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[Drama 2018] Mr. Sunshine, 미스터 션샤인 - Winner of Critics’ Choice Award for Drama category

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Hi Soompiers.  Now that I've had time to process all these harrowing events in today's episode, I'll give my 2 cents on all this.


Standard disclaimer:

1. Apologies in advance for the long post AND multiple quotes. 

2. Please let me know if I've missed any significant plot point and/or characterization.


On 9/3/2018 at 8:26 AM, andy78 said:


this is a fact!!!we know otp won't be able to stop that....is just the begining of a long war and will not have a happy end ...we know what happened  don't we?


Hi @andy78. Sorry to cut your post short.  Oh, and off topic, crossing my fingers for the long-overdue JonXArya reunion (and the epic finale of GoT in 2019)!


Given what's happened up until today and the real-life tragic outcome of the Japanese colonization of Korea, I'm very curious- more like anxious- about how what kind of fates KES will lay out for our beloved characters, especially AS and EC.:anguished:


First, I want to give AS a huge shout-out and kudos for:

1. Not backing down due to DM's unwarranted cutting of her hair and actually telling him off (while holding the sword to his neck...:glasses:), and

2. Not letting DM's unwarranted action, her grief for her grandfather's death, or WI's orders of shooting down the funeral profession deter her from picking up her rifle (and her uniform) and joining the (RA?) shooters in fighting the Japanese soliders and protecting our ever-meaningful-but-defenseless HS (though I hope Haman survives!:cold_sweat:)


That being said (and I apologize for repeating this mantra), I do hope that KES shows scenes of AS contemplating her future and safety (and that of EC and her other loved ones),  as well as the actions (or lack thereof) of the RA, the Joseon king (Gojong or Sunyong? I'm losing track), and the supposed allies including the U.S. that will eventually leave Joseon Korea in the midst of the inevitable Japanese conquer of Joseon Korea.  Don't get me wrong; AS has shown that she's capable of defending herself (and her love/relationship with EC) no matter what, as well as continuing her fight for Joseon independence in or outside Korea.  But now that AS' grandfather aka Lord Go died AND WI had the audacity to besiege the Go household before and during the funeral procession, whatever security (and lifestyle) AS had as a Joseon noblewoman is basically over.  Not to mention that, as you said in the quoted post above, neither the OTP nor the RA will succeed in preventing the 30 years (or more) of oppression and atrocities by the Japanese (including the Comfort Women that the Japanese government, to this day, continues to dismiss) that the Joseon people of all social classes (and everyone else who were under the Japanese colonization during the 1900-1945 timeline) who were stuck in Korea will suffer.  So, AS (and EC and other characters) will need to reconsider whether or not it's worth risking her life (and her relationship with EC, if he survives) for a virtually losing battle/war that, as we've learned from history and/or Wikpedia, neither the Joseon government (namely, King/Emperor Gojong and Sunyong) nor the supposed allies (i.e., U.S.) bothered defending all the way.


By the way, in another post you mentioned today, I concur that AS' grandfather's expectations for EC (and, to a lesser extent, DM) are cruel, which, according to Netflix subtitles, AS' grandfather himself admitted.  I'd add that AS' grandfather's reasoning behind said expectations, like DM's reasoning for cutting off AS' hair, will have little or no effect on ensuring AS' protection in the midst of the Japanese annexation of Joseon Korea, especially while WI- and Takeshi Mori- is still around.

1. Again, WI already tried uprooting (and killing) the Go household while AS' grandfather was still alive.  Obviously, WI could care less about AS' (or her family's) noble class status.  Heck, WI could care more-or-less about whatever the Joseon king/emperor thinks or does to him, as long as WI doesn't die and/or lose his power...<_<

2, As for EC, well, @mistergenie, @mistymorning, @anipanch, and@rubie (and other Soompiers I may have forgotten to mention) already highlighted the dire consequences that EC would face if he, as a U.S. soldier rather than a Joseon person, were to do AS' grandfather's bidding and kill off the Japanese soldier Mori.  I'd also add that, considering (unless I've been misinformed or KES pulls another creative liberties with the Joseon era at this point of the drama) that the U.S. will eventually pull out of Joseon Korea, EC's overall position and actions will be compromised, whether he chooses to leave with the U.S. army at the expense of AS' (and the Joseon people's) livelihood/future or stay with AS in Joseon at the expense of his immunity as a (highly-ranked?) U.S. soldier.


I get that AS' grandfather wants to protect AS, and that he doesn't trust EC's alliance with the U.S. (although I'm nonplussed over AS' grandfather's entrusting of DM to protect AS when he barely knew DM as much as he knew EC).  Nevertheless, WI, Mori, and other Japanese (and their supporters) no longer regard the Joseon noble status and instead will persecute (and execute) anyone of any social status who declares opposition to the Japanese rule.




9 hours ago, rubie said:

Gunner Jang finally got his moment of revenge on LWI. But feel so bad & sad for him about HongPa th_sad004.gif.. they never showed her meeting him again after he got promoted as the Palace Security Chief, did they? He must get a chance to whip that Mori really really good. Perhaps, it's Eugene and SG who kidnapped Takashi Mori. I'm pretty much guessing now.. tonight's episode is just too much..


@KDramaLogic I believe only Eugene knew about LWI directly killing Ae Shin's parents but he hasn't told her about it.


A one-shot kill for LWI is too easy for a traitor and villain and enemy of the country... make that 5x. :angry:


Hi @rubie!  As always, I appreciate your feedback and updates on the ongoing stress-inducing progression of Mr. Sunshine.  I know the cast and crew earned their well-deserved after-party; now, I can only hope we'll make it to the end relatively unscathed, which, unfortunately, I cannot say the same for our beloved characters yet...:pensive:


Thanks for the clarification regarding who knows about WI's involvement in AS' parents' death.  Now, what I'm uncertain of (and hoping that it isn't so) is whether or not WI knows about AS' relations to her parents yet.  If not, then, as much as I understand EC's reasons for not disclosing this matter to AS, AS should know about this before WI makes that connection (along with AS' involvement in the RA/ fight for Joseon independence) and threatens the livelihoods of AS, EC, and everyone else in Joseon.  If anything, AS will have more cause to avenge her parents and her grandfather (and any other member of the Go household who have not undermined AS) and finish off WI once and for all!:angry:


Speaking of which, I also share your sentiments regarding WI's needing more than one shot as a villain and traitor to Joseon (and his family including HN).  But I don't want WI to survive any longer than needed before more damage is done in both the drama and Joseon, even though I'd normally prefer that WI's death be drawn out.  Perhaps Gunner Jang Seung-gu (as sworn in both Ep. 1 and Ep. 19), HN (I know she's WI's daughter, but WI did sell her off in a forsaken marriage and future that she most certainly didn't agree to at the beginning), and others directly impacted by WI's vile actions can join in right after AS shoots first.  Think of it as a long-overdue poetic justice...:naughty:.

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In regards to my last post/ warning, I've received some PMs requesting for clarifications.  I'm going to reply here so that everything will be clear for everybody and fan fights won't reproduce again.

This weeks episodes were great with both the action and story and have been my favourite yet.   There was one scene which really hit me and it was the ending scene when AS and EC hugged. The

Ahh, lovebirds must thank Hina for the privacy. Her spider sense is wrong again when it comes to Ae Shin/Eugene      Credit: Netflix   This part was so good.  The c

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6 minutes ago, lilyphenix said:

Why does this TV show make me cry so much? :bawling:


Well, it doesn't help that this drama is (very loosely) based on a real tragic historical period of Joseon Korea before the 30-40 year Japanese annexation of Korea that included Japanese oppression of the Korean national identity (i.e., forcing Koreans to adopt Japanese names) and atrocities (i.e., Comfort Women) that the Japanese government still whitewashes.:bawling::pensive:

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Real history: Yi Sang Ryong's house in An Dong.

Yi Sang Ryong was a noble person, his family had been lived in their house of 99 rooms since year 1519. At year 1911, after Korean fell to Japanese empire, he sold all his property, released all the slaves, moved to China with his family. He built Shin Heung Military Academy there, later it became a famous base camp of independence movement. Including himself, his 4 sons & 4 nephews (total 9 family members) sacrificed their lives during fighting against Japanese empire. Yi Sang Ryong couldn't come back home, died in China at 1932.





As a revenge, Japan built railroad right in the middle of his big house, destroyed half of buildings.
Korean new president Moon visited there on 2017 Aug.15 Korean Independence Day, and promised to move the railroad, and recover the old Yi Sang Ryong's house as it was. It will be fully recovered in year 2020.



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3 hours ago, saturn said:

Real history: Yi Sang Ryong's house in An Dong.

Thanks so much for sharing this! 


I just finished up 19 and was reeling from all the casualties of the episode. Anyone else felt this episode was an absolute bloodbath ?! It was crazy! I was literally holding my breath the moment AS's aunt yelled "HuiSong!" I actually thought that it was the end of him! Loved how it was AS and RA That saved him! 


Favorite scene would have to be Lord Go visiting AS while she was locked in the shed. His apology to her for the things he said was beautiful. So happy that this was included before his passing.


Just when I thought I couldn't despise LWI more, ep 19 proves me wrong. Every single time he appeared on screen, I couldn't help but cuss at my TV. Loved the scene where the emperor smacked the crap out of him. I absolutely hate when LWI can get away with the crap he says ugh!


Loved how they showed how much KH emphatized for the victims of LWI. 


Lastly, my heart breaks for Gunner Jang :( 


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@mistymorning thank you for the explanations about the dialogues between Lord Go and EC and DM. Still, I have a question flying in my mind: where is the Joseon army and police? We see in previous episode the Japanese bad soldier being arrested and executed for killing 2 Joseon people. Why this time Japanese soldiers can kill all around? The Joseon- Japan treaty was it already signed? I must have missed something. If this is not the case, I wonder why they can’t they be stopped by the Joseon army. Then... what about the russian rifle? It was returned to Eugene, but now is again in AeShin hands.  What about the list of names that Eugene managed to write down? Can’t  be given to the RA like the rifle, maybe left at the pharmacy?

About the haircut. I understood that DM explanation was that WI was after AeShin. Well, after the haircut he is still after AeShin, even in her own home, so making her kept at home was completely useless. His way of protecting her is not effective at all. Is there something else I am missing? 

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@marfisa About the rifle, it's Eugene's own gun from the legation that he brought with him when he went to see Eun San (with the info that Ae Shin was ordered to shoot him). EC handed the gun to ES, telling him to pull the trigger himself. But ES didn't and told him to leave instead, that's the last time they ever spoke to each other. The gun gifted to Ae Shin is definitely with her and it's kinda cool that she remembers to practice holding/aiming it (as Eugene taught her) while being grounded at home.


The haircut spur-of-the-moment action was not working.. it only got everyone doubly furious and totally mad. Perhaps, it's a way to show Lord Go's last moments to reconcile with his granddaughters and to highlight Eugene's missing-in-action handkerchief shown in the earlier episode.. every item in the drama, have their own role to play.;)All this after getting everyone so worked up and debating in circles over it.


Anyway, photos posted by Domi after episode 19 was aired last night.


LWI is so unbelievable! :angry: Just to spite his own daughter, he proudly proclaimed that he killed Ae Shin's parents point blank. That is just so cruel. He probably wanted to remind that they are both from the same blood.. again indicating that Hina had killed her husband as well. Her mental & emotional suffering will never end. Maybe Hee Sung could be her knight now (he really has improved a lot) and matches her more than ever.. but that would only make LWI's sinister plan work.

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3 hours ago, q4q4 said:


I just finished up 19 and was reeling from all the casualties of the episode. Anyone else felt this episode was an absolute bloodbath ?! It was crazy! ...



Yes, episode 19 was brutal, gory at times, bloody, in other words: a torture for my heart and soul. It was very hard for me to watch, but I also deeply appreciate the writer and director for reminding us of the nasty reality of wars, and of what the Japanese soldiers did in particular. I couldn't help but reflect on the cruelty people are capable of toward others, when countries are at war... I do not wish anyone to go through that...


On a different note, the ending of this episode was glorious. I'm starting to recognize that AS has a certain pose/silhouette, when she is in sniper mode: dark clothes, mouth covered of course, but she tilts her head to the right as she zeroes in on her target. I don't advocate killings (obviously), but in the context of saving her country it's so badass! I think pretty much all the women in this show are strong, even the evil ones (they show determination in their cowardice or evilness, lol). There isn't many damsels in distress; everyone shows bravery at some point, including AS' married cousin, who I guess rebels against her abusive husband by spending her time drinking coffee and playing cards at a hotel. She showed her strength and loyalty in this episode by refusing to steal the documents that donates parcels of lands to the farmer, no matter the amount of beating he gave her.

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If Mrs Haman died it could be one of the reasons why Eugene would challenge Mori to a duel. She was like a mother to Aeshin and we could feel her concern for Eugene (she accepted him and treat well)


Of course, the Go family massacre also matters

it is political suicide and probably this will lead to the stop of the annexation (the document is on its way)

writers wanted to speed up but it will happen according to history - 1905


Aeshin and Eugene could become symbols of resistance and fight - they dont have to take part in the following years and can go to the USA (they can flee because of a political scandal - massacre japanese soldiers by RA and duel when Mori is killed, Aeshin loses her home anyway and is wanted, Eugene is an American)

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Wow, that was... I have so many thoughts.


Well, everything is paying off like gangbusters. It's going to be fireworks every minute until the finale. There was something very staid about this show. It spent a huge amount of time with careful character-building and world-building. And there were so many characters to know, so much of this world to learn about.


But that time invested was more than worth it. Seeing Haman-daek fall (NOOOOO!), seeing Eun-San whip off his mask, seeing Seung-Gu pin down Wan-Ik, seeing Hina break down, seeing Ae-Shin on the rooftop... every minute is just flippin' epic that my senses are just blown.


What happened to Hong-Pa (the Ju-Mo, or tavern owner / row-woman) was the start. The massacre at the 49 days ceremony was horrible, but what they did to that woman was the real shock to the system. This story will not spare you from not just how brutal, but downright obscene the Japanese occupation of Korea was.

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