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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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This is so cute and funny! And it quenched the draught a little even tho this is an older clip (I think???). I love that they started off the pairing with NJH and JCW.. Of all people! ! Could it be that this fact is some sorta open secret within the industry.. Lololol.. Living in my own delulu fantasy :wub::rolleyes: like everyone knows it but nobody talks about it.. Hahaha

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Thanks for sharing @milkypeony! how freakin' cute!



To your question @Jiji_1314, it is older and from 16 feb 2017, before SP... Clips from the original popped up on my YT feed yesterday(example below)... haven't watched so don't know if the kiss questions came up.



But we can ask *why* they chose to post... because shippers are addicts and were sure to pick up on it.




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20 hours ago, tinymel said:


Thank you for some bedtime reading :P


I'm travelling at the mo work and (because working on the plane is for boring people) I've outlined a fanfic (something I haven't written in over 15 years)... If it goes anywhere... well you dear shippers will be the first to know. hahahha.


Omo! Woots! I really hope you will start a fanfic soon! Hahahah. Cant wait dearie! Hahaha. Fighting! 


19 hours ago, songsongdiehard said:

Hi beautiful people.. It's been a while since I last posted and visited our thread but know that I'm still with you all FIGHTING!!

Last Saturday, I needed a little pick me upper so I tuned in to Viki and rewatched ep17 to I think dirty but pretty before I have to return to my reality. But let me tell you that the chemistry that attracted me from the beginning is still there, unbelievable. I'm still as giddy as I was and was so attracted and in love with them still. Wookie was really different in SP as was Hyunni, there's so much attraction flying in that screen and up to now can get me hooked. 

Thanks for keeping the thread alive and lively with your beautiful gifs and commentaries. Sailing:)


Hello dearie! Glad to see u dropping by! Fighting with RL! 

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20 minutes ago, pauliza said:

Wookie's ig update and it's reminded me of this post of Hyunnie :D


Love on how they show appreciation to their fans's projects   :heart:




credit to the owner 


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12 hours ago, msbaglover said:

After seeing posts from his vacation in Bangkok, i really think that this post by Wookie is meant for Hyunnie. He was away and he missed her so much. 

If I m not mistaken it was a late post - posted when he already in Korea .But baby girl also busy with her final exam .Her last paper maybe on last Tuesday (25 June ).

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On 6/27/2019 at 11:01 AM, pauliza said:
Wookie's ig update and it's reminded me of this post of Hyunnie :D


Tbh.. the moment i saw his update i tot of H too. LOL. I mean, pls correct me if im wrong but i dun think its the first time fans did this for him but he has never shared it until now. Haha. Okie my only logical reason its cos maybe its from his official fc so he updated.. but in his post, he added his chinese fangroup too. So.. LOL. I dunno if it makes any sense to link them up. Also, it could be because he really wants to thank fans for waiting for him and etc too. Hahah. Trying to find all sort of reasons to remain rational. Lol. 


On 6/27/2019 at 8:25 PM, songsongdiehard said:

I guess it's time to change my handle... I'm very heartbroken :bawling:


*huggles* dearie.. it will be alright. We're here with you! 


On 6/28/2019 at 8:54 PM, Changsky said:

Awww... Updates from uri NamJi! Their timing tho... :wub:



Hahaha. Their timing has always been somewhat consistent since SP days. Lol. 

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