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[Drama 2017] 20th Century Boy and Girl '20세기 소년소녀'


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MBC Drama 2017

20th Century Boy and Girl / '20세기 소년소녀'



Drama:  20th Century Boy and Girl/ also known as No Sex and the City (섹스 시티 음)

Hangul: '20세기 소년소녀'

Genre: romantic comedy

Network: MBC

Episodes: 32 (2 episodes of 35 minutes per day)

Director: Lee Dong Yoon (The Greatest Love, Feast of the Gods, The Queen`s Classroom, Fated to Love You, Happy Home)

Writer: Lee Sun-Hye (Reply 1997)

Release Date: 2017-October- 9 to 2017- November- 28

Runtime: Monday and Tuesday, 22:00, 35 minutes each episode / 2 episodes per day (after drama The King Loves)

Production Company: Huayi Brothers

OST: part 1 Standing Egg (스탠딩 에그)- A Normal Day 보통의 날

part 2 구구단, gugudan - 일기 by 20

part 3 Golden Child (골든차일드) - Love Letter

part 4 Jeon Sang Keun (전상근) - That day 그날들

part 5 Nam Tae-hyun 남태현 (South Club)- Boy, Girl

part 6 MeloMance (멜로망스) - Not too far away 아주 멀지 않은 날에

part 7  Park Seong Yeon - Stopped in time

Official site:http://www.imbc.com/broad/tv/drama/20thbg/index.html

Other sites:  http://asianwiki.com/20th_Century_Boy_and_Girl




The heartwarming romantic comedy is about the friendship and love lives of three single women born in 1983. Their romantic lives begin when the boy they liked in their youth shows up one day. They live in Oksu-dong in rundown apartments, and the warm human drama will be about neighborly affection, and the meaning of home, family, and friendship. The series aims to be a realistic portrayal of unmarried women and their road to maturity, and through each of the women we’ll explore their relationships with parents and their roles as daughters in this day and age.( Dramabeans)


Because of the stike at MBC and KBS, the premiere (September 25) is delayed. The new released date is October 2



Han Ye-Seul - Sa Jin-Jin

Kim Ji-Suk - Gong Ji-Won

Lee Sang-Woo- An So-Ni (Anthony)

Ryu Hyun-kyung - Han Ah-reum

Lee Sang-Hee - Jeong Yong-shim

Oh Sang-Jin - Kang Kyung-suk

An Se-Ha - Jung Woo-sung

Shin Dong-Mi - Choi Jeong-eun

Kim Kwang-Sik - Jang Gi-Bong

Lee Chang Yup- Lee Dong-hoon

Shin Won-Ho - Sa Min Ho (Sa Jin Jin`s younger brother)

Choi Beom-Ho - Han Hak-Gyu

Jang Jae-Ho - Kim Tae-hyun

Jang Hee-Ryung - Jang Ji-Hye

Kim Chang-Wan - Sa Chang-Wan

Kim Mi-Kyung - Kim Mi-Kyung

Lee Jae-Kyoon - Lee Hong-Hee

Lee Yoo-Mi - Mi Dal Yi

Yoon Bok-In - Yoon Bok-In

Park Myung-Shin - Kim Young-Ja

Kim Ik-Tae - Jang Jang-Soo

Kim Young-Sun - Lee Gwang-Hee

Kang Mi-Na - Sa Jin-Jin (young)

In Seong- Gong Ji Won (young)

Shin Dong-Hoon - Reporter Jung

Song Soo-Hyun - Han A-Reum (young)

Shin Se-Hee - Lee Ha-Ram

Kim Tae-Hoon - Lee Seung-Goo

Shim Hyung-Tak - cameo appearence

Han Sun-Hwa - Jung Da-Young (cameo appearence)

Kim Jung-Hwa - Ho Sung (Jin Jin`s sister)

Kim So-Yeon - PD Kim/ Director Kim (cameo appearence)


Character descriptions








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According to the broadcasting officials on January 21, Han Ye Sul and Kim Ji Suk confirmed the appearance of 'No Sex and the City', and they will be filming first in August.



Han Ye-seul considers offer to headline No Sex and the City

by tineybeanie


Fall MBC drama No Sex and the City may have found its female lead in Han Ye-seul (Madam Antoine). Although her agency has said that it’s only one of a few projects she’s currently reviewing, I think this type of drama would be a perfect match for her vibrant personality and acting style. This new rom-com will be about the cherished friendships, family life, and romantic attachments of three 35-year-old virgins living in the city.




Kim Ji-suk considers MBC rom-com No Sex and the City

by tineybeanie


One of the reasons I enjoy watching Kim Ji-suk (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) is that he knows how to play men who complement powerful female characters without losing any of his own character’s unique charms, which is why it’s great news that he has been offered one of the leading male roles in the upcoming MBC drama No Sex and the City. This rom-com will portray the realistic lives of a trio of virgin girlfriends in their mid-thirties as they continue about their familial relationships, friendships, and romantic journeys.






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Han Ye Seul confirms her small-screen return with new drama 'No Sex and the City'

By beansss   5 hours ago   6,734   775   4


Actress Han Ye Seul has confirmed her return to the small screen, through a new MBC drama titled 'No Sex and the City'!

This will be her small screen comeback in approximately a year, after JTBC's 'Madame Antoine'. The new production, 'No Sex and the City', will depict the realistic stories of single women in their 30's. It's also been revealed that actor Kim Ji Suk is considering the male lead role opposite Han Ye Seul.

You can catch Han Ye Seul on 'No Sex and the City' this September!



Other articles say that Kim Ji Suk is still in talks for appear in the drama.I think he will sign soon.


Han Ye-Seul cast in MBC drama series “No Sex and the City”


Han Ye-Seul is cast for the lead female role in upcoming MBC drama series “No Sex and the City.” For the drama series, Han Ye-Seul will play a 35-year-old single woman. Her character has never had a boyfriend in her life. Meanwhile, actor Kim Ji-Suk is still considering an offer to play the lead male character.

“No Sex and the City” will first air September, 2017 in South Korea.


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@larus   This is like the mature version of Age of Youth.. well, seems like that.  Any news who might be the other two female actress for the other two single ladies role.  They need to be in their early 30's? I feel like I don't  know enough actress in their early 30's. Maybe I'm familiar with the faces but not names. This drama we'll more females central characters. And it's good. They take center stage. It's good.


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On 6/24/2017 at 10:57 AM, jongski said:

Any news who might be the other two female actress for the other two single ladies role.  They need to be in their early 30's? I feel like I don't  know enough actress in their early 30's. Maybe I'm familiar with the faces but not names. This drama we'll more females central characters. And it's good. They take center stage. It's good.


 No, we don`t have any news about the other female characters. My major interest in this drama is that is about friendship between women. Everywhere in dramaland we see bromance and it is nice that they remember from time to time that women do have friends.


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Han Ye Seul And Kim Ji Suk’s Upcoming Drama “No Sex And The City” Gets New Title


Han Ye Seul and Kim Ji Suk will be starring in a new drama formerly titled “No Sex and the City.”

According to a representative from MBC, the drama’s title has officially been changed to “20th Century Boys and Girls” (literal title).

The drama centers around three 35-year-old women who mature through love and friendship. The script has been written by Lee Sun Hye, who previously participated in writing “Reply 1997,” and it will be directed by PD Lee Dong Yoon, whose previous works include “Fated to Love You” and “Happy Home.”

“20th Century Boys and Girls” will be airing in September.

Source (1)



I am not a fan of changing the title after they`ve announced it already but in this case I am glad they changed it. I don`t know what to say about the new title but doesn`t matter, really.  BTW, we are in 21st Century (just saying... :wink:) Hope it is a good drama.

We have Kim Ji Suk`s confirmation.


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Actress Ryu Hyun-kyung is reviewing the appearance of the MBC drama "No sex and the City"/ “20th Century Boys and Girls” .




I am not familiar with Ryu Hyun-kyung but I am looking forward to watch her in this drama.

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Ryu Hyun-kyung up to join girlfriend trio in No Sex and the City

by tipsymocha


We’ve got another potential member of the trio of girlfriends at the center of MBC’s upcoming No Sex and the City: Ryu Hyun-kyung (The Lover, Empress Ki) is considering an offer to join Han Ye-seul (Madam Antoine) in the rom-com that follows three women in their mid-thirties as they navigate their love lives, friendships, and their familial ties.

If she accepts, Ryu Hyun-kyung will play Han Ah-reum, a flight attendant who is constantly on a diet. She broke weight records as a newborn and suffered from childhood obesity, but under her mother’s strict supervision, she shed a ton of weight and became a flight attendant (in Korea, airlines are known for only hiring attractive cabin crew). Aw, I can see myself sympathizing with her character a lot.




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Kim Ji-suk, Han Ye-sul confirm lead roles in 20th Century Boy and Girl

by tineybeanie



Kim Ji-suk (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People) has confirmed that he’ll be starring in Han Ye-seul’s (Madam Antoine) new rom-com. The title of the drama has changed from No Sex and the City to 20th Century Boy and Girl, but the premise is still the same. It captures the lives of a trio of modern women who are thirty-five years old and forever-singles who are solo not by choice, but by chance, as they mature in their friendships, family bonds, and romantic attachments.

Kim Ji-suk will play an investment banker with a Harvard MBA, and a background in Wall Street. He’s had a successful career filled with achieved ambitions, but he has an innocent side to him: He’s still loyal to his first love. Han Ye-seul, on the other hand, will play one of the main independent single women in the trio. Ryu Hyun-kyung (Empress Ki) is also considering an offer to be part of the trio as a diet-obsessed flight attendant, but she has not yet confirmed.

more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/06/kim-ji-suk-han-ye-sul-confirm-lead-roles-in-20th-century-boy-and-girl/

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Oh Sang-jin will return to MBC through '20th Century Boys and Girls'. Oh Sang-jin plays the man Kang Kyung-seok, who places more importance on calling the lawyer than money and honor, he is a person who goes to law school after realizing that he can not solve any injustice. In his first year of challenging the judicial notice with his natural head and tenacity, he passed the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd exams, and became a lawyer with a good reputation




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Kang Mi Na (Produce 101) will appear in drama '20th Century Boys and Girls'  as the young Sa Jin-Jin, Han Ye-seul’ character.




Actor Kim Kwang-sik is appearing on the MBC drama "20th Century Boys and Girls" as a manager named Bae Jung Hoon




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gugudan’s Mina To Make Acting Debut Through New MBC Drama With Han Ye Seul


gugudan’s Mina will be making her acting debut!

On July 12, her agency Jellyfish Entertainment said, “Mina will be appearing in MBC’s new Monday-Tuesday drama ’20th Century Boys and Girls’ (working title).”

Mina will be acting as Han Ye Seul‘s younger counterpart. She is the second gugudan member to try her hand at acting after Kim Sejeong, who will be appearing in “School 2017.”

Meanwhile, “20th Century Boys and Girls” tells the story of three 35-year-old women, who have been single all their lives, maturing as they find love for the first time. The drama will follow “The King Loves” and will air its first episode in September.



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Actress Ryu Hyun-kyung confirms appearing  in MBC new drama '20th Century Boy and  Girl', and returns to drama after two years. Her character is on a diet all the time because she suffered childhood obesity and she was forced to lose 20 kg by her mother strict supervision and now she is a stewardess. 




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Actors Ryu Hyun Kyung, An Se Ha, Lee Sang Hee and Oh Sang Jin in MBC drama  ’20th Century Boys and Girls’




Actress Lee Sang Hee will compleate the trio of girlfriends. She will play a lawyer named Jeong Yong-shim . A coincidence, all three actresses have the same age, they were born in 1983. Lee Sang Hee has mostly movies in her filmography. She did just a drama special last year, she was the protagonist in KBS " Dance From Afar".

An Se Ha will play the role of Jung Woo-sung, an obstetrician specializing in gynecology.

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Actor Lee Sang Woo is currently under review for a proposal for the MBC drama ’20th Century Boys and Girls’. The role that he will take on 'The 20th Century Boys and Girls' is an actor, a former idol. If he will accept it will the the third time he will work with PD Lee Dong Yoon (two drama consecutively after MBC weekend drama Happy Home). I hope he will accept the offer. It will be like coming home for him. :D



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I like that we`ll have in this drama three female protagonists with their own love story and their relationship with each other. I look forward to see their friendship the most but I am for their story also, how they find love.  If Lee sang Woo will accept the role, we`ll have all three pair.  From what I read, Han Ye-seul will play a photographer and a former idol actress. Kim Ji-suk is an investment expert (graduated from Harvard  MBA, he worked on the Wall Street) a character who does not lose heart for first love.  They are the couple number one, I assume.   Ryu Hyun Kyung plays a flight attendant and she will be paired with Lee sang woo`s character? Lee Sang woo plays an actor. He is a former idol actor too just like the female protagonist and I think both of them know each other from their youth. I think the third couple will be Lee Sang Hee and Oh Sang Jin. Both characters work in the legal system. She is a lawyer and he is a prosecutor or a lawyer too. I am pleased with the casting. I can`t wait to see their story on screen. :D

I am curious where Ahn Se Ha`s character will insert in their story. He is a friend with the girls or with the boys?  :)

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Actress Ryu Hyun Kyung joins cast of '20th Century Boy and Girl'

By harmony4377   2 days ago   3,655   348  
Actress Ryu Hyun Kyung has joined the cast of upcoming drama '20th Century Boy and Girl'! 

The actress will be playing the role of Han Ah Reum, a flight attendant who lost 20 kg (approximately 40 lbs) to pass the examination for the national flight attendant crew. She will play a character that is highly focused on dating and love. 

'20th Century Boy and Girl' follows the story of a man who creates a loveline with three other women. The drama will star Han Ye Seul, Kim Ji Suk and Oh Sang Jin and is set to air some time in September. 

Gugudan's Mina to make her drama debut through '20th Century Boy and Girl'!

By jennywill   3 days ago   10,571   2,570  


Gugudan's Mina will be making her drama debut!

The idol has been cast in MBC's new Monday-Tuesday drama '20th Century Boy and Girl' (formerly 'No Sex and the City'). Jellyfish Entertainment said, "Mina will be playing the child version of the main character Han Ye Seul."

Han Ye Seul will play Sa Jin Jin, an idol-turned actress. Mina has been cast as her younger role, meaning she'll be playing the idol star. 

The drama will air this September!

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Just now, larus said:

20th Century Boy and Girl' follows the story of a man who creates a loveline with three other women.

Say what? I remember when I read the synopsis at MyDramaList and I was confused. It said that the romantic lives of the three girlfriends begin when the boy they liked in their youth shows up one day. I wonder if they liked the samer boy or they all meet their crush from their youth. Now I am curious what is going on. Maybe they liked the same boy but in the present they will meet their own partner and move on from their crush.


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20th Century Boy and Girl adds Lee Sang-woo as second lead

by tipsymocha


Ooh, this cast is shaping up quite nicely. MBC’s 20th Century Boy and Girl has just added a slew of names to its roster, and it’s a great combination of familiar and newer faces to dramaland. I’m really looking forward to watching a drama with female friendships at its center, and penned by a Answer Me series junior writer, Lee Sun-hye, I’m expecting lots of heartwarming relationships and friends-as-family moments.

Newlywed Lee Sang-woo is considering 20th Century Boy and Girl as his first project post-marriage, and if he confirms, he’ll be reuniting with PD Lee Dong-yoon who he worked with on All’s Well With a Happy Home. His character is a former idol-turned-actor named Anthony, and he’ll start to gain interest in Han Ye-seul’s (Madam Antoine) character, who is herself an actress with an idol background and his fan.

Aw, I’m happy that Lee Sang-woo is considering a return so soon after his wedding, but this means he would be playing second lead to Kim Ji-suk (Rebel: Thief Who Stole the People). This show is setting me up for failure if it’s going to make me choose between them.


more http://www.dramabeans.com/2017/07/20th-century-boy-and-girl-adds-lee-sang-woo-as-second-lead/

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