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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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Hi,  I have been a silent reader since May/Jun period and I remembered that I was still wondering how come there were only few members in this forum during that time. But today... despite the sho

Hello friends!    So yeah, I have gone crazy and ultimately give in to my shipper's heart. Finally created this thread for the Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook shippers of Suspicious Partner! YA

Hi chingus! First time posting here. I was lurking here from the beginning. How? Because I was checking for someone to create this thread every day LOL. Thanks to @stucked. Didn’t have plans to c

Hope everyone is doing good during these strange times of global pandemic. 

Nice to see our pair working well filming their dramas :heart:

Here is hyunnie's latest post remembering sewol's accident


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Yaay congrats for another job well done with the food truck :yum:

 Also, I can't at how cute this girl is :blush::


Wookie is also busy filming his drama and I can't wait to see him again on screen 


Have a good start of the week everyone 

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Man I still can't get over his ridiculous answers to the reporters about hyunnie as soon as he stepped out of the camp base gracing us with his pabo smile while saying he didn't let his fellow soldiers see her. So funny and also so lovely. All his stuttering about how he should address her to talk about her to journalists. Also, by giving these answers he proved to everyone that the two stay close even during his long military service and that he valued her a lot to invite her to his military musical, a musical he only invited his mom and close friends to since it's an event that doesn't need to be promoted by stars but an event for the close people of the soldiers where each soldier gets assigned seats for his close people. 

It was glorious to see how she posted about the event insisting again that she came to watch it for him and she couldn't wait for him to finish his service healthily. Another noticeable fact was that it was obviously a private affair since she came with people they both knew for years and are close to and not with the rest of the SP cast like she could have done or he could have arranged if he wanted to.

Moreover his discharge day Q&A was just another opportunity he had to deny any romantic involvement with Hyunnie and to define their relationship as oppa-dongsaeng but he did the contrary of that by highlighting their closeness and his possessiveness towards her instead. 

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Hyunnie's filming is over and soop decided to organize a little car party for her (maybe no wrap up party because of the current global pandemic):


365 is also ending today :tears: it is a really well written, well acted and we'll filmed drama that deserves all the praise from viewers as well as professional critics. Hyunnie also showed us another side of her acting talent thanks to this drama. I hope she doesn't take a too long break this time and comes back so we can keep enjoying her work and talent.


Also, can't wait for wookie's drama too and I hope it will be a good drama with a well thought out script. 

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