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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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Summer Twine


Happy 2020, yeorobun! Wishing that all stay healthy, wealthy and wise!


Cold swirls abound and, for all its claims on summer, things aren’t lookin’ up much in that regard for several blocks in Southern Hemisphere either. Gusts of wind piercing through thick bundled-up stragglers weaning themselves off the holiday season, shivering hands cupping around chattering mouths, mugs of hot chocolate doing the rounds and lovers cuddling up to while the silvery nights away. It helps to think of sweltering summers at such times, and when you add lovers and cuddling to it…


Nia: Hey Phoebe.


Phoebe the Divine (aka  @ptp321 ): Uh-huh


Nia: What’s with that response? I come in good-will.


Phoebe the Divine: Sure you do.


Nia: You’re still mad I asked you to kiss me, aren’t you? I knew it! You kept saying-


Phoebe the Divine: Ya! You’re still in public!


Nia: But I’m not asking you to kiss me anymore! I was slightly drunk and not thinking-


Phoebe the Divine: (through gritted teeth) You are writing in public about those ki- (sharp exhale) about those, aren’t you?


Nia: That counts too?


Phoebe the Divine: God!!


Nia: Fine, fine. This conversation starts over. Hey Phoebe, I have a question for you.


Phoebe the Divine: Uh-huh…


Nia: How do you think JiJi’s make-out kiss (ignores Phoebe’s sharp exhale at the word) shots translate into the natural ease of proximity in bed, especially on stand-by. The comfort showed on-screen for sure, but why did it transpire to a totally different level in reality?


Phoebe the Divine: If NamJi’s unfolding story has taught me anything, it is to never judge a book by its cover. When I first heard of the casting for SP, I’m not gonna lie, I had my reservations. I think my exact thoughts were, “What the (insert expletives)?” How on earth was this going to work? In my defense, I knew about Hyunnie when she stole hearts with her portrayal of young Deokman in Queen Seon Deok. The image of the scruffy 15-year old princess stayed with me and that image was further sweetened by Go Bok Shil. My impression of Wook at the time was purely shallow, all thanks to the K2 shower fight scene. It was hard (pun intended) to get past the chiselled abs for me to form an opinion of his personality. For even more shallow reasons, I was unwilling or uninspired to read up about him. I’ve learned never to make that mistake again.


After reading a couple of articles about him, I was able to get a glimpse of his personality and, let’s be honest, Wook is a handful. If he was a scientific experiment, it would be impossible to form a hypothesis and come up with a solid conclusion. There are just too many variables, lol! He can be erratic one minute and the next, he’s as steady as a rock. He struts like he’s on a runway only to turn right around and do the Ji Geu Dok. He is playful and engaging yet searching for souls in the blink of an eye. Hyunnie, by some unknown force of nature, is able to read and respond to him so well without him having to utter a single word.


Wook has said communication is key to having a successful relationship. It does not matter if the ideal girl does not meet the physical expectations of others so long as she is able to communicate with him. Studies have shown that when one sense is lost, another is heightened. Verbal communication is an Achilles heel for Wook, therefore, he compensates for it by utilizing his eyes, ears and hands- tools that are perfect for the art of love making, wouldn’t you say?


Nia: ….


Phoebe the Divine: You there?


Nia: ….


Phoebe the Divine: Nia?


Nia: ….


Phoebe the Divine: Okaaaaay… This is… good. (Tries to sidle away with a casual whistle)


Nia: I am still here.


Phoebe the Divine: God!! Why didn’t you say something?!


Nia: Just absorbing it all. You’re not trying to sidle you way outta this, are you?


Phoebe the Divine: I wasn’t sidling!


Nia: You could’ve actually gotten away with it without me noticing.


Phoebe the Divine: (thinks for a moment) It was the whistle, wasn’t it?


Nia: Total overkill.


Phoebe the Divine: Damn it!


Nia: What’s that?


Phoebe the Divine: D-Cut. I said D-Cut.


Nia: What about it?


Phoebe the Divine: When my D-Cut arrived, I was amazed at the various forms of non-verbal communication between Wook and Hyunnie. It seemed effortless but, with all things NamJi, I had to zoom in and dissect because there’s always a different story. NamJi’s foreplay was never exclusive to when they kissed, so the progression from on-screen to off-screen chemistry came with natural ease.


When he was playful, she accommodated. When he was quiet, she absorbed. When he was naughty, she encouraged. When he was weary, she energized. Perhaps what was even more fascinating was how much he allowed her to read. He threw the entire kitchen sink at her and she took it all in while emerging unscathed.


By the time we get to the laundry kiss BTS, Hyunnie’s inherent ability as the ‘Wook Whisperer’ allowed them to execute the scene perfectly on-screen. It helped immensely when the PD allowed them to essentially ‘make out’ for as long as they needed without interruptions. I was surprised at the amount of rehearsing, planning and script-reviewing that NamJi did before each scene, because it does not matter how many times they go over the steps of a scene, the final cut never looks like what they practiced. In the choreographed dance into the bedroom of their laundry kiss, they painstakingly fine-tune the steps, but when the film starts rolling, Nature takes its course and what transpires is nothing short of magic. Wook’s unravelling begins almost instantaneously.


If you look at Hyunnie’s hands, you can see how she controls how she wants to be kissed. When the pressure gets to be too much, a soft graze to his wrists soothes the aches. When he is too gentle, a firm stroke to his neck and he adjusts his kisses to satiate her. When he is breathless, she resuscitates him. When they end the kiss and his eyes are still closed, hers bores into him so that he is jolted awake. When they finally break apart and he is waiting for his soul to return to his body, the sound of her laughter guides him back. And when he is calling for his mother, her hands are immediately on his chest to calm his arrhythmia, lol!


When she is able to rein him in, almost at will, the transition from reel to real becomes seamless. In other words, this beauty tamed the beast and the beast has never been the same ever since!


Nia: …..


Phoebe the Divine: Ummmm…


Nia: ….


Phoebe the Divine: (starts sidling noiselessly)


Nia: I am still here.


Phoebe the Divine: (jumps a bit) Of- of course you are. So…


Nia: Yes? When are you going to get to them together in bed on a sweltering summer day and cuddling together despite it?


Phoebe the Divine: If Hyunnie’s role in life is to be a supportive daughter, sister, friend and colleague, Wook’s would be that of everyone’s chivalrous hero. Those broad shoulders come with a responsibility. Wook was, and is, a gentleman for the most part… when he wants and when the occasion calls for it. How he treats all his co-stars, crew members, personal staff and fans is a testament of that. Verbal communication is a weakness so he makes up for it by looking at others directly in the eye when he speaks to them, giving them his undivided attention.


I’ve seen him scan his surroundings, especially in a massive crowd, not for his own safety but for the safety of others. I’ve seen his quick reflexes at fan gatherings to help avod mass casualty. He gifts his staff members with nurturing food, fruits and jackets to keep them warm during harsh winters. I’ve seen him feed his manager snacks while on breaks from filming. He hugs and kisses his father-figure sunbaes with so much love and respect. His face lights up around children and animals. The more I saw and learned about him, I fell more and more in adoration, with not just his beautiful face, but his gentle soul.


So color me surprised when I got to witness the SP BTS and ended up questioning the whereabouts of the guy I described above. He was still the fun, caring and amiable Wook, but gone was his keen sense of awareness, particularly to his surroundings and especially when Hyunnie was next to him. It was hard to pinpoint exactly when he entered the oblivion. It could be at the SP press conference when he pulled Hyunnie into an impromptu dance, when just a simple arm linking session and shooting of finger hearts would’ve sufficed. Was it when he asked her some very personal questions about faux boyfriends while the cameras were still rolling? Or was it the time when he serenaded Hyunnie while fixing her hair under the scrutiny of an unamused staff member? Maybe… it was when he almost clotheslined one of the lighting crewman while he was busy aegyo-ing the female lead for a milkshake.


Perhaps the weather was too hot that one time that he watched in annoyance as Hyunnie gave her ice-cream cone away. It could even be when he flipped a little boy upside down like a sack of potatoes… all because he said he loved Hyunnie noona. It is impossible to re-trace his journey into La La Land, especially when he looked straight into the cameras and announced that he was being controlled by his co-star.


Wook is no barbarian, but we would be forgiven for making the comparison given how he kissed Hyunnie. Gone was the refined gentleman who relied on his systematic, trademark approach to onscreen kissing. Absent was the polished man attuned to how he is perceived by the public. He staked his claim at ‘Kiss Scene One, Take One’ and built a fort (moat included) to blockade anyone else from getting to her by the time they went horizontal on a bed and did not give a damn as to how much of a fool he looked in the process.


With so many staff members on set preparing for the bed scene and most being male, you would think that there was no one else than Wook, Hyunnie the PD and the cameraman given how Wook high-jacked everyone’s job. It was Hyunnie’s first adult bed scene and with this being her first real intimate experience, it was imperative that she was kept comfortable and relaxed, but after watching the BTS, I was more worried for her multi-tasking co-star.


I was flabbergasted at how no one and no inanimate object was allowed within her reach. While Hyunnie laid still in a thin camisole anchored by his arms, Wook was busy fanning both of them, keeping a vigil for unwanted visitors near the bed, swatting away prop arrangers, strategically covering her bare shoulders, whispering sweet nothings in her ear, giving her the occasional secure cuddles, mentally deciding if he should kiss her on the cheek or the shoulders for the scene, and caressing her wrists. Instead of leaving when his part was done, he chose to stay close by to divert prying eyes while his Ji-Hyun yangie was getting dressed. He displayed a level of possessiveness that makes me believe it is proprietary to her and only her. Perhaps what was even more astonishing was how very little concerned Wook was at concealing his territorial behavior. This behavior is uncharacteristic of heroes, yet Wook didn’t seem to mind taking on the role of an anti-hero for once in his life, especially if it concerns Hyunnie.


From the way he took care of her to the way he watched over hear and the way he shielded her, it all transpired to create some of the most beautiful and memorable scenes in SP, but on standby mode, there was a much more profound message. It is that she is his… so much… that soldiers who are willing to pay the ultimate sacrifice to protect and defend an entire nation aren’t even allowed to see her. That, my dear Nia, is how much she belongs to him.


Nia: …


Phoebe the Divine: Nia?


Nia: @babyval22 was right. ‘Divine’ doesn’t cut it where you are concerned, but I’m afraid that’s the best we’ve got… for now. Someday, I may invent a word to describe what you are. In the meantime, by God, are we glad this ship got you good!

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@nianderson *sighs* SMH....I knew I should’ve patted you down to check for bugs and wires, but something tells me you would’ve enjoyed it more than me. Lol!

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On 12/21/2019 at 12:17 AM, nianderson said:

Santa Baby


Annyeongasseyo yeorobun, wishing one and all glad tidings of the season!!!


Cruise-mode on and there’s plenty of love, wine and heartfelt sharing to go around. ‘Tis the time to be thankful for all the blessings we have received, and among the most beautiful of them are certainly Ji Chang Wook, Nam Ji Hyun and the scintillating crew gathered here under their captainship. Kumawoyo, saranghaeyo, may you all remain as beautifully crazy and as crazily beautiful as you are and journey in good health and contentment.


It's time for presents, and first up is Phoebe the Divine, known to uri general populace as @ptp321. We know her well, we love her even better, and we get down on our knees and thank the Lord for those moments when she decides to unleash her peerless talent to share her 101 reasons why she loves JiJi. We got to talking, and one thing led to another, and I kinda fell in love and began crying. Happy tears. Heartfelt tears. Here is why.


We were discussing the Dcut (again) and worked our way to the kisses (again) and I asked Phoebe…


Nia: Ohmygawd, why is he kissin’ her like that?!! And like that? Omona, I didn’t even know that was anatomically possible.


Phoebe the Divine: Wook has a signature kissing method down to a T. It is no surprise that he has perfected the steps and is labeled as a Kiss Master in the K-ent world. He gently cradles his co-star’s face with what I call the two-finger gun and uses his thumb to create this circular motion to mirror what his mouth is doing. At a quick glance, it looks tender or passionate (depending on what emotion he wants to emote). Sometimes, the thumb touches the face… sometimes it doesn’t. To be honest, when you zoom in and look at his technique, it’s quite distracting. Lol! When he first kissed Hyunnie, (Kindly refer the glorious BTS at youtube) those steps were there at first, but you can see him quickly lose control. The difference was instead of making circular motions with his thumb, he was erratically probing as if pleading her to open up to him. And when she did, he kissed the bejeezus out of her! Her response alone is enough to write a book, but I will save it for another day. (Woo-hoo! Yipeee!!!)


Towards the end of the drama, especially in the court kiss, he didn’t need a stable post such as her cheek to kiss her anymore; they were literally connected at the hips. It was just the most natural kissing I’ve ever had the pleasure to witness on-screen!


Nia: Tell me more, pretty please.




Phoebe the Divine: Let us assume that the 1st take shown to us is indeed the very first kiss between them. I have mentioned the circular thumb motion and that the first thing I actually noticed in the clip was the lack of his trademark move. I was expecting both of them to be nervous, more so her due to lack of experience. I expected him to shoulder most of the kiss.


What I didn’t expect was for him to be the first to freeze. The moment his lips touch hers, his hands freeze on her cheek, and then we get the infamous ear-fold in the later shot. He didn’t make any sudden movements either, something he maintains throughout the DCut. He’s always so reluctant to break apart from her. For every time they break away from a kiss, hug or a hand-hold, some other part of them needs to sustain the contact. God, it was beautiful! When Hyunnie invades his personal space, he rarely moves… like he’s scared the vision in front of him will disappear. Lol! You don’t really freeze up or tense up unless it’s out of fear. That was one of the first signs where I knew Wook was a goner. It was only the first kiss, but maybe the first time someone has affected him so much that it probably scared the living daylights out of him. At one point, I swear, even their eyelashes kissed!


Nia: Wow, whoa… (Long, thankful, awed pause) You’re not done.


Phoebe the Divine: I am, for now.


Nia: No, you’re not.


Phoebe the Divine: I am not?


Nia: Nope. (Shares a kiss clip. Phoebe comes over. Phoebe sees. Phoebe gone)


Phoebe the Divine: Ok, maybe I had something more to share. A hyperactive Wook is when he’s hiding something- tiredness, frustration, embarrassment, anger, boredom, lust, etc. A still, motionless Wook is an open book. It was in those quiet moments that I got to see how much Hyunnie meant to him. He was so lost and dazed that he couldn’t even bring himself to hide what he was feeling- why are you laughing- tears!-why are crying, Nia?


Nia: My heart is so full!!! Bwahahahahahaha! I love you! Kiss me!


Phoebe the Divine: How about we just talk some more?


Nia: Bwahahahaha! Are you gonna say something more about how beautifully and tenderly he takes care of Hyunnie- Eeeeehehe bwahahahahaha!!!!


Phoebe the Divine: Alright! Let’s take a break, go byeontae!


Nia: (Sniffles pitifully) Yeah, byeontae is good.


(Pause while Phoebe lets Nia get a hold upon herself. Sniffle, sniffle, sniffle)


Nia: Yeah, so we all know how he kissed her. A warrior bearing down upon the Gates of Glory. So hot, crazy and deep it fried my brain cells. They are professionals, they are friends. Why do you think Wook hazarded that going a la Mariana Trench with his popos was not gonna end up badly?


Phoebe the Divine: Ummm, was there thinking involved? When you are drowning, do you contemplate what you should do? No, desperation throws out any rule book and even shreds of sanity. Ha Neul was Hyunnie’s first reel and real kiss, right? That itself is pretty remarkable. Not sure if Wook was aware of this fact, but like I said before, he does not give a damn about etiquette, especially when it involves Hyunnie. Wook has said that he is impulsive, but that does not mean he’s reckless… until he met Hyunnie.


There was no way in hell that he was gonna allow her to categorize the way he kissed her with the way Ha Neul kissed her. Ha Neul, by default, may have been her ‘first’ experience, and what better way to ensure that Wook would be the ‘first’ and, hopefully, the last person to ever kiss her like how a man desires to kiss a woman? I’m pretty sure Hyunnie has never been kissed so mindlessly before and Wook was on a one-man mission to be the only person in the universe that would ever kiss her like that. I’d say he succeeded in single-handedly replacing her sweet first experience. When she grows old and is on her death bed, which memory is she gonna remember?


When he kisses her or even touches her, it is all-consuming. Were his flared nostrils, sighs, and dazed heaves a good idea professionally? I don’t think so. Even his hugs are ferociously possessive. When he has to let go of her, he always shown signs of reluctance. Articles of clothing become the ONLY barriers that stand in the way of him doing what he really wants to do when he touches or kisses her. The way he kissed her was the only way to consummate her on screen and in front of the world.


Nia: …….


Phoebe the Divine: Nia? You there?


Nia: Sure I am. I am also caroling in the neighborhood parish and a lot of innocent tunes are getting sacrificed on the altar of adult love. Someone suggested ‘Jesus come, Jesus come’, but that has an intro of 14 ‘Come’s in different keys and not even the adolescents want to attempt it.


Phoebe the Divine: Alright, I’ll let you get to it and-


Nia: (Ugly crying) Don’t leave me! Talk to me about love some more! Talk about Hyunnie now!


Phoebe the Divine: Alright! Alright!!


(Pause for more sniffles)


Nia: We can already see how much Wook adores her, and the adoration is evidently shown to her in those knee-melting kisses, the kind strictly reserved for grown-ups. But how could he possibly know she would take it well, wouldn’t pull away, push him away or close off? Or was he gonna gamble on the chance and see where it took them?


Phoebe the Divine: Hmm, the question bears thoughtful response, because I seldom recall my own transition from a girl to a woman. How much harder is it for Hyunnie who has to do all that in front of a camera and not lose a part of herself to the demands of her chosen career?


As I was reading her past IVs, Hyunnie was trying to depict another side to her and I feel like NO ONE was really listening. She describes herself as someone who can’t do aegyo, someone who doesn’t prim and pose for pictures and someone who prefers he quirky rather than the norm… a person with a mischievous streak. She co-starred with some hot young studs her age and she became just ‘one of the guys’. They adored her and with good reasons. How can they not? If this was the real world, Hyunnie would be the girl everyone flocks to for good advice or emotional support. At a party, she would be the person who introduces herself to the awkward person in the corner, making sure they are having a great time. That’s just who she is and she does not mind playing the supporting role. What Hyunnie is not… is someone who needs the attention or spotlight to be on her.


Her professional resume is filled with lead roles yet in her personal life resume, she automatically gravitates to being the second female lead… and all that comes to end in 2017 with SP and Ji Chang Wook.


Out of all her co-stars, he appears to match the least with her on paper- in personality, physicality, behavior, popularity, background, experience, and maybe even generational (given their age gap). Having said all that, here comes this guy who physically LOOKS like he can break hearts… all hearts, any hearts, at the snap of a finger. For someone who has always been a background fixture in a social setting, the idea of this man ever looking at her desirably most likely never crossed Hyunnie’s mind, but here comes this guy who…


1. At Seoul Music Awards, treats her like a goddess and makes sure she doesn’t trip over the pedestal he put her on when he walks off-stage when SP wasn’t even in the picture.

2. Yells out how pretty she is like he’s suffering from Tourette’s syndrome.

3. Publicly blushes because she’s so sexy.

4. Gets his math and history mixed up when asked why he never took on a rom-com before SP.

5. Makes sure she looks her very best with not a single hair out of place and no missing jewelry.

6. Makes sure to catch every drop of fake rain for her so that she doesn’t get soaked or falls sick.

7. Stands quietly in the background in bemused admiration when she’s attempting action scenes.

8. Can’t just stand by while her hair gets pulled and yanked that he was inspired to adlib what he would do in a real-life situation.

9. Gushes on national TV when he talks about her.

10. Mentions her name when no question required the specific answer.

11. Strategically uses his hands, arms, blankets to cover her during her first adult bed scene.

12. Asks and pleads her to trek to the borders of North Korea just to visit him with food.

13. Worries about covering her up before she sits on the floor in short shorts.

14. Is unable to leave her side when she is just wearing makeup for a patient and not actually sick.

15. Is unable to leave her when she is struggling with a scene.

16. Is more upset about a fake rejection scene after sharing a night of passion.

17. Is so upset at having to reject her character in the ‘Do not like me scene’, that he picks it as a favorite scene just so he can fully explain why he ‘rejects’ her.

18. Ends up tearing before she has to for a scene.

19. Allows her full access to any part of him at any given moment when she’s nervous or tired.

20. When in a room of mostly male, might as well be the shadow that follows her to protect her from the scrutiny of testosterone and sexual innuendos.

21. Suggests to continue hugging her because his character is beaming with that much pride.

22. Makes sure a part of him is always touching a part of her skin.

23. Begs the script writer and PD to reunite the sundered characters.

24. Makes sue that she gets a daily dose of neck massages to ease the strains of filming long hours.

25. Makes sure she can walk up the stairs to make it to her scene on time. Lol!

26. Gives her chin a little nudge every once in a while because she’s just that darn cute.

27. Chooses to broadcast an unedited, raw, kiss clip- of what to me is his most vulnerable moment –in an auditorium filled with crazed, possessive fans.

28. Seems to find peace and solace to fall asleep even in a noisy room as long as he has her in his arms.

29. Gets so worked up when her attention is divided that he doesn’t even mind throwing temper tantrums and having all of it documented on video.

30. Chooses to remember all his scenes with Hyunnie when asked 2 years later after completing a brand new project.

31. When asked about favourite scenes, chooses all SP kiss scenes without reservations.

32. Invites her to the military musical.

33. Asks for her opinion on sensitive matters that can affect everything he has ever worked for.

Point 1-5 is my answer to your question. He knew she wasn’t going to push him away because he was already willing to pull out all stops for her, way before SP even has its first script printed.

Here is a guy who did all of the above and he did it all for her or because of her, so tell me Nia… would you surrender to him?


Nia: (Dead)…..


The End


Once the conversation was done and I finally regained my senses, I had only two things to say.

Thank you, Phoebe.

Bravo doesn’t even begin to cover it.





Lmao you girls are hilarious!!


And Finally @ptp321






@ptp321 be like...




My advice to  @ptp321



So @ptp321 please keep up the good work and live up to your name. :P


All hail Phoebe The Divine!





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1 hour ago, shady01girl said:

so excited to see her in hew new drama. does anyone know when itll start for us to watch?

I think it premieres end of March, specifically March 30th, but don’t quote me because I’ve been wrong before. 

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Joyous New Year to All!!!


Jumping on the "I'm so excited for her new drama" train. New kinda role for her, which is super exciting. 


Love this ship and shippers. 2020 FIGHTING!!!


also 2020... 20:20 vision... clarity... relationships... dating news... marriage news... baby news... ok, I have never claimed to be rational... just be happy that the captains of our ship are adorkable and hard working. Looking forward to all their projects in the new year. 

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On 1/12/2020 at 4:05 PM, ObsessedEf said:

Does anyone has translated message of NJH posted in her cafe? 

I don't think we can reupload her letter outside the fancafe,right ?



Woot woot he is back to action movie :heart:


credit to the owner

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On 1/12/2020 at 8:05 AM, ObsessedEf said:

Does anyone has translated message of NJH posted in her cafe? 

I saw an account on insta post a translation but I can’t remember which one it was. I can’t remember word for word but she wished everyone a happy new year and said 2019 was a difficult year for her academically and is glad it’s over. She’s currently working hard shooting for her new show which will air in March. 

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Thank you @pauliza for keeping this thread alive:heart:

Can't wait for our Namji's upcoming projects. Hope to see Hyunie's drama soon in march and I'm excited to see wook back in action movie. I am curious about the kind of role he will play this time:D.


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11 hours ago, Harry97 said:

Thank you @pauliza for keeping this thread alive:heart:

Can't wait for our Namji's upcoming projects. Hope to see Hyunie's drama soon in march and I'm excited to see wook back in action movie. I am curious about the kind of role he will play this time:D.


My pleasure :lol:


Are u sure,u are just rehearsing ? :P




Credit to the owner

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19 January 2017 :heart:

She posted this .Translation in the spoiler :heart:




01.19.2017 is definitely a date we will always remember!  It's been a beautiful ride. Happy 3 years :heart:



credit to the owner

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