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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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3 hours ago, babyval22 said:


Hahahahah! U are still hoping for pics on for the 12th? Hehee. Better to keep our expectations low so when things like this happen, the surprise is so much the sweeter. Hehe. 



At this juncture, there are no right or wrong theories dearie, only that it would be much better if it can make logical and possible sense. Hahaha. 





Is there anyway to have a list of all people who visited oppa... Or maybe one of the soldiers who he lives with can pass any hint... Cause I want to know about them badly after hyunnie seeing the musical

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How beautifully they praise each other. And how they genuinely appreciate each other's work and efforts :heart:


D -37 :heart:


credit to the owner

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Nia 1: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Nia 2: O Lord!


Nia 1: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Nia 2: Not again! It’s been more than a week now!


Nia 1: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee! SHE WENT TO HIS MUSICAL!!!


Nia 2: More than a week ago! We squealed enough then, remember?


Nia 1: A week ago, and you still haven’t forgiven me. It’s not like I-


Nia 2: You almost got us booted out of the apartment! And we live alone.


Nia 1: So it’s my fault Gertie doesn’t appreciate the frickin’ bomb-


Nia 2: Yes. It’s called a bomb for a reason. Not everyone likes being lobbed with those. You nearly broke the bed and sent it down through her roof!


Nia 1: What a night 'twas! (with a faraway look)  I couldn’t find Fairy Godmum’s IG—she changed the name—and I went back to Hyunnie’s following list to check-


Nia 2: I do NOT want to hear this again.


Nia 1: -and I got the account and clicked and, the first thing I saw, O Lord, the first thing I saw-


Nia 2: O boy…


Nia 1: I mean, what the hell kind of coincidence is that? Out of the blue, I decided to check the account, and there it was! The latest post. Not even an hour old. I saw Hyunnie first, then the musical poster above her, then the whole picture, then ohmygawdohmygawdohmygawd-


Nia 2: No. Don’t you-


Nia 1: Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Nia 2: I hate that! Can’t you use a different vowel to squeal?


Nia 1: (dancing the Ji-Geu-Deok) I love you girl, and I was too happy to point it out when you did, but the vowel you used on seeing the pic sounded positively guttural at the time.


Nia 2: (looking somewhat contrite) I- I’m not proud of it. But at least that had an expiry. You’ve been doing this wherever we go!


Nia 1: I can’t help it! I mean, yes, we knew the moment he said her name on national television with that pouty face, and serenaded to the kiss BTS at his last concert, and spoke about keeping on loving a hypothetical girlfriend through the military service… Yeah, we knew this was something serious enough. The guy’s practical through and through and always said stuff like not wanting to make things hard for a girl when he’s away. And then all of a sudden, he was kinda almost asking for a commitment from that hypothetical someone. I mean, he was hoping that the girl he loves would wait, but it was also like he was sure enough of his place in her life that he knew he could ask her to do that.


Nia 2: I’ve always thought so too-


Nia 1: Why 'too' when there's just one of us? (snickers lamely)


Nia 2: (with her own faraway look) It was as if he knew he loved her, knew she loved him too and thought himself well within his rights to ask of her constancy. The first time I heard him, the power of that implication was so absolute… almost as if he was sure of his own devotion to her, and prayed that distance would not diminish it. When he said that he would cherish that love as a good memory, even if her heart changed before his return… I dared not say it then-


Nia 1: It felt a sure hope to me, but I didn’t want to get ahead of myself.


Nia 2: Exactly. When he said that, I couldn’t help thinking that maybe, just maybe, he was saying that so she does not feel any guilt. If she doesn’t love him anymore, he wouldn’t hold her against her will. But as long as she was his, he’d endure through time, distance and all else that fate brought, just so they could belong together.


Nia 1: True that. He found juggling work and romance difficult enough, yet on the threshold of a huge milestone in his life, seemed willing to make the mother of all commitments. Army service is no joke in the relationship arena. Still there he was, promising before the world—to be hers, to be faithful and to keep a part of her with him forever, even if it was just a memory.


Nia 2: The story just kept going from strength to strength thereafter.


Nia 1: Or coincidence to coincidence. Her post on August 14th 2018, her birthday when she was largely missing and so was he.


Nia 2: Yup. Out on a break and missing. Except for only solitary photo from his friend.


Nia 1: And the weirdest out-of-the-blue video message to all soldiers during HDH commentary. Was there anything about the army in the acrostic poems Hyunnie and DO made? Which would certainly explain the line of thought. Otherwise, that was more out-of-the-place than the boom mic operator during JiJi’s laundry kisses.


Nia 2: Don’t take me there.


Nia 1: Aaaah… I know. (lightly slaps herself) But yeah, those were some very susanghe things.


Nia 2: Some of the many. And just when the seas rolled drowsily, Hyunnie picked the ship up and plunked it right on top of a minefield.


Nia 1: (reminiscences the musical visit post again) Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!


Nia 2: Shut it!


Nia 1: You mean ‘Shut out’! Fairy Godmum knows.


Nia 2: Fairy Godmum knows we know.


Nia 1: Fairy Godmum knows we know she knows. C’mon, she posted a JiJi shipper’s chocolate bouquet and note, stuck JiJi’s pics in the same spot in the salon, and now takes along her baby girl to see the star boy’s musical.


Nia 2: Their entire circle is genius.


Nia 1: Must be all the fish they eat. Remember Jeeves?


Nia 2: Must be. (starts ticking facts off her fingers) Wook’s been working with CEO Mi Young since eons now. Said CEO-nim knows he is being shipped mightily with Hyunnie. If Wook or Hyunnie didn’t want it, Mi Young-shi would hardly cosplay as a connecting dot between the two. To the best of my knowledge, she has not been clicked at any of the previous Shinheung musical shows. And the one time she does go, she takes Hyunnie.



Credit duly given to the IG owner


Nia 1: (lends her own fingers for the fact-checking) It’s only the two ALUU CEOs—Jung Mi Young and Kim Min Seon—and Hyunnie. Cannot see other members of Wook’s ALUU team, so they were either busy, went before and never posted on SNS, or went and posted something that escaped us so far, or…


Nia 2: Or this was supposed to be a more-personal-than-usual support visit.


Nia 1: Kekekekekeke! Hyunnie looks thoroughly out of place between the two ladies. In a professional capacity, they are the higher-ups carving out time together to support not only a beloved dongsaeng but also an important client. Even so, I can’t shake off the vibe that the two CEOs seem to be chaperoning their youngest sister on her date!


Nia 2: Yeah. The small group, the people in it and their mutual association with Wook and Hyunnie even taken in separate contexts leave very little room for doubt that Hyunnie has long been acknowledged as a part of Wook’s circle, to an extent where the rest of the people in that circle not only do NOT deny any possible links between the two, but take a step further to voice their blessings openly.


Nia 1: A hallmark, I remember, of SongSong’s courtship.


Nia 2: A few similarities are definitely found here too.


Nia 1: This is no VIP premiere with a long list of professional friends and acquaintance doing a collective 'Hwaiting'! When all is said and done, this is still a facet of his personal life as a soldier that the public is allowed into for the love of the country. How many co-stars and friends have we seen at the musical? That in itself should explain what he said long ago- his invitation was not merely for Hyunnie to visit him in the army. It was to be in his life beyond SP, beyond JiBong, beyond the temporary separation and upon the rest of the journey wherever it may lead.


Nia 2: And Hyunnie wants to! I have not seen one reason, not one paltry reason, to believe that she thinks differently. Since before he even left, she has been as encouraging and supportive as she is now. She wants her 'Oraboni' to return safe and healthy. She wants him to know that the world can take a hint and she is just fine with that. That he is not alone in making claims and promises. That she is right there in his corner, as always.


Nia 1: And that ‘Oraboni’? Aww, that ‘Oraboni’! She kills me every time she says that! Jaebal Hyunnie-ah, I wanna live long enough to see you walk down the aisle!


Nia 2: (the thought renders her jelly-kneed, so she hurries and flops down on a seat before Nia 1 could point and poke fun) Um-hmm. Some ‘Oraboni’ that was. Equalled only by Wookie’s ‘Ji Hyun yangie’.


Nia 1: They have more inside jokes than SP PD-nim had hives seeing their kisses.


Nia 2: Like we didn’t? And don’t go there!


Nia 1: But still, it’s thoroughly disconcerting when the two speak highly formal words while having gooey looks on their faces. Is that, like a… you know… a play-


Nia 2: No! You are not taking me there!


Nia 1: Jeez! It’s JiJi, it goes there more often than not.


Nia 2: Gertie’s apartment is not the place for it to go there.


Nia 1: Like she can hear us talking. 'Sall in the head, for God's sake!


Nia 2: Maybe, but she can see the crazy faces. And one of your ‘Eeeeeeeeeees’ definitely came out. Why do you think she ran inside?


Nia 1: She said she'd make juice.


Nia 2: (raises an eyebrow) Like her life depended on it?


Nia 1: Ah, I wondered why she closed the kitchen door behind her.


Nia 2: The entire street parted like the Red Sea went we went out for a jog today!


Nia 1: If they saw JiJi, they’d be no better. Or is that supposed to be ‘ no worse’? Anyways, you can't blame me when even Hyunnie likes all this shippy business.


Nia 2: Uh-huh.


Nia 1: She sees all those touchy and kissy JiJi videos-


Nia 2: Who doesn't?


Nia 1: She liked one too-


Nia 2: Who didn't?


Nia 1: Gertie.


Nia 2: We are NOT siccing those on Gertie! She hasn't even made it past the Immaculate Conception!


Nia 1: I'd say it's high time she at least joined the birds-and-bees circuit.


Nia 2: Can we just give her the chocolates and go home, please?

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@pauliza  Thanks for posting this, but I had NO doubt.  The jumping to conclusions online was getting annoying.  Is he supposed to do a background check on everyone before he takes a picture with them now?  Ridiculous!  I hope we can move past this and return to spazzing about March 12th!  I’m still not over that date...lol.

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12 minutes ago, ptp321 said:

@pauliza  Thanks for posting this, but I had NO doubt.  The jumping to conclusions online was getting annoying.  Is he supposed to do a background check on everyone before he takes a picture with them now?  Ridiculous!  I hope we can move past this and return to spazzing about March 12th!  I’m still not over that date...lol.

From Jilighted Soompiers & translated by @riririru 


New article from Soompi 

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credit to Soompi 


SBS clarified their reasons for showing a photo of Ji Chang Wook with Madam Lin during the March 23 broadcast of “Unanswered Questions.” A source from SBS’s “Unanswered Questions” stated, “We used photos of Madam Lin with celebrities to explain that she was acquainted with Korean celebrities. We were not suggesting that Ji Chang Wook was tied to the ‘Burning Sun Gate.'” Source : Soompi 


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credit to @changwook1212  -  KBS 뉴스 에서 이기사를 오늘 아침 6시50분에 방송했내요 ...
Jichangwook just accepted the taking a photo ... TV channel, KBS aired about the wrong article and the fact in this morning .


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D -31 :heart:


credit to the owner 


Anybody who is interested to send messages to Wookie please directly contact Jilighted Soompiers ig .Thank you .


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Annyeong haseyooo... :)


Whoah... I didn't post anything here in a long time. Thanks to all of you who keep updating this precious thread :wub:


Want to share about the day I finally saw Wookie in person, on March 7th 2019 when watching his musical. Actually want to post this last weekend but the SBS mess happened. What a hard days for us. Thanks God it's clear now :wub:


Back to the musical... :)


I was very happy knowing that Wookie's musical has encore performances in Seoul. Coz Coincidentally I had tour on 7 to 12 March in Seoul.


From the schedule I found out that Wookie would performed on the 7th, with Kang Haneul and Sunggyu too (the original casts). Lucky me my schedule on the 7th was not tight, the tour finished earlier since it's our first day (we arrived in the morning). 


Then I tried to get the ticket for 7th March performance. As expected, I failed at 1st attempt :lol: So I waited for people to cancel theirs. It's like every time every day I checked Interpark website. Thanks to @excitedgal who informed me the ticket availability. I got tickets on the next 4 attempts until got the R seat at last, so I cancelled the first 3 in turn everytime I got better seat. Good thing comes to those who wait indeed :wub:


On the D day, I came early at the venue, Kwanglim Art Center - BBCH Hall. It’s easy to find the place using the map. Very near to Kwanglim Church. We could see the musical banners along the way to the Hall.


When I arrived, I met some Japanese ahjummas at the lobby. Not sure whose fans they were but very kind and help me to take my pictures, since I came alone :D The place is very nice. It’s inside the building, on the 7th floor. Not too big, you will suddenly feel familiar and close. Since I had time to look around, I took pictures while waiting for the musical started. I don’t know but at that time many audiences were like office workers or adults around my age B)


The musical started on time at 8 PM. Before it’s started, they announced the do and don’t in some languages like it’s strictly prohibited to take pictures or to video recording, especially during performance. Also, some other information like the emergency exit locations, etc.


The seats were full at the first floor. I didn't know about the second floor. Many soldiers or people in military uniform were coming and they sat on R seat area. Later I know that the actors have privilege to giveaway the musical tickets to their friends or family or others. So I guess Jihyun got her ticket from Wookie… hehehe. I’m a bit regret not watching the musical on 12th March. If I knew my schedule would finished earlier too on that day, I would have bought another ticket, and I could meet Jihyun :mellow:



Like a dream, I did not believe that I would saw Wookie and other actors, Haneul and Sungkyu too. Dugeun dugeun… thump thump… finally Wookie appeared on the stage. Oh My God! he’s sooo handsome!! Even more handsome in real!!! I didn’t want to blink and I kept my eyes open so I could watch him like I want to memorise it, save it in my mind… haha. I was really on fangirling mode. The feels... :wub:


Shinheung Military Academy is really a good musical. No wonder it's nominated as the best musical in the 3rd Korea Musical Awards, December 2018. But didn't win: 





I didn’t understand the detail conversations between the actors, I only know what the musical is about from reading the story from fans account or medias and from watching videos of previous performances. But the actors made me understand trough their body language, expression, intonation, etc. They are really good actors, very talented and mostly are experience musical actors, I felt their emotions. They helped me to keep up with the story. I understood what this part was about by watching them act/sing. They act so good that you understand what it's all about. Especially Wookie and Haneul, when they were together, I could feel their bromance, and their outstanding chemistry. There are funny moments between Dong Gyu and Pal Do, also sad moments. They made you laugh at the comedic parts and feel sad in the bitter parts.


In short, the musical was so grand, and so flawless. The acting, choreography, music, ensemble, lighting, stage setting, etc. If it’s not perfection then I don’t know what it is. The powerful performance, enough to stimulate tears or goosebumps. Later I know from @excitedgal that until that day the 7th March performance is considered as the best in most fans opinion. I feel so blessed, very grateful to have the chance to see Shinheung Military Academy Musical :wub:


A Shinee's fan also thought the same about Shinheung Military Academy:



If you are curious, here is a more professional review from a fan about the musical:





If you have a chance, do watch Wookie’s musical. I’m especially amazed with his singing ability. We heard him singing in some OST. But he is singing live in a wide variety of vocal styles in the musical for about 3 hours is another story :wub:


It took 3 hours more or less watching the musical, with one intermission between 2 sessions (around 15 minutes). I thought the actors must be so exhausted, especially if they have to perform 2 times a day. I don't know how they manage their physical condition and health to keep passionate and perform so well. 


When the performance end, all the audiences couldn’t help but giving standing ovation with big claps and clapped harder for our fave actor while cheering and screaming a bit "WAAAAA", until the curtain calls and we couldn’t see the actors again and even some time after that. I had goosebumps, and left the venue feeling so patriotic, inspired by the musical :D And feel like a dream, still not believe that I just saw Wookie! :wub:


I didn't wait and go to the parking area to see the actors since it's almost midnight. I saw a tweet posting the 7th March performance, but I forgot to save it. One of my faves from the musical is the part when they performed a military parade where they display some riffle works. So cool and Wookie looked so dashing there. Wish I could find a vid for this part.



Okay... want to write more, but can't think. So sorry for the long post and messy writing :D


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3 hours ago, Changsky said:

Later I know that the actors have privilege to giveaway the musical tickets to their friends or family or others. So I guess Jihyun got her ticket from Wookie… hehehe. I’m a bit regret not watching the musical on 12th March. If I knew my schedule would finished earlier too on that day, I would had bought another ticket, and I could meet Jihyun :mellow:

Thank you for sharing your story & love to read this part :D .


Can't believe we already on D -30 & 1 more month to go :heart: .

Nothing serious & its just a pure coincidence - Balenciaga shoes & jacket :lol:


credit to the owner

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