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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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51 minutes ago, burningpotato said:

I don't know. I think that moment between them by the globe foreshadowed a journey. She said that America is 2-and-a-half handspans away, so it would take a long time to go there and come back. He said it was only one-and-a-half handspans for him, so he could travel more quickly. I think she won't go, but he will, but then he'll quickly return. 


I also thought the same. That there is a possibility that Eugene will return to America and return to Joseon again. The only thing is how long is it before he returns and where is Ae Shin in all this? Looks like the last OST to be released is the one below by Hwang Chi Yeul. It had been played twice and both times, it was at a loved one’s funeral. I am dreading the next time this is played. But it is a beautiful song.



37 minutes ago, burningpotato said:

That would explain why Netflix isn't showing that there are two more episodes at the end. I'm annoyed- the 22nd is my birthday! Guess I'll just have to spend that time rewatching previous episodes...


Aigoo, you should just go out and celebrate your birthday that day.


But who am I to say, I think I am worse since I have been staying home and avoided going out on Sat and Sun ever since Mr Sunshine started airing.


3 hours ago, seabysea18 said:


I am curious what other dramas do you watch in addition to Mr. Sunshine?  I started 100 day prince but so far it has not really charmed me yet.  I need to distract myself with something else after this week, otherwise I will keep thinking about what-ifs and sad ending. 


I am only watching Mr Sunshine and nothing else. Being busy in real life and also kinda lost interest in watching dramas these days, I don’t watch much nowadays. Mr Sunshine is special and had caught my interest ever since Kim Eun Seok talked about it last year. 

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In regards to my last post/ warning, I've received some PMs requesting for clarifications.  I'm going to reply here so that everything will be clear for everybody and fan fights won't reproduce again.

This weeks episodes were great with both the action and story and have been my favourite yet.   There was one scene which really hit me and it was the ending scene when AS and EC hugged. The

Ahh, lovebirds must thank Hina for the privacy. Her spider sense is wrong again when it comes to Ae Shin/Eugene      Credit: Netflix   This part was so good.  The c

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2 minutes ago, charray said:

I also thought the same. That there is a possibility that Eugene will return to America and return to Joseon again. The only thing is how long is it before he returns and where is Ae Shin in all this? Looks like the last OST to be released is the one below by Hwang Chi Yeul. It had been played twice and both times, it was at a loved one’s funeral. I am dreading the next time this is played.


Hi sorry to cut your post.  HCY fans are worried too, that his OST has been played during "sending offs" for beautiful souls. Hopefully the next time the song is played, it will be for a scene depicting separation, rather than death.


This clip has Chinese subs for the lyrics:



In the comments section of the video you linked to, a commenter posted Korean lyrics:


누군가 물었소 무얼 그리 찾는지 황량한 이 들판에 찾는이라도 있소 그댄 본 적 있소 세상이 다 밝아진 어떤이의 웃음을 나는 본 적 있소 그 누군가의 마음도 어느 누구의 눈물도 모두 씻어내 줄 아름다운 미소를 알고있소 어찌 그댈 잊으오 어찌 그대를 잊소 매일같이 불어오는 바람마다 당신의 이름이 들려오는데 어찌 잊으오 아아 어찌 잊으오 숨을 쉬는 모든 순간에
Using papago translator :
Someone asked.
What are you looking for?
I'm looking for something in this desolate field.

I've seen him.
I've seen someone smile.

I can't imagine how anyone's mind
No one's tears
I know a beautiful smile to wash all of them off.

How can I forget you?
How can I forget you?
with every wind blowing
I can hear your name.
How can I forget
Oh, I can't forget.
at every breath
I call your name everyday
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@burningpotato @charray  When I said going to America ain't going to happen I meant it for Ae Shin. I do agree with both of you that there's a very high probability of Eugene going back to America after this Japan mission.Heck, I am not even sure he will accompany AS to Shanghai - have a feeling they will part ways in Japan. The time period covering this drama is up to 1905 and it is currently Feb/March 1904 in the drama - so another separation, another time jump is a definite possibility.



Thanks for those pics. Does this confrontation happen immediately after Ae Shin leaves? Maybe. But it could also be part of another unrelated scene much later on in the episode.


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Translation: DDOBOJA

[Mr. Sunshine Roundup] Episode 19 



Original Source (Herald POP via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Kim Tae Ri saves Byun Yo Han's life


Nationwide rating for episode 19: 14.114% (cr. Nielsen Korea)


1. [+6576, -64] Today's episode was really daebak, it feels like I came out from watching a really fun movie
↪ [+339, -9] Was it fun for you? My heart was falling apart

2. [+6491, -64] I now know why writer Kim Eun Sook wrote a historical drama. The wrongdoings of the Rising Sun flag that you keep seeing in the drama. She's trying to let it be known by exporting [the drama] to a lot of countries. Today's episode was really hurtful, sad, painful, infuriating, and even more emotions.. It's really frustrating and tears are coming out. (t/n: With the sentence "The wrongdoings of the Rising Sun flag", the commenter is talking about Japan and their wrongdoings)

3. [+3405, -51] Why is no one talking about Seo Yoo Jung dying.. it's so sad ㅠㅠ

4. [+3031, -31] I feel like they did even worse than that.. Even with the comfort women.. This is why I don't want to get close to Japan.. 

5. [+2550, -36] No but did Haman-daek really die? ㅜㅜㅜㅡㅜㅜㅜㅜㅜ I really want to rip apart Lee Wan Ik and the Japanese guy who freaking sucks at Korean ㅜㅜ




Original Source (news1 via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Death after death…Kim Tae Ri needs to live


1. [+1112, -18] I cried while seeing Haman-daek standing up to them while holding a rock but collapsing with one shot of a bullet because that's the image of our grass roots during that era. There was a time where they didn't put Korea-Japan issues in dramas because they thought it wouldn't be exported.. I feel like there isn't a greater history book than this.. Writer Kim Eun Sook is amazing. 

2. [+259, -10] Haman-daek don't die ㅠㅠㅠ

3. [+187, -4] This is a fun drama that really, really makes you cry, it's sad that this was the reality of our country's past but currently, it's true that the drama is fun ㅠㅠ Daehan Minguk hwaiting, our country hwaiting~~~

4. [+177, -9] Whether it's distorted or not, you have to see it as a big flow

5. [+111, -6] Haman-daek certainly lives. I hope ㅜㅜ 

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3 hours ago, rubie said:

Takashi in Eugene's room? Still looking for the music box or the owner(s) of the music box? Obviously, he's pretty obsessed with both. <_< But it may be that he sensed AS was there?


Now i can say that my theory is right T.Mori had a man crush on E.C, :D, he looks like a neglected lover confronting his ex :D

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Translation: DDOBOJA

[Mr. Sunshine Roundup] Episode 20




Original Source (OSEN via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' Kim Tae Ri kills Kim Eui Sung and starts revenge..Tells Lee Byung Hun, "Let's go to America"


Nationwide rating for episode 20: 16.500% (cr. Nielsen Korea)


1. [+14581, -124] If you got mad at the Lee Wan Ik character while watching the drama and knew about the motives for the actions of Ye Wan Yong, a notorious traitor who really sold off Joseon and got money from Japan - we need to be aware of the fact that his descendants Lee Jang Moo (the past president of Seoul National University, the current chairman of the board of trustees at KAIST), Lee Gun Moo (the past director of the Cultural Heritage Administration) are still eating and living well in the land of Korea. This is a country where the descendants of chinilpas eat and live well while the descendants of the Righteous Army die in a foreign country without a name (t/n: chinilpa(s) are basically Korean people who sold their country. While other Koreans were suffering because of being colonized by Japan, chinilpas and their families lived perfectly fine and most still do - most of them are still wealthy)

2. [+4279, -75] Among the villains these days, Mori Takashi's ability to richard simmons me off is the best... I wish he meets the most cruel ending 

3. [+2873, -76] You all gave yourself trouble while watching it live. Now go rest. I'm telling you because I think you might've forgotten but tomorrow is Monday. I'm sorry for bringing up these sad words. 

4. [+1985, -56] I was thinking that the father from Japan was going to help Dong Mae but.. he was a bastard ㅜㅜ



Original Source (Sports Chosun via Naver): 'Mr. Sunshine' 70 minutes flies by...Lee Byung Hun x Kim Tae Ri becomes more risky


1. [+1651, -42] This is a drama I hope many people will watch..

2. [+906,- 7] The death of elder Go Sa Hong really hurt my heart. Because he's so good at acting, tears kept falling. As expected, you can't fool years of experience. I would like to thank all the effort he put into acting.~~

3. [+689, -1] The words: "You can reclaim what's been taken from you but there's no going back when you give something away", keeps on running through my head~

4. [+522, -14] The fact that this drama's ratings are lower than 'Mom's Diary - My Ugly Duckling' ㅜㅜ This is really a must-watch drama... 

5. [+479, -19] This is forreal a masterpiece drama!! A drama that comes out once every 10 years!!! 

6. [+141, -2] The acupuncture grandpa who pretended not to see Kim Tae Ri... The nurse who let them know about the back road... They're allies 

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Captures: OSEN



The scene of AS and EC in the train coach that we saw so many times in the preview. It's really a beautiful scene as she put the ring on his finger. Simply beautiful. :wub: :tears: :wub:

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I have been taking a sneak peek at the instagram spoilers and some of the scenes are already making me cry. Such amazing scenes of love but shrouded in pain and heartbreak. Ugh!! My heart is going to go through a full range of upheavals when I watch later with subs.


Edit: Dear Show, you yourself take a look at this freaking amazing emotional scene between Dong Mae and Hina and ponder on why you wasted so much of Dong Mae's screen time on his AS obsession when it could have easily gone into developing DM/KN more.


Edit 2: This episode is a testament to how any show can be elevated from good to great just by having the main leads interact more and get into situations together.

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Episode 22 Preview (clip: goblin_mrsunshine)


Big Spoiler Alert!










Not sure what happened.. everything went so fast. Some honeymoon that was for Mr. & Mrs. Choi. 


Contrary to what's been discussed before, EC never wanted to abandon/lose his military/consul position but there're consequences to his actions with AS. Will they find out that he killed TM?


One thing seems sure.. Eugene became like his father-in-law..


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hope he doesn't end up like his father in law.


Back to the extended 30 sec promo,


In the longer promo, we see one set of scenes in the beginning where Dong Mae is battling some yakuza - obviously he is trying to save Ae Shin and in the latter part of the promo we see Ae Shin, with a gun in her hands, hiding from the yakuza men behind a counter/desk of sorts and someone in Western clothes jumps over that counter - could that be Eugene? W

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 @mistymorning , can you please let us know the synopsis for E22?  Thanks in advance.



I was watching the preview again and I noticed that Eugene does end up going back to America. Look closely at the end of the trailer when he is walking in civilian clothes beside a train - 'A350 Manhattan' is inscribed at the front of the train engine. So, another separation for EC and AS (dang it!!) and quite possibly another time jump by the time Eugene comes back to Joseon (IMHO, anywhere between 3 months to 1 yr) (double dang it!!!). I am saying 1 yr because Ito Hirobami arrived in 1905 to sign the treaty (and he is shown arriving in Joseon in the preview).


The scene of AS getting attacked by a bunch of men was not in E21. Grr!! And to think I had been fretting all week to see that scene - Anyways, someone here rightly said that the scene where AS is getting attacked is in a bar. Kudos to their sharp eyes.


We can safely say that AS is hiding behind the bar counter. But who is the person, dressed in Western clothes jumping over that counter? I previously thought it could be Eugene or Dong Mae and this scene was happening in Japan but now I am leaning towards that person being HS and this scene happening in Joseon itself.


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7 hours ago, rubie said:


The scene of AS and EC in the train coach that we saw so many times in the preview. It's really a beautiful scene as she put the ring on his finger. Simply beautiful. :wub: :tears: :wub:


@rubie I really love that scene too.  It was done beautifully. I noticed EC let out a sigh of relief like he's been waiting a thousand years to hear her confession.  AS was trying very hard to suppress her emotion.  She's always loved him but she is torn between the love for her motherland and the man of her life. I wish she can follow what she told gunner Jang "there must be a way to help Joseon outside of Joseon."

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Based on preview for Ep22, it appears DM will lose his life because of best intentions of HK & Hotaru and promise DM made to protect AS. HK informed DM of Hotaru’s telegram to Japan to protect him from a potential traitor. Hotaru sent telegram to protect DM from his Boss. DM will travel to Japan to protect AE as he promised. So it appears DM will die because 2 women who thought they were protecting him actually put into motion events that appear to lead to his death. How so very sad that DM’s life could end protecting AS who he loves but whom never would have loved him back while his perfect match with HK will never get a chance to be. DM is such a complex character. Yes, he killed without remorse but he also deeply cared and protected those he cared about liked Hotaru, HK, his men, AS’s grandfather, EC and always AS without asking anything in return. 

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AS considered him a traitor to a country who treated him less than an animal and lead to the death of his parents. His only chance to survive was to sell his only skill with knives to the only people who could accept him in a foreign land. It’s much easier to be loyal to a society when you were born into the highest class than it is when that same country took everything from you including your parents almost your life and never would see you more than a butcher. Are you really a traitor if your home country treats wanted to kill you because your mother killed a commoner who raped her? Are you  really a traitor when all you wanted to do to survive in order to return to see the girl you love and the only way to survive was to become a thug? Are you really a traitor when you save a freedom fighter who then shoots you, you are almost beaten to death to protect a grandfather and his family, you protect a known RA (AS) which results in your Boss and your adopted country to turn against you? In the end, I hope AS realizes DM was never a traitor to her or the others he cared for. Isn’t more noble to be loyal to people in your life than a country whose class system lead to you becoming an orphan. 

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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