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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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I would be grateful if someone here can get  an HD screenshot of Kudo Hina's cream colored dress from E20 and post it here. The one which was wearing when she came across Wan Ik's body being carried in the cart and then has that subsequent conversation with LJM about her mother. My God! she looked gorgeous in that dress - the best one out of all those fabulous ones she has worn so far.



People who want a strong female character should also rejoice. It is good that AS did not lose track of her priorities.


THIS^^^. Yes, there is a sense of immense sadness and heartbreak but then again it is quite great to see the writer being consistent with AS' character. I don't deny that I am  among those fans having their own futile/wishful hopes for AS to have a happy future with Eugene but I also cannot overlook the amazing character integrity of Ae Shin when it comes to her principles - words spoken by characters are not meaningless and empty - her desire to be a flame is not simply empty talk but is accompanied by action.

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tvN Presents Mr. Sunshine 미스터 션샤인     Director Lee Eung Bok (Goblin, Descendants of the Sun, Secret Love, Dream High)   Writer Kim Eun Sook (Goblin,

Ahh, lovebirds must thank Hina for the privacy. Her spider sense is wrong again when it comes to Ae Shin/Eugene      Credit: Netflix   This part was so good.  The c

This weeks episodes were great with both the action and story and have been my favourite yet.   There was one scene which really hit me and it was the ending scene when AS and EC hugged. The

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1 hour ago, mistergenie said:

I would be grateful if someone here can get  an HD screenshot of Kudo Hina's cream colored dress from E20 and post it here. The one which was wearing when she came across Wan Ik's body being carried in the cart and then has that subsequent conversation with LJM about her mother. My God! she looked gorgeous in that dress - the best one out of all those fabulous ones she has worn so far.



Screenshot 2018-09-09 18.15.26Screenshot 2018-09-09 18.15.50


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33 minutes ago, mistergenie said:

@kansas424 Thank you for the link. That is a brilliant edit incorporating the latest scenes.

you're welcome. This fanmade mv joint all the previous EuShin scenes and it gives off so much feel about their earlier encounters....how fate has been tying them up together and their latest hurdles.

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I apologize  in advance for pissing on your guys' parade. :D


I lost interest in this drama somewhere in the middle. I don't really get why Eugene and Aesin got attracted romantically , I don't get why they wanted to seperate in the middle and I don't get why they want to get together in carpe diem style after. I don't get the tsundere Dong Mae ( why did they make a big deal about haircut because it has no important consequenses what so ever at the end ).  


I thought Dong Mae and Eugene were going to be very interesting characters at the first episodes because of their origins and were torn between nationalities/ identites (remember the ending of episode 3 and 5 ! What a great promise.)  but no, to my disappointment one become a tsundere Aesinfanboy and other become a full Joseon  Aesin fanboy. ( I did'nt see Eugene do a single stuff for US ). Only Hee Sung and also (to some point) Hina lived up to my expectations.


Speaking about disappointment, it broke my heart to say this but I was disappointed by Kim Tae Ri's performance.

The Handmaiden's my favourite movie and I started watching because of her. Even though I have a great pleasant chance to see her twice a week through a TV screen, I thought she was not very good in it. Her range of acting and palette of emotions are quite limited. I think she as a super sniper/fighter/ flying resistance was not credible at all even in the norms of kdrama. For example, I believe Kim Go Eun as a 20 year old high school girl (who , even though irritating many times as a damsel in distress, showed a wide range of acting/emotional palette and moved me many times ) more than KTR as a super fighter/sniper. I picked Goblin because that's another KES drama with another rising actress as female lead even though these 2 drama have 2 completely different universe so not very comparable. Yeah i see they make an independent, modern, strong woman (like in secret garden) fighter and these are very good intentions but the final result appears to me like a hard headed annoying Mary Sue. 


Maybe she just started acting recently so her shoulders are not big enough to carry a big role (even though she was extraordinary in Handmaiden and very good in Little forest, Moon Young) or in acting she was not directed as good as in Handmaiden (Park Chan Wook's not a mere somebody)  I still think she'll be a A list actress star one day. 


I thoght Goblin has, even though it's a wondeeful drama very long episodes filled with boring and unnecessay filler moments and thought It would be an exceptionel drama if the episodes are 20 minutes shorter with 2-3 less episodes. And boy, was I unpleasantly surprised to find that in this drama, it's goblin times 2 (more filler, more episodes). I  still watch  the drama because of an exceptionel production value ( 40 million bucks !! ) and superb mise en scene (Lee Eun Bok what a genius even though I think he abused the "characters starring each other with watery eyes for a very long moment with an OST behind" a little too much) and beause of Wan Ik,a very twisted and interesting character ( but not fully exploited in my opinon after  how he ended at the end) we love to hate.  I swear I was about to drop this drama and boom !  Takashi Mori arrives ! What an entry ! Talking about an agent of choas ! That's exactly what's missing in this drama; a great mean vilian, even more menacing presence that Wan ik (for example, if Wan Ik was Loki, Mori would be Thanos). Without him, I would have dropped this drama with their uncomprehensible on/off between the main couple. Hope they don't kill him off too soon.


I think the japanese portrayal, unfortunately like 99% of kdrama/movies, very caricatural. Everyone is mean, blood thirsty beast and not nuanced. I thought it would be more like in melville's army of shadows or Rogue one and it's more telenovela/ soap opera than Melville. A very high budgeted soap opera. I thought I'll something like James Clavell's Shogun or etc. but I guess I was wrong. I forgot I was watching a kdrama. Guess I overestimated KES. (I fogot she made Heirs and DOTS). I think she the JJ Abrams of Drama. Always high concept ideas, great popular success commercially and critic backlash some period after the good intial reception.



All that just to say that I was sad because I expected alot in this drama and I was disappointed. Sorry !




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5 hours ago, mistergenie said:

THIS^^^. Yes, there is a sense of immense sadness and heartbreak but then again it is quite great to see the writer being consistent with AS' character. I don't deny that I am  among those fans having their own futile/wishful hopes for AS to have a happy future with Eugene but I also cannot overlook the amazing character integrity of Ae Shin when it comes to her principles - words spoken by characters are not meaningless and empty - her desire to be a flame is not simply empty talk but is accompanied by action.

I'm also a fan who wants the two together. I also prefer things to get there in a natural way, not only because of fan-service.

The actions of the characters make sense for now and I'm very happy with that. It would not make sense for AS to throw away her training as a sniper just to be together with a man.  And it does not make sense for EC to happily accept to do Lord Go's bidding or to help AS's in her dangerous fight: he did not sign for this when he accepted to come to Joseon. As a soldier and strategist, he sees the fight as pointless, probably he is kind of opposed to this civilian rebellion--it is not as well organized and ordered as an army. As a lover, he worries because she takes up more and more dangerous missions--taking her away will be the best for him, but not for her.

It is interesting that in the last episodes we mostly hear his own thoughts, but it is not clear that we should be so depressed about his remarks. He was and still is a reluctant hero, so it is normal for him to be pessimistic about what's happening. 


Because of this, I do not worry yet. Now the issue seems to me to be who will manage to change the other's point of view. Or maybe they will reach a compromise: one seems to be too much emotion, and the other one too much intellect. By not entrusting the protection of AS to Eugene, Lord Go made it clear that they need to find a way to live with their choices. 


There is also another aspect: even if this drama has a sad ending (which I do not think it will have), as long as it remains well written, we can always recommend it to other people and the discussion about it will continue.


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8 hours ago, ces8 said:


The heroes and heroines in this drama are often talking about sad ending BUT I am betting my two cents that there is always sunshine after the rain.

Historically South Korea and USA are very close allies...they even called it, "The relationship forged in blood..."  I think this line says it all for the upcoming and final episodes...



This part of Joseon history is underlined with feelings of disappointment and betrayal from the Taft-Katsura Agreement in which US agreed not to interfere with Japan’s handling of the Korean Empire.  I don’t think the writer can turn on the sunshine this easily despite that we are in dramaland.  Doing it may not be respectful to the memories and invite criticisms. :(


Episode 20 ends with minister Hayashi forcing a Korean cabinet member to sign the Japan-Korean treaty of 1905 giving Japan complete control of Korea’s foreign affairs and placed the ports under its control.  In RL, five ministers signed with KIng Gojong dissented. The King will send three secret emissaries to the Hague Peace convention to protest.  In this drama, they could be palace guards in training Joon Young and his friends.


I don’t feel good about the trajectory of Ae Shin/Eugene’s relationship but I will hold back my thoughts for now.  Ae Shin’s is driven by a bigger agenda at this point.  We are at the verge of war; personal feelings, love are all casualties.  Eugene’s a realist and a strategist so he understands why it’s important to stay alive to fight another day.  It’s painful for me to see Ae Shin sacrificed her feelings for the country, no less tragic than the unspoken love between Sanggu and Hong-Pa.  

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7 hours ago, philosophie said:

Have we had a kiss scene yet? Will we have one??


I have been asking that since E13. I don't think it will happen. The story line and the fast pace of the drama is so good that it really doesn't need a kissing scene to make it worth waiting for. Of course, the Goddess of love might spring some scenes into this drama before it ends (not after it ends). :lol:

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Okay, just saw 19 and 20, read the last seven pages of comments, and I HAVE THINGS TO SAY.


I've been waiting for Eugene to offer to help Ae-Shin by making her the wife of an American citizen. It seemed like she was asking (or about to ask) him for this very thing. My prediction: they'll get married for real (legally, no big ceremony), which they'll both keep saying is for the cause, even though they really are not at all unhappy to be married to one another. They'll get married in Japan, though, since she's an unofficially wanted woman in Joseon.

On Eugene going back to his homeland: at some point in the next four episodes, he's going to declare that he's already in his homeland. (He has a mountain, after all!)


I *still* don't fully understand the hair-cutting thing. Was there some significance that was supposed to come out later, or was this yet another time when everyone was telling everyone else what to do, exacting promises, taking actions to protect one another, and then all plans changed when everyone just decided they were going to do whatever they wanted, anyway? 


Poor Gunner Jang!


Did anyone else notice that the paper Kyle handed Eugene said "State of Washington" on it? What? Why? What would Washington state have to do with a Marine officer's transfer orders? Oh, did they confuse the state of Washington with Washington, D.C.? Loads of weird little (and big) inaccuracies regarding the US in this thing, but that one... I mean... why?


What's going on with Dong-Mae and Hotaru in the preview? 


I want to know Yoojo's back story, too.


Is this going to be another one of those dramas where the main couple are separate for a year during the last episode, and are still as much in love as ever when they get back together? I mean, they were already separated for 6 months, right? Can we skip all that this time?


Possible ending: Eugene and Ae-shin's deaths mirror her parents' deaths in Japan. Their child is smuggled away and raised by Hui-Seung and and Hina.


Mori with that child in the preview.  Is Eugene going to find out that Mori had a family he didn't know about and then feel bad about killing him?





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I fully understand that AS is committed to fight for her country. Asking EC to bring her to America is just a step to make it happen. EC doesn't show any reluctance to help AS on her cause. He loves her and he is just following the request of AS Grandpa to keep her safe from harm. EC will surely help AS and he will also make himself useful to the cause of the Righteous Army. The preview of E21 seems to be action packed and hopefully up to E24.


I really admire the writer and director of this drama for bringing us a drama that could put ourselves on the edge of our seat. :sweatingbullets: :thumbsup:

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September 9, 2018


"Mr. Sunshine" Kim Min-jung Helps Kim Tae-ri Commit Murder


Source: STARNEWS via HanCinema.net




On the latest episode of the tvN drama "Mr. Sunshine", Kudo Hina (Kim Min-jung) went to Dr. Matsuyama to erase the crime of having killed Lee Wan-ik (Kim Eui-sung).


Go Ae-sin (Kim Tae-ri) shot Wan-ik and left. Hina arrived at Wan-ik's place to see him dead, but his death didn't move her. She told Eugene Choi (Lee Byung-hun) and Goo Dong-mae (Yoo Yeon-seok) that she'd take care of it.


She said to the dead body, "Be a father to me for once". She took the body to Dr. Matsuyama and shot him dead. She laid the dead body next to him as well as the gun and Matsuyama's fake will, hiding traces of Go Ae-sin's crime.

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Regarding the coffee-truffle things-


A version of instant coffee has been around since the 1880's. A few people have said that the product shown in the show is entirely new, either created for the show and then released to consumers, or created for mass retail and shown in the show. While the people behind Mr. Sunshine haven't always been careful with historical facts, this seems pretty far out there in terms of anachronism. Are ya'll sure that the new product has no historical equal?


ETA: Oh, it seems the exact brand may be linked to the show, but the concept of coffee cubes is not new: https://www.jivacubes.com/


ETA2: Now I'm reading that a sort of liquid-instant coffee was used during the American Civil War. It tasted terrible, though, and everyone hated it, so they stopped making it. I'm... learning a lot over here.

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Thanks to Chungmuro Crumb for always highlighting MR.SUNSHINE's news update


September 10, 2018


MR.SUNSHINE Tops Most Buzzworthy Dramas List for 6th week in a row


TV Report: This Most Buzzworthy Dramas & Actors survey is based on the analysis of online articles, blogs, community, SNS, video responses of 31 TV dramas that are being broadcast or scheduled to be broadcast from Sept. 3 to Sept. 9, 2018 by GOOD DATA CORPORATION. The results were announced on September 10. 



Drama Ranking:

2. My ID is Gangnam Beauty 
3. Familiar Wife 
4. Thirty But Seventeen
5. 100 Days Husband

Actors Ranking:


1. Kim Tae Ri
2. Lee Byung Hun

3. Cha Eun Woo
4. Im Soo Hyang
5. Yoo Yeon Seok 
6. Shin Hye Sun
7. Do Kyung Soo
8. Yang Se Jong
9. Han Ji Min
10. Byun Yo Han

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I found on twitter the link to this interesting article. It is on a site that seems to belong to a company about management and strategies.  The title of the article is “the 7 leadership qualities used by Mr. Sunshine” .  Hope I can post it here https://strategicteams.wordpress.com/2018/09/10/the-7-leadership-qualities-used-by-mr-sunshine/amp/?__twitter_impression=true

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14 hours ago, ces8 said:

There is no denying that Ae Sin loves Eugene but this are trying times and war is brewing...It may look that way, that Ae Sin was going to use Eugene to pull the impossible mission but (from what I understood...personal Interpretation so I may be wrong) the day when Eugene's life was spared and accepted to be an instructor in the military academy...Ae Sin and Eugene are already comrades (secret ally)...the scene with Go Sang Hong and GDM is also a testament when the grandfather explains why Eugene has to be the one to kill Mori. Furthermore the scene in the bridge when Eugene told Mori that he just made up his mind and will kill him. So I think Ae Sin went to Eugene as a comrade seeking for aid...well Eugene's response is of personal and as a lover...I cannot blame him...their love story is really complicated blossomed in a world of chaos but I remember that Ae Sin mentioned that if love is just limited to one then no different love stories can be ever told. (something along those lines)


He refused the first time and wanted to leave the country (revenge - parents, fear that she didnt accept his origin and for her safety, when she cried a lot and gave him hope he stayed longer)

Eugene became an instructor to train her companions. He hoped that he would prolong the fall of the country for a few days and would like to gain in her eyes once again (love despite grandfather's objection).


After the fall of the Go family, she disappeared for two months (he heard only about the killed soldiers in the temple). When he started missing her and met her, they started arguing (I'm on Eugene's side) and after a moment of reflection she said that she would keep in touch and stole the music box. She gave him hope again that she cares about him.

She disappeared for half a year and didnt give a sign of life. She appeared with a request and a promise that she would go with him to the USA. She heard that he was leaving the country. She again gave him hope she cares about him despite his anger and doubt.

He saw no reason to kill Takashi Mori. Now he can try to fulfill his promise to her grandfather. On the preview we can see the colonel, his child and his wife (it is possible that he left for Japan and this is place where Eugene want kill him). He will want to destroy the wall that Lord Go set - a tragic character who wants to save the woman he loves and being happy/being with her.


The question is whether she wants to use him only as a companion or fulfill a promise to a man who loves her and repay him.

He spent two years in Joseon and many his actions was mainly for her. 



Aeshin: There is another man in my heart. I will walk alongside him and won't marry anyone.

Aeshin: I have let another man into my heart. And I'm risking my everything for him. There is no going back and I have no regrets.

Aeshin:  This has nothing with him. I have trained to the point where i dont need a shield,  I dont intend to use him as one in any way (realy? he was quite often her shield - when she almost was japanese hostage - and in Japan it will be the same because she need him for safe trip)


Lord Go "What on earth do you whish to do with a man like this? Do you wish to die with him?" (old customs? noblewoman and former slave relationship? execution?)

Aeshin "I want both of us to live, Im trying to live"

Lord Go "How preposterous"


Lord Go: You knew about his origin?

Aeshin: This is not his fault. Every step toward me must have been extremely difficult to take. I learned how far it must have felt when I decided to run to him. So please...



She angered Lord Go,  broke off engagement, risked her social status and now she has radically changed? The collapse of her family was a matter of time because of being anti-Japanese opposition. She killed Lee Van Ik and took her revenge for the death of her parents and the fall of her family. Now she was hiding (wanted criminal) and ran with gun for almost a year in the forest, which makes no sense and makes Eugene more hurt. She probably had some partisans missions at the time.

When I thought she was growing up and made herself more mature she took a few steps back now.


I hope that she will make the right choice - more mature choices and not childish before she met Eugene.

She will choose Eugene and give up the fight for great cause and falling country. 


She could give up love and not get this stage. Now she must make a choice.

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  • Go Seung Ji changed the title to [Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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