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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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Hello friends!    So yeah, I have gone crazy and ultimately give in to my shipper's heart. Finally created this thread for the Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook shippers of Suspicious Partner! YA

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D -153 & D -0 for Hyunnie's first fanmeeting :heart: .



Her ig captions "Will be great if you bring in your cameras! " :D


Have fun Hyunited Soompier's members who are attending Hyunnie 's first fanmeeting :wub: .


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Quoted the captions "Happy to see Hyunnie receiving lots of love from fans all over the world. Here is a little something we prepared for her to congratulate and wish her good luck on her first fanmeeting. We hope you liked it  and wishing it gave you strength for today’s event " :heart::wub:


credit to the owner 

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Translation credit  @bongborobong_njh ig .Yesterday JH and Fans picked the best drama and SP was there. Ha
I cried a lot when I saw that scene on TV. JH said filming that scene was hard. She said if it's good , gotta see it in big screen. Seeing my two most favorite people on screen was very good. Ha
Seeing CW in real person doesn't make me nervous/ flutter, but seeing him on screen make my heart flutter. Stange!!!
My most favorite is Queen Sun Deok, Angel Eyes, Shopaholic Luie, SP. Maybe because I did high five with her, even after a day is over, I can still remember her face clearly.

I thought she acted so well on this scene when she went into her room and crying all night.


Post SP,both of them chose "Dirty but Pretty " as their favourite scenes .Coincidentally in their fanmeeting ,they   chose "Don't Like Me " scene as their favourite .Love how sync Namji are :heart:


D-152  :heart:


credit to the owner

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Hyunie's update and thank you message for the love, support and gifts received for her fanmeeting. She is a sweetheart.
So happy that you are happy.
Once again congratulations baby for 1st successful Fanmeeting .
We are proud of you and love you so much :heart::wub: .


Spotted our cake,photo mosaic ,flowers & Noh Ji Wook doll there .




credit to the owner

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