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Anyeong chingu!!! Hallo everyone!!! *waving to some familiar names here :)

MGL is my first ever 52-episodes korean drama, and let me tell you this.... it is an amazing experience!!! I had watched up to episode 51 that aired in my country, and a few chunks of the finale without subs on yt (yeah, I can't help but cheat on the finale haha) as episode 52 will air saturday night here. So the last episodes are still very vague to me, but I believe I managed to get the feel of it from what I had watched. Well, at least I can understand your furious screaming with regard to the last minutes of the finale about DK and JA :lol: 


I purposely am not following this thread because MGL aired in my part of the world one week after Korean air time, and I don't want to spoil the thrill of watching live drama :wink: however, I might offer you a tiny bit of my mind here,  but I will do it only later after I watched the finale. For now, what I am going to post here is my standing ovation to @amisyka77 who wrote a really truly wonderful epilogue to the series. I agree with @ktcjdrama that your work can be made into an extending episode (or two!) after epi 52 that can finally give our yearning heart some much needed rest after they toy with it in the last 27 weeks! Your writing fantastically tied all loose end, and even create a really nice colorful bow out of it. Neomu neomu johasseo... Kamsahamnida!!! :wub:


PS: Reading @amisyka77's writing make me feel like I can perfectly create scenes after scenes in my mind. Of course, it got a little wilder at the hotel scene, but I keep it strictly under KBS standards :w00t:

However, I have a little bit of a problem when I had to imagine DK looking at JA with burning passion in his eyes. I just realize that he never did that. He never looked at her with passion, let alone a burning one. In the earliest episode, he looked at her with annoyance as she was a reckless girl who just barked at him regardless of who he was. Then he looked at her with pride as he realized how good she was, as his sister, at work and at home. He then looked at her lovingly, but full of sadness at the same time, when he finally found out that she was not his sister and he fell for her. Afterwards, everything was downhill. He just looked  at her with a changing feeling of longing, sadness, regret, sorrow, anger, bitterness, hope, despair, and everything else in-between. On episode 51, whenever he talked about her, his eyes just dimmed and the flicker just slowly died. I believe it was revived after his talk with JA's dad, but still those eyes were so very sad yet hopeful now. So, I need reference for how he looked at her with a burning passion. Any idea? :rolleyes:



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18 hours ago, kimtanz said:

Petition for My Golden Life Season 2




I hope to be success, and the 2nd season becomes real.

Maybe, they can open it with the scene of Ji An and Do Kyung dating in beautiful places in Finland :)



Went to the site but didn’t know what to do once I got there because it’s in Korean.  Sorry I couldn’t help:(

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On 3/14/2018 at 10:42 AM, amisyka77 said:

Okay...I've finished my fanfic. It's been very therapeutic and I swear I am okay now.

Hope this fanfic of mine serves as healing balm to your broken heart too, chingus..lol



My Golden Life 

(Alternate Ending)


Choi Do Kyung watched as the plane soared across the blue sky. The plane that his forever prideful love was sitting on with an unfathomable stare fixed upon a non-existent object beyond the clouds while her hand clutched a wooden doll of a man.
''So you left again", he whispered. 
He arrived at the airport just before Ji An boarded the flight but he couldn't bring himself to face her for the goodbye. He couldn't trust himself from not holding and embracing her if he faced her. It took all his might and every cell of his being not to succumb to the temptation of doing that during their few encounters since the day she came back to Seoul. He knew this time, he must resist, and made her to be the one who extended her hand first. It's the last straw of pride he had. He already told her his heart. Now, he'll wait. He had waited for a year. He can wait for another year. Oh hell..he can wait forever for her.
He made up his mind and walked away with a tiny smile and a determined expression on his face.


  Reveal hidden contents

Ji An was back on her routine the moment she touched down on Finnish land. After her jet lag went away, she was buried in lectures, school work and her part-time job at the bar. She kept herself busy. Just like the way she's been doing for the past year. She missed everybody at home but she tried not to think so much about it.


Especially that person.Choi Do Kyung. Haesung Group's heir. 
The first man she loved with all her heart but circumstances made her threw him away.

But somehow she couldn't completely turn off her mind from thinking of him. During the early days she arrived in Finland a year ago, she was so overwhelmed with sadness and broken-heart after her father's passing, she couldn't lie to herself that she longed for him, wished he was there with her, buried herself in his embrace and listened to his sweet and gentle words of consolation and comfort. Before she knew it, she carved a wooden doll resembling him, in his work uniform. Not in his Haesung's chaebol heir 6-figured suit Choi Do Kyung but in his humble, normal, next-door factory worker. She knew she just couldn't erase him like she said to him before during their last conversation. She was too overwhelmed with anger that time when she told him those nasty words on his face that rendered him speechless. She knew he wasn't totally at fault for everything. He was caught up between his love for her and his duty as Haesung's heir so he did what he did.




It's Sunday evening. A week after she came back. The bar was brimming with people. Ji An had been on the morning shift that day and it's about time for her to go home.
" Ji An, please take order from Table 3", her colleague motioned her.
She walked happily to the table and then stopped short.
The man at the table in the grey long jacket smiled widely at her. Time stopped moving in Ji An's world.
Her heart made a sudden dive into her gut, she almost lost her balance.
He waved at her with a smile so warm she felt her body temperature slowly climbing.
"Hello! Seo Ji An-shii! We met again". That face. That smile. That tender look in his eyes. That person she rejected multiple times and yet never gave-up on her.
"Ho..how did you get here?" She stammered.
"I'm on a business trip. I need Finnish birch. I thought I'd drop by and have some beer to celebrate a successful deal today by myself", he explained sheepishly.
"Was...that why..." Ji An was still in shock she couldn't finish her sentence.
"I think I'll come here often. Isn't this worth trying a long-distance relationship?" He coaxed gently.
Ji An could only stared at him.
His face changed a bit...still waiting for her reaction. Hopeful.
Ji An sudddenly got hold of herself. 
" Seo Ji An...stop it. Move." She reminded herself.
"What would you like to order, please?" 
"I'll have a beer. When do you get off work? Can we go grab something when you finish?" He asked, still hopeful, even though his face fell a little after her curt non-answer reply.
"Okay, One beer coming right up".
She started to walk back to the counter before turned again to him.
"I'm sorry. I'm working until midnight today so I don't think I can accompany you." She lied while mentally scolded herself for being so cruel.
" I see." His crestfallen expression was too hard for her to bear so she quickly dashed away.
She was filling his glass of beer while her mind was doing a frantic panicky thinking.
"OMG..what do I do? Why did I tell him I work until late? Stupid..stupid Seo Ji An!! Aishhhh!!" She looked horrified at the beer which was overflowing the glass.

She came back a few minutes later with a beer and after placing it in front of him, immediately turned away.
"Wait!! Just in case. My flight is tomorrow afternoon. I...I thought maybe we can see each other before I go.." He smiled.
He gave her that heart-breaking smile again. "Thanks. I'll enjoy the beer."


Since it's weekend and the bar was chaotic with people, Ji An went about busily. She did glanced once in a while at him. Each time she did that, their eyes met. She couldn't help but felt warm all over.


Do Kyung drank his beer slowly. His eyes never left her. For him, she is the only person he saw in that crowded room with her signature cheerful smile and friendly gesture serving her patrons. A smile he saw long, long time ago that made him fell head over heels in love with her. A smile long gone after everything happened with his family. A smile he wish she'll wear again for him. His first love. His stubborn, confident, spunky girl who was broken and bruised beyond repair by his family and he was punished for it. His heart swelled with love and pride. "You're doing so well, Ji An-ah. You've always been doing so well, no matter what life throws at you. Since the day we met during the car accident, you've always been a strong girl. When will you ever forgive me for making you cry so much?"


  Reveal hidden contents

Ji An looked up from a table across Do Kyung's and he's already gone. She felt a pang of sadness and disappointment.
"Ji An, someone at Table 3 left you this." Her colleague handed her a piece of paper.
" Oh..okay. Thanks". She opened the folded paper and saw Do Kyung's handwritten note.


It's 8 pm and Ji An's at her house she rent with two housemates. It's weekend so they were at some party leaving Ji An all alone. She was doing some school work but somehow couldn't concentrate. Her mind went back to the day she had that last picnic with her beloved father, before he passed away. His voice echoed through her mind. About second chance. About giving herself a break. About ditching everything and grab hold onto her love. About forgiving. The image of Do Kyung at the gallery not so long ago, pleading with her to start anew with him. His voice telling her how her father gave them his blessing and asked him to wait until she came around.

She took out the note from Do Kyung and stared at it for longest time before the ringing of her phone jolted her back to reality.
" Unnie...did oppa visit you?!!' Jisoo's voice boomed excitedly at the other end before she even had time to say hello.
" Err...wh..what? Oppa?" Ji An stumbled on her words.
" Yes..Do Kyung oppa...he went to Finland on a business trip and he told me he'll visit you. Did you see him? Are you with him now? Did you two had dinner together? Aren't you glad to see him?" JiSoo shot her multiple questions in one breath.
"No." JiAn replied. Short. Suddenly there's silence at the other end.
" Waeeeeeee???!!" JiSoo wailed disappointedly.
Ji Ann heard some voices in the background - what?! they didn't meet? What happened? Where is he now? - that she recognised as Hyuk's and Ji Ho's.
" Well...no...yes...he did visit me at the bar... and asked me to have dinner but..." Ji An didn't know how to proceed.
" Seo Ji Annnn!!! Are you rejecting him again?!! I won't be your sister again if you reject him. I won't let you come to my wedding. I'll never see you again!!" Ji Soo hysteric shout almost deafened Ji An's ear.
" No...I mean... i was so shocked when I see him so I..." Ji An's voice trailed away again.
" Hmmm...well..I guess he's in no luck this time. Okay...I'll hung up now. Bye!!" Ji An didn't have time to answer her before the line was disconnected.
Ji An stared in disbelief at the screen. She couldn't help but chuckled at the whole situation.
She looked at the note again, took it, stood up and grabbed her coat before dashed out of the door.


Do Kyung stepped out of the shower and wrapped a towel around himself. Drips of water fell down from his wet hair. He was taking out a tshirt to wear when the sound of the door alarm surprised him. He glanced at the clock. 8.30pm.
"I didn't ask for room-service." He mumbled.
He opened the door and was in the middle of telling 'I don't call for room service' when he saw the person standing in front of him was Ji An!
"Errr..I'm sorr...!!" Ji An's eyes turned huge before she could finished her sentence when she saw Do Kyung at the doorway, half-naked with one hand holding a shirt and water droplets dripping down his hair and upper torso.
It took several seconds for Do Kyung to register the embarrassing situation at that moment before he turned around, slipped on his tshirt and faced her again.
She was beet-red, bitting her lips and looking like she want to run away as fast as she could.
" I...I'm sorry... I..well..I mean..I just finished shower and I thought It's room-service. Please come in..." He felt like kicking himself but couldn't help but flashed a bright smile at her.
" I see. I mean..I'm sorry too...for coming without telling you .." Ji An walked into the room slowly.
"It's okay...I was wai...I mean I was doing nothing after all...it's my first time here and I don't know where to go anyway." He motioned her to sit.
" Have you had dinner? I was going to order some burger and soda. Would you like some? Soda? Beer? Anything?" He offered generously, an amused smile on his face because he saw how uncomfortable and awkward she was.
" Yes..beer." She answered meekly, trying to look everywhere but him.
'Okay. Make yourself comfortable. I need to..you know... put the rest of my clothes on." He gave her that knowing smile and she combusted bright red again.



  Reveal hidden contents

Do Kyung walked out of his bedroom after putting his clothes and saw Ji An standing by the window deep in thought. He stood there watching her. He had little hope that she'd come to him when he passed the note with his hotel room number to her colleague. He was almost sure she'll never come. But, here, now, at the moment, there she was, as nervous as she could be but she's here...in front on him. He kept pinching his arm to make sure it's not his imagination. He's glad...really glad that his last minute desperate effort paid off. "Thank you abounim." He whispered a silent gratitude to someone.


Ji An almost jumped out of her skin when a warm voice calling "Ji-An-ah.." came from her back. She swirled slowly around and looked at him with teary eyes.

"What's wrong?" His asked worriedly. He wanted to grab her but thought better. 
"Oh..sorry..nothing...I was just thinking about something..." She brushed her eyes and sent a weak smile at him.
"I'm going to order the burger now. Kind of craving it at the moment. Or would you like something else?" He asked.
"Burger's fine. I'm not that hungry anyway." She replied and took a seat on the sofa.

Do Kyung was on the phone placing his order and Ji An looked around and her eyes stopped at a bunch of documents on the table. She picked up a sheet and was reading through it when Do Kyung sat across her and asked:
"What do you think? That's the agreement for the supply of the birch wood. The supply from Korea is too limited so Yoobi and I agreed on sourcing it oversea. Finnish birch is one of the best that's why we choose it."
"Looks good".
So they spent the night discussing about about his pellet business and what more could he do to expand it. Ji An, being JiAn, is an expert in this kind of strategic planning, thanks to her years of working including at Haesung Group so she never ceased to impress him with her knowledge and ideas. He was reminded of the days when they worked together at Haesung. They were a very great team.
" Wahhh..Seo Ji an...you should come and work with us when you finish your study. I'm sure we'll be unbeatable in this field in no time."
" Are you sure? I'm expensive you know. With my oversea degree, my rate would be very high.." She said jokingly while munching her burger.
" Of course, no problem with that. I'll give you the best offer that you can't say no to." He laughed.
"Here..let's toast for our bright future. For DK Eco Enteprise and for Seo Ji An the beautiful and multi-talented designer." They both toasted their can of beer and finished the drink happily.
" Omo...what's the time now? I need to get back. I've class tomorrow at 10 o'clock." Ji An checked her handphone and gaped in horror to see it's already 12.30 am. She looked at the window and noticed it's raining heavily outside.
" It's late. Is it okay to get back on your own in this rain? Or...you can just sleep here." Do Kyung said casually before realizing what he'd said and mentally kicked himself.
" No..i mean..well...you can sleep in the bedroom and I'll sleep here. It's raining outside and must be freezing cold. I promised. I won't do anything. You just locked the door." He trailed away again and watched Ji An's face turned crimson. He mentally punched himself this time.
"Well...okay. I think it won't hurt. I'm quite tired actually. The class starts late so it should be no problem. It's not like we never lived together before. Remember the share house?" She laugh awkwardly and he let go a sigh of relief.
" Okay then. Let me take a pillow and a blanket from the bed. The bathroom is over there".


  Reveal hidden contents

Ji An jolted from her sleep by the sound of a thunder. She was a bit confused at first and looked around. In the dim light, she realized she's in a big bedroom with an impressive interior. Suddenly she remembered. Choi Do Kyung. She looked at the closed door. Besides the faraway sound of thunder, everything else was quiet. She reached for her phone and checked the time. 2.30 am. Her mouth felt dry. She got off the bed and walked slowly outside. Only one little light was turned on at the pantry. There's a bottle of mineral water on the counter top and she took a couple of gulps from it. She was walking back to her room when a movement on the sofa caught her eyes.


She slowly walked towards it. Do Kyung was sleeping peacefully on the sofa. The blanket has dropped and he was shivering a bit. She picked it up and covered him. She knelt down beside him. Watching him quietly. He looked exceptionally handsome in his sleep. He was always handsome. She smiled absentmindedly. 

" Oppa...you know what? You are the most handsome guy I've ever met. Too handsome for your own good. This handsome face made a poor girl like me fell in love with you. That's your biggest flaw you know." She said jokingly to his sleeping face while her finger traced along his high nose bridge.

" My heart was racing like crazy when we first met. I couldn't quite look at you in the eyes. When I mistakenly thought you were my oppa, I felt really proud because who wouldn't? You could pass for a model or an actor..haha." She went on.

" When I started to like you as a man...in the forest when I was lost and all alone..you came for me...at that time, I was so glad you came. It took all my strength not to flung myself into you. Many times, I was afraid. You are so above me. You are in a different world. Different league. I tried my best not to fall in love with you. But you made me and actually I was happy. I said something nasty before but it's because I was hurt and I wanted you to feel the pain, too. There were many times I wished that you were not Choi Do Kyung the Hae Sung Group's heir...I wished you're just someone like me..so I can love you without restriction." Tears started to fall down her cheeks.

"Oppa.. I missed you so much when I came here I felt like dying. I even carved a doll resembling you so I can somehow hold on to you when I felt like I couldn't go on anymore. I wanted to be with you but after all that happened, I was too hurt I had to get away. I know I hurt you a lot, too. I'm so sorry. I'm really really sorry." She's now sobbing heavily. 

" I love you..Oppa...really..really love you." She bent down and brushed his lips lightly with hers. Suddenly, she felt he's kissing her back. Gently and sweetly. His hand came up and hold her head so she's stuck. He continued to kiss her, gently coaxing her to open her mouth. When she did, he devoured her like crazy, like he's pouring all his love and suffering of all these time they were apart into her. She's now on top of him...basking in his kiss..matching his tempo herself...not caring about anything anymore but him. Only him.


Suddenly he stopped. Forcing himself to calm down he whispered to her ear.
 "Tell me to stop. Please, Ji An-ah. Because if you don't, if I continued, I don't know what I'll do to you. Please, baby." He pleaded with her.
Ji An looked up and stared at his fiery eyes. She's suddenly mesmerized by it. She never saw that kind of look before in his eyes. She had always been fighting and rejecting and hurting him that all this while he always had that longing, melancholic, dejected look in his eyes. But this time, she saw that burning passion in them and she felt the wall guarding her heart started to crumbled.
"No. I don't want to stop." She lowered her head and kissed him.


He stirred in his sleep. Slowly he opened his eyes. His left arm felt heavy so he looked down and saw her dark head against his naked chest. She's breathing peacefully in his arm and his heart was bursting with love and happiness for the first time in his life. He kissed the top of her head and she stirred. 
" Oppa...?" She called him softly and groggily.
He grinned widely because it sounded like the most beautiful music in his ears. He missed her calling him that for a year now. Last night when she was pouring her heart out, he was fully awake and the first time she called him 'oppa', he was trying so hard to stay still.
"What time is it?" She asked with closed eyes...snuggling closer.
He took her handphone on the side table and turned on the screen.
"Hmmm...I don't want to get up but I have class today..." she murmured against his skin that sent tingles to his whole body.
"Oppa?" She sounded fully awake now but her eyes still closed.
"Last night... I was thinking about dad. That's why I came..."
"I know...I've already thanking him for sending you to me. and thank you so much Ji An-ah...for accepting me and for forgiving me... If you didn't come, I'm not sure how am I going to explain to everybody..." He suddenly stopped. He saw Ji An scowled, still close-eyed.
"Everybody knows you come to vow me back?" He heard a tinge of warning in her tone.
"Well...about that...I mean...of course... tsk...yes...they knew I was planning to make you get back to me. Why..in this one year..I actually kept in touch with everyone in you family. They gave their full blessings, you know." He side-eyed her to see her reaction. Nervous.
She was quiet for quite sometime he thought she had gone back to sleep.
"Thank you." She spoke at last.
" Huhh?"
" Thank you for bringing that pot of flower to father's tree. Thank you for not giving up on me." She said quietly. His heart swelled. 
" I love you..." She continued.
" I love you too, Ji An-ah..." He struggled to keep his eyes from tearing up.
" Can you not going back to Korea today?" She asked...eyes closed but she planted a small kiss on his side rib. He smiled again.
" Well...I think I can stay for another couple of days..."
" I'd like that...but would that be okay?" 
She wasn't going to open her eyes and look at him, was she? He was wondering with an amused smile.
" Of course...I'm the president..I can do whatever I want. A couple of days more of leave won't hurt. I'll called up Yoobi later and inform him. If he asked why, I'll tell him you chain me here and refuse to let me go."
Her eyes flung open at that and she found herself looking straight into his grinning face. She was trying to let out a retort when he swooped down and kissed her senseless.


  Reveal hidden contents

"Promise me you'll video-call me when you touch down." Ji An told Do Kyung for the third time already. They were at the airport, walking to the immigration check-point with his hand clasping hers tightly.
"Okay..I promise." He planted a kiss on her temple.
Her eyes were already red and he looked at her lovingly.
"Don't cry! I'll be back in 2 months time. I'll video-call you 3 times a day and message you 20 times a day. Is that okay?" He said sternly to her and she nodded sulkily. He sounded confident but he was wondering if he can endure it himself. They'd been apart for countless time before but this time was definitely the hardest when everything was on their side at last.
" I feel like crap. Is this is how you felt when I left you, when I asked you to forget me completely?" She asked. He looked at her tenderly, sensing some lingering guilt in her words.
" It was worse...because I didn't know if I'd ever see you again or hold you in my arms again. But, it's in the past now. Let's not dwell on that anymore, okay?" He gathered her in his embrace and she held him tight while sobbing against his chest.
" Can I just quit studying and follow you back? Huh?" She looked up with wet eyes at him.
"Yaaa..Seo Ji An...!! I thought you're a strong girl. I've never thought you'd have this whiny side..." He scolded her laughingly.
" I do..but I always hold back. I don't want to hold back with you anymore. I'm gonna be a whiner to you forever." 
He hugged her again, kissing the top of her head. " Okay...do that...I don't mind..as long as you love me...as long as you're beside me, I'll take everything you throw at me."
"I love you, Oppa.."
" I love you too, Ji An-ah."


Epilogue 1


April 2021


'I'm here..." Do Kyung looked up at her wife walking to him in a pastel pink dress. Her hair was set in a bun with some strands let loose on both sides of her face. A tinge of pink on her cheeks and a soft pink lipstick completed her look. Chic and elegant. The dress itself was simple but the lady wearing it was the most beautiful woman in the world to him. He thought how can he fell in love every time he looked at her. They were going to celebrate their first wedding anniversary next month and he had lost count of the blessings he got for being with her after he followed her to Finland 2 years ago.


  Reveal hidden contents

" Can you please pull the zip up..it's stuck." Ji An swirled around to show her back to him and he planted a kiss to her exposed skin.
"No...just pull the zip..we're running late...!" She protested.
He chuckled and did as instructed.
" Ji Kyung-ah...Se Kyung-ah...your mother's going to be the most beautiful lady at the wedding today." He grinned while shifting his attention to two 7-months-old little identical twins - one sprawling with a teether inside his mouth and the other was making her way to get her plushie - oblivious to the business of their parents. Choi Ji Kyung was a miniature version of his father, cloaked in sleek black tuxedo and white shirt. Choi Se Kyung, his 7-minutes younger sister was wearing a pink gown with white leggings. Ji An smiled warmly at them and then turned back to her husband to check on his crooked tie. He looked delicious in that black suit. His dark hair looked suave and shiny and he couldn't look more sexy in her eyes.
"Did you get everything in the car?" She asked while her hands adjusting his tie knot.
"Yup, madam..."
"I think that's about it. Let's go now. Did Hyukie call you? What time are they going to come?" She asked and picked up Ji Kyung while Do Kyung ran over to Se Kyung who had gotten under the table.
"Yeah..Ji Soo and him are on the way."


The weather couldn't have been better. It's one of the best days that season. It's in the middle of spring and the cherry blossoms were blooming in full...creating a heaven-like atmosphere everywhere especially at the park. Sunwoo Hyuk helped his 5-month pregnant Choi Ji Soo out of the car. They were happily married in the late spring last year - a double wedding with Ji An and her older brother, Do Kyung. Ji An was one month pregnant at that time and they got married as soon as she came back from Finland.

They walked over to the middle of the field, now transformed into a magnificent outdoor wedding venue with white chairs and white-covered tables and a wedding stage at the end of it. Red roses and green foliage decorated the whole stage and the sweet smell of roses filled the air.

"Wow...it's so beautiful. Better than ours." Ji Soo commented while they walked under a large banner with the words "Wedding of Ji Ho - Seo Hyun" printed on it.
" Yeah...It looks great."


The Chois and the Seos were all shocked when they learnt that both the youngest of the respective families were dating. Ji Ho had four failed relationships within these two years. Seo Hyun went to multiple blind dates with almost every sons of chaebols within their cycle and she rejected all of them, much to the chagrin of her mother, Madam Noh Myung Hee. So, when they came clean one day, telling everyone they were dating and would like to get married as soon as possible, nobody could say no and gave their blessings. Having 3 bakeries at his hand now, he was one of the most successful young enterpreneurs in Seoul so even Madam Noh had no reason to disapprove him to be Seo Hyun's husband. Seo Hyuns was also doing well in her job at the Hotel MJ.


Choi Do Kyung sat at the table with his wife, his mother and his mother-in-law. Both grandmothers were holding each twin and they chatted happily when the MC, Seo Ji Tae, took the microphone and started the ceremony. Ji Ho was standing nervously in front of the pastor and when the wedding music started, everybody's eyes was fixed on Choi Jae Sung walking down the aisle with gorgeous Seo Hyun tucked by his side. Ji An glanced at her husband, his eyes glistened in tears as he watched his little sister walking beside their father. He shifted his gaze to his wife and smiled. 
" She's beautiful, isn't she?"
" Yes, she is." She squeezed his hand and nodded.

Ji An watched as the couple took their vow. She felt her eyes stung. Her heart is happy for her little brother but she couldn't help but felt heavy because their beloved father was not there to witness the beautiful ceremony.
"Appa...everyone is happy now. You're watching, right Appa?" Ji An looked up into the sun on the clear blue sky and almost blinded by the light. Her mind saw an image of her father smiling contently at her.
" Yes, Ji An-ah. I'm happy now."


Epilogue 2 


August 2019


Ji An was running along her school hallway. She just got a call from Do Kyung telling her he was at the school park waiting for her.
" Oh jeeezz!! I thought he was coming next month. What's gotten into him? Does he think Korea is next to Finland to commute like that?!!" She thought to herself, ready to scold him.


  Reveal hidden contents

It's been six month since they reconciled and started over their relationship. Do Kyung would come and visit her in 2-3 months time. She had told him she felt uncomfortable that he would spend so much money on tickets so it was okay with her if he only came twice a year. But he wouldn't pay any attention to her protest and told her not to worry about money. He boasted that his salary from his company and the allowance he still got as Hae Sung's shareholder were more than enough to allow him to see her every weekend if he wanted to. She gave him a painful pinch to his thigh when he said that.


Do Kyung watched with a big smile on his face as Ji An came running and stopped in front of him, trying to catch her breath. It's late summer but the temperature was already cold like autumn in Korea and also windy. He noticed that she had colored her hair dark brown and with her red cheeks, puffing from her run, she looked so gorgeous he immediately gathered her into his arms and kissed her mouth.
They were like that for good 2 minutes before she pulled away and looked at him.
"Oppa...you're crazy, right?!! You came last month and now here you are again." She eyed him suspiciously. He laughed heartily.
" I miss you...Okay, I'm off... back to Korea now." He jokingly let go of her and started to walk away. Ji An caught his hand and laughed.
"Okay...okay...let's get something to eat. I only had sandwich for lunch so I'm feeling so hungry now." She wrapped her arm around him and they walked away happily.


The ringtone of his phone echoed through the hotel bedroom. Do Kyung opened his eyes and took the phone from the side table. Ji An was snuggling next to him, tired from their love-making earlier before. 1.30 am. It's his father on the line. 
"Abouji...it's me. Is anything wrong?"
"Do Kyung-ah. Sorry I called. You must've been sleeping. Your grandfather..." His father's sentence hung in the middle and Do Kyung jolted upright, waking up Ji An.
" What's wrong with grandfather?" He asked in shock. Ji An rubbed her eyes and stopped short when she heard the word 'grandfather'.
"He collapsed a while ago and is now in an emergency surgery. The doctor said he suffered a massive heart attack again. We are in the hospital now. Can you head back immediately?" His heart sank when heard his father explained.

" Okay, I'll try to take the earliest flight available. I'll go straight to the hospital from the airport. See you, father." He hung up and rubbed his face with both palms and looked at Ji An.

" Grandfather had a heart attack. I need to go back now." He sighed heavily.
" I'm sorry Oppa." She hugged him tightly.

That grandfather was the last person she wanted to see in her lifetime but no matter what she felt about him, he is still Do Kyung's grandfather and he would be sad if anything happened to him.


It's been three days since Do Kyung went back to Korea after receiving the news about his grandfather. Ji An was doing some assignment at the school library when her handphone beeped. She opened the chatting apps and there's a message from Do Kyung.
"Grandfather's gone."
"Don't call. I'll be very busy for the funeral"
"I'll call you when everything's settled."
She replied : " Okay. Please be strong, Oppa. I'm so sorry."
He replied back : " Take care and don't think too much. I know how you feel about grandfather. Just let go, okay, Ji An-ah?"
Tears were running down her cheeks. 
"Okay, Oppa."

She put down her phone and sobbed quietly. He knew she hated that old man so much after what he had done to her late father and to both of them. She thought she had wished for him to go and die like multiple times during the year after they knew she was not the real daughter of Hae Sung and when Do Kyung started to pursue her. She thought of the things he had done to make Do Kyung went back to Hae Sung and how she and her father were caught between the two. The punishment and the humiliation. Now he's gone for good and Ji An felt a pang of sadness instead of relief in her heart. He was the grandfather of the man she loves after all...so she knew he must have been devastated.
She picked up her phone and typed.
"My condolences to you, Oppa. Please send my sincere condolences to mother and father. I've forgave him a along time ago. That's what my father wanted me to do. And that's one of the reason I accepted you back. Please send him away nicely Oppa." Sent.
The phone beeped.
" Thank you, Ji An-ah. I really appreciate it. I'll convey your message to mother and father."
Ji An stared into space. Somehow, deep down, she felt calm at last.



I love this alternate ending... thanks for creating this @amisyka77

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Anybody knows the background instrumental music when jian meet dokyung in the bar at Finland ? Cannot find it the various artist ost.

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^^ I also love that piano bgm too, it only played during the last few episodes. It sounds heavenly :wub: feels disappointed there's only 1 OST of instrumental music meanwhile Mother had 43 tracks... so many songs weren't included in various artists album. But I love Golden World that song was stuck in my head when I watched the drama :tongue: 

JS/Hyuk look good together can they date in real life lol 

I felt awkward when DK was watching over JA? and he followed her to Finland wow dude

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Hi all, powered through the series and have to admit that the last few episodes where a bit of a grind.  The consistent frustration and disapointment I had with this show is the lead couple.  They never seemed to have a period of time where they got along....where truly happy with each other.  It seemed like it was always him chasing her down and she responding coldly and pushing him away.  The "push/pull" trope can be somewhat effective, but 52 episodes where too much-at least in my book...Conflict is necessary for couples to grow and accept themselves and others, but in my opinion as a fan/viewer I want to see the OTP happy together / normal for a period of time without the one week dating rule, the constant "go away's" etc.  I know a lot happened to them and the other characters in the show....but saving the last scene for some kind of big love moment in Finland made me frustrated and sad.  Just my thoughts.  I wanted more love and if wanting more love is wrong....then I don't want to be right:)

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On 3/15/2018 at 6:47 PM, lostgirl said:

“The drama is such a huge hit because its concept was not the success of the characters but their coming of age. All four lead and supporting characters alike were featured as having grown into becoming mature human beings but only the very late episodes,” said Jung Sung-hyo, drama bureau chief of KBS.

He says it didn’t follow the footsteps of typical Cinderella stories, where a poor girl climbs the social ladder by marrying a rich guy. Neither was it a love story of the century.

“Apart from all various episodes, the writer has kept her way of depicting their growth,” he said.

Seo enters as a member of the rich family, but her life is not depicted as something that would make one envy her. She falls in love with the rich guy but there is no happily-ever-after marriage story.


Thanks for the article @lostgirl. I actually agree that the drama managed to accomplish something different in its depiction of families that did not come together at the end in peace and forgiveness like other family dramas. It also was not the romance of the century.


My only question for myself is whether I enjoyed that or not. Life is a little bit like that, after all, where it's a rarity to find a true love that will beat all odds and families who heal are able to entirely heal themselves. However, did I really want to invest 52 hours of my life in a drama that wanted to give me realism, and thus gave us a conflicted ending? Truthfully, I'm not sure, but probably not. Regardless of anything else, I wanted the writer to have thought of a way for the OTP to be able to come together and at least show us that love was worth something, and that both OTP were able to grow up and make their choices. Instead, the OTP, despite their respective growth, are left nearly in the same place as when their romance started: with DK trying to do what he thinks he can in order to win her love and JA still resisting it. The ending just left me feeling tired and fed up, so that I didn't want to think about it any more than to actually gain any serious takeaways from it. Perhaps the ending is appropriate in the sense that everyone can go on to choose the ending that they want to believe in, however, it's left me not really caring.


So, as they say, for me, the drama and its ending may all be exactly as the writer wanted it. However, after having committed more than 52 hours of my life to watch, translate, and comment on this drama, I still feel a bit empty about it. Then again, it's just a drama after all. So, I just have to wait until another drama comes that I can be enthused about again, and then hope for an ending that moves me more. 


Thanks again. :)

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I can say that I definitely enjoyed MGL despite its teenager love story :tongue:. Personally, I love the first half than the second. However I know that it is not easy to tell a story in 52 episodes without dragging it.  At least, the writer is successful in conveying her messages about the importance of love and care to the happiness of our family and the growth of our children and about why mutual respect is fundamental in any relationship. It is not because you come from a rich family that you have the right to look down on those of lower class. For a man and a woman from different backgrounds to have a happy marriage requires not only mutual understanding and deep caring but also strong will to protect their partner. Love is crucial but not sufficient. I am really impressed at the way DK is gradually growing up to become a better man and SJA's unspoken and unconditional love. While she persists in rejecting DK, she can't help but lend him a hand whenever he needs. And thanks to SHS and PSH's incredible acting, we can see their undeniably strong chemistry just through their eyes full of love and longing.  Another thing I love about MGL is that I can read many thoughtful and interesting comments here which brought me a great deal of fun and joy. It may be my last post in this thread. Thanks all again!!! 


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9 hours ago, stroppyse said:

My only question for myself is whether I enjoyed that or not. Life is a little bit like that, after all, where it's a rarity to find a true love that will beat all odds and families who heal are able to entirely heal themselves. However, did I really want to invest 52 hours of my life in a drama that wanted to give me realism, and thus gave us a conflicted ending? Truthfully, I'm not sure, but probably not. Regardless of anything else, I wanted the writer to have thought of a way for the OTP to be able to come together and at least show us that love was worth something, and that both OTP were able to grow up and make their choices. Instead, the OTP, despite their respective growth, are left nearly in the same place as when their romance started: with DK trying to do what he thinks he can in order to win her love and JA still resisting it. The ending just left me feeling tired and fed up, so that I didn't want to think about it any more than to actually gain any serious takeaways from it. Perhaps the ending is appropriate in the sense that everyone can go on to choose the ending that they want to believe in, however, it's left me not really caring.


Thank you... this is exactly what I had in mind. Maybe my expectations (for a "true" happy ending) are too high, especially since their one week dating. I am just wondering, did the original ending was the same with the extended (2 episodes) ending? Were they create such ending to open up the possibility of a follow-up story?

Damn.. there were a lot of kisses in the final episode of Radio Romance 

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I read here and there about interviews of SHS, LTW, etc after MGL closing but I wait and wait and no interview of PSH, my fav lead of the drama until now, I just wonder why? I see SHS take 2 new projects  and I am looking for my fav CDK-PSH for his new project as well. I really miss him...

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Posting here in case some of you didn’t see this yet, but KBS World English subbed the final special that MGL had just before the drama ended:



They also English subbed the finale party on the Entertainment Weekly segment:


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I thought I would watch Family Honour . Anyone who has not should watch there are familiar faces from  My Golden life in it. It is a very good drama.

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Feeling strange to come back to this lost child thread of my obsession starting from over a year ago.


From https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/My_Golden_Life


2018 54th Baeksang Arts Awards Best Drama My Golden Life Nominated [19]
Best Actor Chun Ho-jin Nominated
Best Actress Shin Hye-sun Nominated
Best Supporting Actress Na Young-hee Nominated
Best New Actress Seo Eun-soo Nominated
11th Korea Drama Awards Grand Prize Chun Ho-jin Nominated [20]
Best Drama My Golden Life Nominated
Best Screenplay So Hyun-kyung Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Actor Park Si-hoo Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Actress Shin Hye-sun Nominated
Best New Actress Seo Eun-soo Nominated
6th APAN Star Awards Top Excellence Award, Actor in a Serial Drama Park Si-hoo Nominated [21]
Top Excellence Award, Actress in a Serial Drama Shin Hye-sun Nominated
2nd The Seoul Awards Best Drama My Golden Life Nominated [22]
Best Actress Shin Hye-sun Nominated





How this drama will be judged in k-drama history, it's too early to tell, but starting tomorrow (Oct 2) at the 11th annual KDA (www.kdfo.org), regardless of these results I hope to find some closure.




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Very happy to report that


11th Korea Drama Awards Grand Prize Chun Ho-jin Nominated [20][21]
Best Drama My Golden Life Nominated
Best Screenplay So Hyun-kyung Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Actor Park Si-hoo Nominated
Top Excellence Award, Actress Shin Hye-sun Nominated
Best New Actress Seo Eun-soo Won


Seo Eun-Soo, in the role of Seo Ji-Soo, has won the Best New Actress award at the kdfo awards !


Very happy for Seo Eun-Soo, and even happier to see her in the new drama that just started, tvN's 



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