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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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is there a 2 week wait for the last 2 episodes??? Netflix in US hasn't posted the 23 &24 yet.... OMG. I think i will need the 2 weeks to recover from this weekend's episodes! 


I was totally heartbroken when DM fell into the water and really thought he was a goner! So happy that he back. I got a little whiplash from the time jump. I would have preferred if they took a two minute montage to show some time lapse with EC in prison, his journey to NYC and AS living rough and going on missions, etc. Cried again when Gunner Jung finally fulfilled his destiny as a rebel and the comparison with the 1871 incident. Brilliant! 


I'm not sure I like the 'new' EC with his new calm attitude about all that's happened to him. He seems so broken and what is with the sloppy clothes? I get it in the scenes when he sees the RA Columbia student, he is fresh out of prison but the casual clothes and hair when he meets with Kyle seem out of character or too hard a push to show he inner changes...glad to see he perked up a bit for Kyle. 



However, the episode was jammed with actions and turning points and did not disappoint on the whole. Loved seeing HK shooting at the Japanese and visiting DM house and buying it. I think its a perfect set-up for a romantic coming together for those two (Out with Hiratu and in with HK!!) ...and if EC doesn't lay a huge wet kiss on AS when he sees her I give up!! 

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In regards to my last post/ warning, I've received some PMs requesting for clarifications.  I'm going to reply here so that everything will be clear for everybody and fan fights won't reproduce again.

This weeks episodes were great with both the action and story and have been my favourite yet.   There was one scene which really hit me and it was the ending scene when AS and EC hugged. The

Ahh, lovebirds must thank Hina for the privacy. Her spider sense is wrong again when it comes to Ae Shin/Eugene      Credit: Netflix   This part was so good.  The c

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Brilliant theory about the blow struck by the Boss against DM. I did think it was odd that a master samurai would not cut DM’s throat. Now do you have any ideas who saved DM from the sea? Did he save himself or did he have help like the potter’s apprentice or AS’s father’s friend/mom’s cousin? I also loved your insight into DM’s reaction to the potter’s apprentice and how the woman in his life want him to live. The forum is wonderful way to learn from others and see the same drama from different perspectives.  

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September 15, 2018


Mr. Sunshine: Korean Drama for Global Audiences


by Elias KrugerSuperPosition

Romance, action, drama and political intrigue: there is something for everybody here.


One of the gifts of the Netflix era is the wide access to global entertainment content. You can literally follow a show made in any country from anywhere. While there are some licensing restrictions, I am amazed how I can converse with my parents, who now reside in Brazil, about shows we can share even living in different countries.


Recently, I started watching some East Asian shows which prompted the algorithm to fill my Netflix list with similar recommendations. That is the gift of AI uncovering entertainment options you would have never discovered otherwise. That’s how I stumbled upon Mr. Sunshine. After reviewing the preview and accepting my reliance on subtitles (just like non-English speakers must do all over the world for Anglo content), I decided to watch it. I had watched historical Korean drama years ago and greatly enjoyed it. This one seemed to hold promise.


The drama centers around the unlikely romance between a noble woman and a slave in the beginning of the 20th century as Korea is courted by multiple colonizing foreign powers. The twist is that slave had fled Korea as a child and now return as a member of the US Marine corp. Within this plotline, the drama explores well the ambiguities of social class, nationality and race. The noble lady is no princess as she secretly trains as a sharp-shooter for the Korean resistance. The slave turned into foreign soldier becomes the Korean-American that no one knows what to do with. He is too Korean to be American but too American to be Korean.

Aside from a compelling plotline, the story is enhanced by breathtaking cinematography and captivating scores. The dialogues are short but charged with emotion. There is so much being expressed through the actors’ eyes and facial expressions that words are only an accessory to the meaning being conveyed. With that said, the drama contains a sizeable amount of action scenes that rivals if not outperforms most Hollywood blockbusters. Romance, action, drama and political intrigue: there is something for Western and Asian audiences here. For Americans, especially, it will be interesting to get a perspective from the outside – the good and the bad. While America enables a Korean slave to transcend its class, it is also one of the countries seeking to colonize Korea at that time.


That is why I believe this show will be the watershed that projects K-drama into the global stage. As Netflix and other platform showcases global entertainment options, the more they gain audiences beyond their country of production. Mr. Sunshine is an example of this trend, and possibly the first of many K-dramas to get international recognition.



in 2 weeks' time.. 

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@2b2k Maybe you're referring to my post, but I'm not sure... :) I haven't finished watching episode 22 yet (I'm forced to take a break), so when I wrote the theory about DM's boss not killing him, I didn't know yet if he had survived or not. From reading other posts I saw that he did. (I'm happy!). Not sure how he survived, but his boss probably thought he stood a chance against the ocean since he overcame not just his men, but him too, to some extent. If the cut of the blade wasn't too deep, I'm guessing that he regained consciousness while underwater, and swam to the shore. His boss showed him mercy by not asking his men to stick around to make sure he had died in the waters.

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New high.^^ Intense Episode 22.


AGB Nielsen Ratings:


Episode 1   7/7/18       8.852%

Episode 2   7/8/18       9.691%

Episode 3   7/14/18    10.082%

Episode 4   7/15/18    10.567%

Episode 5   7/21/18    10.835%

Episode 6   7/22/18     11.713%

Episode 7  7/28/18      11.114%

Episode 8  7/29/18      12.330%

Episode 9  8/3/18        11.695%

Episode 10  8/4/18      13.534%

Episode 11  8/11/18    12.792%

Episode 12  8/12/18    13.399%

Episode 13  8/18/18    13.327%

Episode 14  8/19/18    15.626%

Episode 15  8/25/18     12.893%

Episode 16  8/26/18   15.023%

Episode 17  9/1/18        7.694% *

Episode 18  9/2/18     14.722%

Episode 19  9/8/18      14.114%

Episode 20  9/9/18      16.500%

Episode 21 9/15/18     14.280%

Episode 22 9/16/18     16.588%




Park Jung Min appeared in episode 22 as Ahn Jung-geun who will later assassinate Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi three years later in 1910.



Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.02.33





Not sure if these have been posted.  BTS.


Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.05.04


Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.04.41Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.04.48Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.04.56Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.05.17Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.05.28Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.05.34Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.05.40Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.05.46Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.06.23Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.05.23



Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.03.46Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.21.12


Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.03.54Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.16.53Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.04.07Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.04.14Screenshot 2018-09-16 16.04.23Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.20.11Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.20.19Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.20.34Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.20.43Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.20.49Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.21.06Screenshot 2018-09-14 12.21.19


Credit:  tVN

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Park Jung Min's cameo in MR. SUNSHINE (ep.22) ~




EC introduces himself as Choi Yu Jin and not Eugene Choi. He probably had a 3-year in-depth analysis on his true identity. 


It's probably at this point when Ahn Chang Ho (PJM) said that he's one of the RA, that EC realized what he wanted to do all along. This encounter in America probably showed him ways to help Joseon. 

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Don't know if it's been mentioned here - in ep 21 during Dong Mae & Hina scene on the beach, there is a beautiful new (I think?) OST, and a few tweets say it's by Ben (I think so too). For me as a fan of Hwang Chi Yeul I am hoping the new OST will be the final OST and not as sad  a song as HCY's, as this would mean (a) HCY's song will be the next OST released (b) the ending won't be entirely tragic.

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Park Jung Min appeared in episode 22 as Ahn Jung-geun who will later assassinate Prime Minister Ito Hirobumi three years later in 1910.


Park Jung Min's character is Ahn Changho. He was a Korean independence activist and one of the early leaders of the Korean-American immigrant community in the United States. He is also referred to as his pen name Dosan (도산; 島山 [tosʰan]). He established the Shinminhoe (New Korea Society) when he returned to Korea from the US in 1907. It was the most important organization to fight the Japanese occupation of Korea. He established the Young Korean Academy (흥사단; 興士團) in San Francisco in 1913 and was a key member in the founding of the Provisional Government of the Republic of Korea in Shanghai in 1919. 
More in https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ahn_Changho

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Some more real history:


The young military academy student Yi Jun Young (actor Jang Dong Yoon) seems like Kim Jwa-jin in real history, an military leader & educator.


His character name Yi Jun Young is another real person, who was a student of royal military academy and was killed at Nam Dae Mun Battle (in ep.22), on the day the Korean army was dismissed.


More about Namdaemun Battle (1.Aug.1907)


More about Yi Jun Young, a righteous army soldier. (from official website of Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs)


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"Mr. Sunshine" Lee Seung-joon Pressured to Take His Own Life




On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Mr. Sunshine", Lee Wan-yong and Song Byung-joon pressured Gojong (Lee Seung-joon) to kill himself.


Lee Wan-jong scolded Gojong for sending a secret convoy to Hague and Song Byung-joon told him to take responsibility for it.

Lee Wan-yong even had him at gun point and Gojong said he'd abdicate the throne, but not give them the country.


Meanwhile, Goo Dong-mae (Yoo Yeon-seok) saved Go Ae-sin (Kim Tae-ri) from danger and fell into the sea after being stabbed by the leader of his gang.


Eugene Choi (Lee Byun-hun) heard about the atrocities committed by Japan in Korea from Ahn Chang-ho (Park Jung-min).



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@saturn  thanks for the correction, I was wrong.


I am wondering if Hee-Sung is fictionalized for some historical newspaperman.  He received the camera gift from Eugene to record history.


There was a question earlier about Ae-Shin’s US identity.  Marrying Eugene doesn’t automatically give her citizenship.  Eugene has to file petition for a visa (which was the forged document) so she can enter US as a permanent resident.  She would have to wait and apply for citizenship a few years later.


Regarding the treason part, he shot the American Japan consulate window.  As a military man, shooting your own government building violates all kinds of codes, including the possibility of declaring war against your own country (treason).  He did give reasons for his actions which at the time, something he knew and depended on being arrested to save both of them.  

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A great sacrifice by the business-minded HN for Joseon.. it's like the center point of MR.SUNSHINE, farewell GLORY HOTEL you've served many so well and now becomes the perfect point of retaliation.


It may have been blown up but we can build one of our own.. ^_^


Clip: OXFORD Block

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@bedifferent thank you for the explanation. Still, I think the wife of an American (put aside the forged document) should be protected even without the visa that she would get later.  As a wife I think she was entitled to some rights  anyway, and she was in clear danger. I recall Kyle said something I did not hear clearly about these people (the head of consulate and maybe the judge) when he met again Eugene. What did he say?

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Oh my!!! I almost fell off my chair and thought this day would never come! HS got a marriage proposal?! The girl is so bold, I'm dying of laughter! This is great! :lol:


Edited to add: and she's offering him a flower that will never wilt. I just forgave the writer right now for all the heartbreaks she gave me! :w00t:



"This flower will never wilt."

aka "My love for you will never falter." 


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