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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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On 10/11/2018 at 10:04 AM, babyval22 said:


Haha. Maybe we are celebrating HDH breaking the 10% ratings? LOL. So happy for hyunni that even more recognition is coming her way after SP, and now with HDH too. Hehe. 


Reporting our attendance here just so we know who is still around~~~


So far we have @babyval22 @pauliza @MoonlightSerenade @luvforever @happyheart1 @masthu @ss1504 @Changsky @ajboomer28 @adi2019jiji @feliciadreamer @truebeliever @achinawa @daloula @khalinkikyo @midorinokerochan


I know of alot more who haven appeared! Haha. 

@attriste @lovethatlook @Harry97 @magoner @ahava26 @Babyboomer @amalyn99 @excitedgal @findingserendipity @nianderson come on out and do roll call! :D

hai ladies Count me as well ..................... thk my daer  @pauliza   

ever day is a must for me to read this forum ............just THAT i'm a silent lurker 

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Hello friends!    So yeah, I have gone crazy and ultimately give in to my shipper's heart. Finally created this thread for the Nam Ji Hyun and Ji Chang Wook shippers of Suspicious Partner! YA

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On 10/13/2018 at 7:33 PM, masthu said:

Masthu present!

 when did you  become our class monitor Val? I mean NamJi Thread monitor??  Lol!  :P

Lmao we can't get enough of studying NamJi chemistry right chinguya right??

Then again it's everywhere in those 27 mins so our otp did not give us a chance to miss it ;)  Lmaoo why is it so hard to spot a scene without all the action ?? :lol::lol:


LOl, maknae, your cute doggy gif is so on point! HAHAHAH.

22 hours ago, achinawa said:

And I swear upon reading this..that iconic NamJi first kiss came to mind lmao :lol:  


Is on 2nd place still on SBS catch for popular uploads hehe:love: You won't mind seeing it all again,right? :P


All chincha goners already! hahaha. of course we won't mind! Makes me wonder what is their first place though! HAHAHAH.


***Rollcall in Progress***


@babyval22 @pauliza @MoonlightSerenade @luvforever @happyheart1 @masthu @ss1504 @Changsky @ajboomer28 @adi2019jiji @feliciadreamer @truebeliever @achinawa @daloula @khalinkikyo @midorinokerochan @excitedgal @Swanflwer @Jenroe @summerset @attriste @ptp321 @kmagesh

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It has been over a year since SP ended but it is still getting accolades and the fans are still voting and showing their love to the drama and the pair. I still haven’t found a pair that gives me the same feels and chemistry and it will probably be difficult to find.

On thé other hand, Hyunnie’s drama is doing really good and the rating are great and surpassing all expectations. I am so happy for her since she has worked really hard for the filming in hanbok in the heat of summer moving from set to set. The dcut survey is up too and I can’t wait to buy and watch it.

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18 hours ago, pauliza said:
Even the way Wookie call Jihyun's name and Hyunnie responding Oppa is music to my ear...So perfect:heart:


credit to the owner

The way he called her and the way she responded was just so natural ^_^


Why is the ig post deleted when sbs catch released it lol

7 hours ago, pauliza said:
Found this .Our shy Hyunnie when Namji kiss scene on the big screen :lol:



credit to the owner


:lol: The shyness is genuine hihi:wub:


1 hour ago, Changsky said:

Yeay... More people gonna watch SP:wub:

That's great news. It's a pity sometimes that not a lot of people know about this drama ( even on facebook ) like where has everybody been to?!?!?! Lolz. And then you similarities of some scenes from a new drama after it..and gets appreciated right away (me on the otherhand..I've seen it happen in SP :rolleyes:)

Underrated drama me thinks,nonetheless luv how we've seen everything from SP :lol: And how much we adore them ^_^

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3 hours ago, daloula said:

Hyunnie updated her Instagram and I must say I love the picture with the playful spark in her eyes and smile.


It is my favorite out of all her promotion updates of HDH :wub: 

Same same...my fave as well.Luv the black and white effect too.:heart:

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