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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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2 hours ago, achinawa said:

Lovely Hyuniii looking so fresh^_^


OT: Off to opening mah Dcut..which I have gotten  only last Thursday after being held for Customs examination (sorry to have let you stayed there for 2 weeks hah -_- ) But when they opened the package in front of me..and saw the dvd cover pic..Hyuni and Wookies smile just lit me up. ^_^ And told myself..ah this is it really :lol: Good luck to me haha :tongue::lol:


Have fun, dearie! Make sure you have a fan at hand or the air conditioning swiched on when you watch some parts (I think you already know which ones, based on the comments here:tongue:) and try not to be overwhelmed by the overdose of NamJi sweetness and cuteness for other parts :wub: . And when you  need to stop and come up for air, please don't forget to get back here and share your comments!  :D^_^


@stucked Yay! Our favorite shark is back!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Welcome home, it's nice to have you back here :D

@MoonlightSerenade: welcome back to you as well!  We missed you. And  especially recently... watching some parts of the D-cut, many times my thoughts went to you and the rest of the byeontae squad :lol: Too bad that because of the copyright it's difficult to comment properly and you won't be able to share all your thoughts with us :wink::lol::ph34r:

@luvforever : noticed that bandaid on Hyunie's arm too, but I guess and hope it's only a minor injury!



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On 26/4/2018 at 3:58 PM, shady01girl said:

so im watching the special and disk 15 and 16 again before i give you guys my final take on them and also some details.


for those who dont have the DVD to illl let you guys know few things. 


things i noticed:

1. Wookie is well aware of the camera that is being filmed for the DCUT. so does hyunnie but more wookie. (this is prob why they are still careful) 

2. wookie mimicks (copies) a lot what hyunnie does. its cute. when she is stretching he starts to do the same. so cute!!!

3. they talk mostly about the scene they are about to do and have a very good understanding when they practice the lines and such. but sometimes you can hear them talking about non work related. about shows and other little things.

4. he for sure takes care of her. it seems so natural. sometimes i think hmm maybe im wrong that they have something going on but when you watch certain scenes or what they say makes me think....noooo they must have feelings for each other. he is too extra with this co-star. 

5. wookie and hyunni and the director have a very good relationship. 

6. the first disk in the special disk is where some of the cast members are watching clips together and talking about it. at one scene the actor (killer actor) makes a comment about dating or wookie and hyunnie?? i have to rewatch this part. thought that was an interesting comment he made. ill let you know about this as soon as i get to that scene. if someone knows what im talking about please let me know. 

7. speaking about that actor (killer) when you watch him in the special and also some BTS he seems...hmm...a little rude. not sure how to explain. or maybe this is me.


jump in with any of my comments. im watching it for the second time to make sure im being rational now...lol 


Thank you so much for this and the other insights you are sharing with us! :heart:

I am curious  and eager to hear everyone's comments (as much as the copyright issue allows, of course), but since you also understand the language (and not just the body language - which is  what the majority of us need to rely on for the most part :tongue:) your comments are especially helpful for me/us. 

And I am glad that so far you are confirming the impressions I had :wink:

As to DongHa (the killer), I have to confess I really didn't know what to think based on what I saw and the little I understood of the commentary... I kept getting not-so-good vibes, but I wondered if I was only projecting the character he played on him, or I thought that maybe he was really not used to doing the commentary and quite unconfortable. But it seems that  many of us are a bit perplexed after all?

Then (it was in another post, but...) thanks a lot for the explanation about Mr. Bang, 'cause I had completely missed that part. So happy they choose not to kill him off, because he was really a great character and loved by all the viewers I think. And I have to say that seeing the actor tearing up while watching some scenes for the commentary, and in particular the scene in the park when JW runs to  BH and asks her to like him back immediately, made me love him even more.  


On 26/4/2018 at 9:21 PM, daloula said:

I have to confess. I used to think that I would have probably moved on from this ship even before I received the dcut then when It didn’t happen I thought watching the dcut would give me a closure and will help me move on. 

Why am I still as crazy about Namji if not more? What am I still doing in this thread?



On 27/4/2018 at 1:07 AM, pauliza said:

I have to confess too .Haha I thought I m going to move on after 14August 2017 & I told @songsongdiehard I will watch DOTS  after Wookie's enlistment .Maybe its easier for me to move on from Namji if I ship real couple like song2couple .But today is 27 April 2018 ...I haven't watch Dots ...I Have not properly watch other kdramas  after SP & I m still stuck in this thread :lol:


Same! If it's of any consolation, you are not alone. Which means that at least you get to spazz with me and the other bunch of incurable NamJi addicts :lol: It would be worse if you were so crazy about NamJi and had no one to talk to, right? :tongue:

I admit that one of  the main reasons why I  seldom buy  drama d-cuts is that by the time the d-cut is in my hands, my interested has mostly faded /  I am engrossed with something else. This happened also with the latest d-cut I bought before the SP one: I had been so excited when I had placed the order in 2016, but it arrived last year when my life had already been taken over by  NamJi, this thread, the  NamJi vids constantly replayed on YT, etc. so i barely spared that DVD a glance. I was expecting the same to happen again this time, but nope. I never left this thread in all these months, my love and  addiction (cough) interest for our otp never faltered or decreased...  and now  I feel the D-cut has enough  :wub::wub::wub: NamJi stuff to feed my shipper heart at least till May 2019, and then we'll see what happens when Wookie is done with his MS. For the time being, I don't see for myself a way out of this madness. :crazy::wub::lol:



On 27/4/2018 at 6:51 PM, daloula said:

After watching the dcut, I want to add a new appellation for this pair: Shameless couple 



The more I watch the Dcut and replay some parts in particular, the more I have to agree with you that this nickname suits them perfectly :lol::lol::lol: They really are! But this is one more reason for us to love them, isn't it? :wub::tongue:

Wookie... maybe we had seen hints before so it's not a complete surprise. But shameless Hyunie  is GOLD.  :lol: 


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22 hours ago, achinawa said:

Lovely Hyuniii looking so fresh^_^


OT: Off to opening mah Dcut..which I have gotten  only last Thursday after being held for Customs examination (sorry to have let you stayed there for 2 weeks hah -_- ) But when they opened the package in front of me..and saw the dvd cover pic..Hyuni and Wookies smile just lit me up. ^_^ And told myself..ah this is it really :lol: Good luck to me haha :tongue::lol:


I hope you have been enjoying your dcut just fine! I'm like only halfway through properly watching disc 15 part 2 before RL keeps on sucking me back. Gosh. What i would love to bask in namji loveliness all day~ :wub:


3 hours ago, midorinokerochan said:

I think we are all quite happy (and this is probably an understatement :wink:) about the BTS for the 3rd kiss > bed scene, but at the same time we would have loved to see more, more, more... (I am not the only one, am I ? :lol:)

Well, about this part, after watching the D-cut I can't help wishing that they had included  also the conversation they had to switch from the kiss on the cheek (the morning after), that seemed to be the first idea for this scene,  to the kiss on the shoulder that was aired. I think that one of the reasons could be that the movement required for JW to get to kiss BH's cheek did not look very smooth in the rehearsal. But still I am curious, also because the first version  (kiss on the cheek) probably looked more sweet and romantic, while the final version (kiss on the shoulder) definitely gave a more sensual vibe.  

In the light of the discussion between NamJi and pdnim  about the part when they enter BH's room and land on the bed that - at least from what I got - was absolutely incredible and hilarious (I can only describe it like this: :lol::wub::lol::wub::lol:), I can only wish we could have witnessed the same kind of discussion for the morning after. It probably had even more gems :lol:.

But it's ok after all. I am more than happy with what we got.


Still, let me say that we should kidnap the blanket and interrogate it. :ph34r::tongue::ph34r:

If we can't get the blanket to talk, the fan might do in  its place. :lol:  But I would prefer the blanket anyway. :tongue:




I know right.. it would be so interesting to know what was discussed but knowing namji.. LOL.. it prolly wasn't even fit for dcut ears hence we don't get to hear it. *chants pg15* KEKEKEKE. But honestly, that kiss on the cheek looked hotter to me than the kiss on the shoulder that we got, prolly due to the overpowering nature of wookie's body. LMAO. Namji have totally completely destroyed my last shred of innocence. I BLAME NO ONE ELSE BUT THEM! :bawling:

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20 minutes ago, songsongdiehard said:


Many of us have not moved on from NamJi, once I thought I'd be able to be back to normal when Wook is in the army. But for some reason, something big or small happened and so we are all back here spazzing. The DVD is gold and it really fed any shipper's heart. When you watch the SP DVD and watch the BTS of Wookie's previous work, it seems like he's a different person. Now we know why SP is number 1 in his choice of drama, it has a special meaning. Those kisses, the hugs and the stares I have seen him give to Hyuni... I have not seen him do that with any co-stars in the past. 


Now if I have to compare them with other couples who also have chemistry... most actors pull out or go in their respective corners after kisses, but NamJi stays close together, hold hands or just touches the other. They give each other a hug after long, steamy (very steamy) kisses!! And I was like, really?? I know that real couple do that  and while I don't think they are a couple yet... there's something there and they are both aware of it.

Really appreciate when this thought /observation came from a 50years old ahjumma who has lotssssss of marriage /love experiences :lol:


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Long time lurker (since the inception of this forum), first time poster. Actually I just opened an account a few days ago. I have been watching other shows, and enjoying them, but I can’t seem to get over Namji. I check this site everyday - and have since it started. And because I foolishly didn’t by the dvd I also check some ig accounts for dcut sightings. Anyway, I have really enjoyed reading all of the posts and analysis, so thank you! I have never really shipped a couple before, but there is just something special about Namji - palpable.

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I was wondering if our otp received the couples disk, and if so how often they watch it and how it makes them feel. 


After I saw the few minutes of bits kissing from the dcut (on ig) my first reaction was “how are they not dating?” I mean really.


Just way too much suspicious behavior- all throughout the bts and the interviews!

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Finally, the dcut is in my hands!!!! Well, my national courier screwed up big time, my dvd got held at custom at the wrong state for almost 2 weeks. The set is sooooooo gorgeous I’m smiling like an idiot. Can’t wait to dig into the videos and I’ll come here if I ever need oxygen. :wub:

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 @luvforever this is so pretty and emotional. Plus using JCW’s ost is another plus. I just checked and it is recently posted by sbs drama zip Facebook account. Seems like they are also not moving on.

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