way, LBH also perks up.

LBH: I was sleeping too

KTR and LBH laughing


LBH saying his lines : Because I need to go back to US.. (with emotion)

KTR pouting.


LBH asking to staff: Am I to look at ring on my hand or Aeshin's hand? 

staff: Sunbaenim(LBH) 's hand please

LBH looking at his ring with feminine gesture(?), KTR doing the same


KTR sleeping, leaning on LBH

Take 1: KTR's stomach rumbling 3 times

PD : cut ok

KTR: My stomach is saying lines.

LBH: it feels like I'm talking with 5 persons. Let's do it one more time

Take 2: LBH's stomach rumbling 1 time ( Banner: This time Eugene, can rumbling have chemistry? )

LBH: My stomach answered you.

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7 hours ago, kansas424 said:

Dayum, here we are breaking our hearts with those scenes and yet they were having fun making it :tears:

New fanmade MV of EuShin. That's how i get through this weekend without Mr. Sunshine, by spamming these fanmade MV. 



Me too. Another week of anxiously waiting. I need to stop rewatching my favorite scenes. 


What are your favorite Mr. Sunshine moments/scenes?  


My favorite are the hugs, AS’s hilarious “come here” at the US legation, fishing date, the bakery proposal and the train love confession scene.  I also love DM grabbing AS’s skirt in ep 4 (?) I know it was kind of wrong but that scene was breathtakingly beautiful with the rain drops, the music and the intensity from both actors. 

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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