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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2020] The King’s Avatar 全职高手 2


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Title: 全职高手
English title: The King’s Avatar
Genre: Gaming, Modern
Episodes: 40
Broadcast Date: 7/24/2019

Novel: The King’s Avatar 全职高手


Yang Yang as Ye Xiu

Maggie Jiang Shu Ying

Li Yu Jie

Lai Yi


 In the multiplayer online game Glory, Ye Xiu, is well known as the Textbook level expert and a top-tier player. Due to a series of circumstances, he was forcefully expelled out of his professional team. After leaving the pro gaming scene, he resides at an Internet Café employed as one of the managers. When Glory launches the tenth server, he throws himself into the game once more, equipped with ten years of gaming experience, memories of the past and an incomplete self-made weapon. His journey back to the top begins.

After plotting and scheming, who took away my glory? Under the influence of the storm, my hopes will never be shattered. In its magnificence, the path will not be lost, for I will return!

Cr Wiki

The King’s Avatar 全职高手 Viki Episodes

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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Additional Links:

The King’s Avatar 全职高手 Novel Translations

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I saw the anime and loved it! Looking forward to this. It's been so long since I've seen Yang Yang has been in a drama. Martial universe better be good. King's Avatar I think I will enjoy especially since I love gaming too.

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