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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Heavy Sweetness Ash-like Frost 香蜜沉沉烬如霜

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I found the original gifs and jpgs (sorry if this is gonna cost y'all a lot of data) Demon princess asks if Phoenix suspects SH for lying to him, phoenix replies that his standpoint was sha

I also agree. Personally, I think DL's acting is great. Maybe because I did not read the novel and did not have a preconceived notion of how Phoenix should act. My assessment is based purely on how he

Well, if you want to be blunt, then here we go:   You said: "You crying and complaining about the 5 or so filler episodes RY had out of 60 for his backstory" Yes, Night deserved his 5 e

On 1/28/2020 at 8:31 PM, Bojun said:

I"m definitely very late for party but hoping my questions will still be replied to. We discovered Ashes of Love slightly over two weeks ago in Netflix. We don't know why but Netflix has recommended it many times but we were giving it a past until that fateful day when we finally decided to watch it. We've always like fantasy especially fantasy involving gods and had no idea that Ashes of Love was one. This is our first time watching c-drama and we were definitely not disappointed. Me and my wife had no prior knowledge that it was based on a book nor were we aware of the various "dramas" that apparently occurred during filming. I believe this was for the best because we had no expectation how the drama was supposed to run. Overall we are very satisfied with the drama but we did notice some of the supporting characters seem to have too much screen time. I will not comment on this as this has been discussed too many times already. I'm surprised people are saying Yang Zi is not fit to play the role of JinMi because she is not beautiful enough. I've checked out how all the actresses in the drama looks like in real life and while one or two might be considered more beautiful than Yang Zi, IMHO they will not fit the role of JinMi. Yang Zi's facial features, sunny disposition and overall charisma are perfect for JinMi and combine that with her acting prowess and we have a winner. Another thing I liked was the very strong on screen chemistry between Yang Zi and Deng Lun. My favorite episodes were 60 to 63. The emotional ride was almost too much and almost brought me to tears. JinMi's marriage escape, the revelation of true love via the heart changing stone, the lets make a fresh start moments, JinMi's death (the scene of everyone crying in the Floral realm was painful) , Xufeng's suffering and quest to find JinMi's primordial spirit, the Floral Fairies commanding all the plants to assist in finding JinMi's primordial spirit, Xufeng's joy and pain again after JinMi materialize from his tear and dies again and the Floral realm's sadness on failing to secure JinMi's primordial spirit. The ending was satisfactory but even one JinMi Xufeng moment would have made it better. 

Most of my questions have been answered after reading all 83 pages of this thread but I have a few more questions and thoughts.

1. Is the Elder Demon similar in position and power to Lord Doumu? Lord Doumu seem like a higher level god in the Heavenly realm.

2. What is the significance of the pendant that the old man (later found to be the Elder Demon) in the mortal realm gave Liaoyuan? Liaoyuan died without even using the pendant to obtain the favor(?) on the old man. Honestly the giving of the pendant does not make any sense to me and I'm thinking could this have anything to do with the changes in the script that was somehow overlooked?

3. I noticed a continuity error in the cave scene when JinMi successfully resurrected Xufeng. JinMi's tear fell on Xufeng's cheek but JinMi's was already sitting near Xufeng's stomach.

4. People have debated on the rightness and wrongness of Xufeng bringing JinMi into the battle and someone gave a couple of scenario's on what could potentially happen. I would like to add another one. Xufeng leaves JinMi in the safety of the palace but decides later on to go to the battlefield and subsequently die. I believe regardless of the scenario JinMi is fated to die and in my opinion Lord Doumu gave JinMi the essence ashes because she already knows that JinMi will sacrifice herself to stop the war. What is the point of giving JinMi the essence ashes to remove the so called "doom" if her supreme act does not stop the war? If Xufeng dies and she kills herself then what happens to their love story? I guess people will say if it is the will of heaven then at a certain place and certain point in time they will meet again. But that is another story right? 

I'm in the process of re-watching the drama to make sure I did not miss any detail. This time I will skip the episodes I did not like. As parting words I tried watching Ten Miles of Peach Blossoms but I just can't connect with it. The chemistry between the leads seem off for me. I'll probably watch it in the future for the sake of watching but not with the same sense of urgency as Ashes of Love.   


Can you please tell me about this will of heaven? So everything is fated to happen and jinmi is fated to die for the peace of six realms?

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13 hours ago, Koreandramafan said:

Can you please tell me about this will of heaven? So everything is fated to happen and jinmi is fated to die for the peace of six realms?


She was fated to die but not necessarily for the peace of the realms. It was a conscious choice she made and therefore carried great merit.

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46 minutes ago, bluehibiscus said:

She was fated to die but not necessarily for the peace of the realms. It was a conscious choice she made and therefore carried great merit.

Thank you. So who is deciding jinmi’s love trial ? For example, jinmi mortal trial, someone decides what will be her life be when she goes to mortal world. So is it the same with her love trial? Someone above them is decides like will of heaven ? Why xufeng says “ i am her  love trial”? Is this love trial only about love ? Love trial means it is involve with love but why do I think that she is in this trial because of the unbalance in their world. Like the fighting of the demon and heaven realm, maybe she have the mission .

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This was my second venture in the xianxia genre of Chinese dramas and it did not disappoint. You wouldn't think it was 63 episodes since all the characters had their own character development. Of course, there were times where I hated Runyu but it was understandable given his situation. I still hated him at times though. The chemistry of everyone is outstanding and it would be in my list of recommended xianxia dramas. 

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I'm very late catching up this drama. Saw some small youtube clip in my recommendation and suddenly addicted to this drama. What can I say fabulous actors and actresses in this drama. Each character beautifully carried out by the cast. 

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What a wild ride, this drama. I accidentally came across it and started watching it because the whole thing looked ridiculously kitsch and because I love this genre. That is until XuFeng appeared on screen because I have never thought Chinese men could be this handsome :-O those eyes, damn it! After that I was hooked and even the story and the whole 'feeling' of the drama kept me on board, although I have to admit that I'm still unable to watch the episodes after the killing of the water deity and before XuFeng's ressurection. 

I have many thoughts about the whole thing and I have read many comments here and there, so I would really like to give my two cents about it. 

First Jinmi, I still cannot decide if I like her or not. I was rooting for her and Phoenix all the way down, and her character turned out to be quite likable at the end, but.... I think her dumbness and naivety is overdone and I hate when intelligent and competent male characters are head over heels for such an airhead. Could she be even considered as a woman at the beginning? It reminds me how in Honey and Clover male characters fell in love with the child-like autistic girl I did not understand that either. 

Part of her character is justifiable: raised at a secluded place and perishing pellet. Reminds me of Sleeping Beauty's story where overprotecting someone backfires marvelously and I can relate to this symbolism on a personal level really, and it's a very important message. However her character is not consistent: she experienced the tragic loss of her friend which should had an impact on her (other than pursuing lingli left and right) and as she was (supposedly) able to learn several dialects just by reading maybe she should have been portrayed a bit less dumb. I know most of her traits served character development and comic relief but they should have toned it down a bit.  

Another aspect of her character I can't stomach is how was she able to kill XuFeng after everything they went through together and I feel there is absolutely no justification for her action. Maybe I would understand it better if I could soldier through those episodes but even then I don't think I would be able to find any redeeming quality. I think this problem stems from the fact that in the novel at that point their love was still pretty much on sided and Phoenix's character was quite different. However in the drama no one in their right mind would have thought even for a moment that Phoenix murdered anyone let alone the woman's parents he was obsessed with. I was already angry with her when she attacked Phoenix the first time with that issue and even if she saw the act with her two eyes stabbing him in the back without confronting him... just nope, yun dan pill or not. I don't know how this scene, this conflict could have been written really for her to be still redeemable but also accountable for her actions. Because that is another important message of the story, that she gained nothing by revenge only pushed herself deeper into despair. Even if the murderer would have been XuFeng she would have achieved nothing really but instead the consequence of her actions were irreversible. Even though XuFeng was resurrected and even when they reconciled their relationship never will be as it was before. 

On the positive side, she is her absolute best in the mortal realm, which is surprising because she's still the same person and still have the yun elixir. I know this was originally only in the epilogue of the book but I believe it was a great addition, the whole cracking the pill and falling in love for real, drama in the drama. I also like the character development she went through and the actress did a remarkable job portraying this. I like how at the end of the drama she is a completely different person, and I'm glad they didn't go with the novel version where she is still an airhead. (Trying the unfeeling pill and being afraid of what creature she might give birth to? After everything she went trough? Really??)

Phoenix, oh Phoenix, how can you not fall in love with him. Why is that he looks like a Phoenix even in his human form (damn, those eyes) I don't think he could have been better portrayed. I love how they constantly shoot his face like a Phoenix looking down. I love how they changed his character from the novel and were able to come up with a male lead with pure heart but still being a competent and confident man. I love how he straight out says in ep. 8 that he loves Jinmi and politely but firmly tells the Flower Leader that he is not be be dissed. I have to admit that I've learnt a lot from how he communicates: calmly, trying not be rude but do not yield to guilt tripping. His biggest flaw for me is his biggest strength as well: as he said, he never calculated. And may I also mention that it is highly realistic that such a straightforward overall good person suffers the most throughout the whole drama as a consequence of the actions of others. For he suffers when his love is not reciprocated despite his best efforts, suffers when Flower Leader suggests that Jinmi is her half-sister, suffers when his brother 'steals the girl' from him, he is literally stabbed in the back by his love, then he suffers after being resurrected (lost everything and everyone) even when he wants to make Jinmi suffer I believe it actually hurt him more and he has to experience the death of his loved one three times. It was supposed to be Jinmi's love doom but it was XuFeng's really.  

Another aspect of his whole story I like that he was constantly portrayed as a quite capable leader (I love how after his resurrection he takes the rein in the demon realm) and of course he ended up at a secluded cottage like a hermit. Again, very realistic: the people who are the best suited for leading positions seldom strive for them. 

And there's Night and I know that there is no way convincing those who think Jinmi should have ended up with him that he shouldn't... I mean when I was twenty I firmly thought that Christine should have ended up with the phantom, so most of us have this stage in our life right? But now I'm old enough that Night's character gave me the creeps from the beginning. It was clear already in the demon realm that something was going on between XuFeng and Jinmi - as how XuFeng protected Jinmi and how she trusted him to protect her and how worried she was about him. Even if he indeed developed feelings for Jinmi he should have backed down, but that wasn't the case. All the talk like who deserved Jinmi and marriage contract should not be a part of the discussion in the 21th century. Jinmi is a person, despite the pellet she clearly had feelings for XuFeng (how they held hands after she cured him, how her heart ached when XuFeng was about to leave the Floral realm) how touchy-feely she was with him and not with anyone else. She has chosen Phoenix and that's the end of the story. And as Jinmi said, Runyu in fact never loved her, even if he thought he did, what a miserable life they would have had together has he succeeded in marrying Jinmi it's heart wrenching to think. 

Apart from love matters again I love the message in the drama: in his revenge rampage he became the same or even worse person than those he wanted to take revenge on. I applaud the writers that XuFeng did not take over his position as the emperor but told him to clean up the mess he made himself an take responsibility for his actions. And also terrible childhood can explain a person's actions (to a certain degree) but cannot justify them. 

I like how none of the 'villains' are defeated by the 'good ones' but rather the consequences of their actions catch up with them. Wish it was always like this in real life as well (sadly it isn't.)

As for what is whose fault XuFeng says it in the demon realm that behind his attempted murder at the very beginning basically everyone was involved. Everyone made bad decisions in this drama, no matter whether it was because of cruelty, ambition, stupidity, naivety or revenge, all these decisions accumulated into a series of tragedies and despite the seemingly huge changes life will go on as it always does. 

And finally about the side characters:
Fox Immortal: MVP of the drama, he gave me some uncle Iroh vibes, that brother of the emperor who seems a bit funny in the head but is actually the wisest and most straightforward person in the whole series. Loves his character.

Yanyou: Being treated cruelly by others should not necessarily turn you into a garbage person, right? He was such a fun and lovable character. 

Demon Princess: They would have been too perfect together with XuFeng, right? She was a competent, clever female character, I didn't care much for her love story but liked how level-headed she was. 

SuiHe: It's frightening to think that such people exist, who could go this far in cruelty, lying and manipulation and feel no remorse about it- but they do and I can tell you they seldom end up in a cave being eaten alive. XuFeng should have realized the extent of her obsession at least in the mortal realm and should have done something about it or at least suspected her about Jinmi's dad. 

I heard there will be a second season but I think the story was wrapped up so well it can only go downhill from there. I would have been glad to see some more scenes with Phoenix and Jinmi after they finally reunited but at least there was a happy end...

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