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[OFFICIAL] Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun Couple (JiBong/JiJi Couple)

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1 hour ago, pauliza said:
I want to mention everybody who gave virtual hugs & prayer for me .But I want to share this first .Again suspicious posts & become extra suspicious when this post had been deleted by Mr G :lol:


Awwww.... @pauliza Sending virtual hugs and prayers to you! We all know that God is by your side. <3


Btw... I think the dog is not Ji Hyun's although Ppoppo is a famous dog in Korea, having taken pictures with famous actors and actresses. Check @ppoppobang in IG


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@pauliza unnie, sending my warmest virtual hug to you. Keep going strong and take good care of yourself. Thanks for always contributing positive, sweet and funny post about our OTP here, you're somebody's reason to smile. 

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6 hours ago, pauliza said:

Because this is page 1000th I just want to share with you guys ,I am a chronic illness patient .I am a Lupus Nephrithis Class 4 patient ,had been on 6 times chemotheraphy on 2010 & now under remission since 2011 till now .My doctor told me just stay positive & be happy to make sure my disease will remain under remission.And here I am with all of you in this Jiji's world .I told myself ,whatever gonna to happen in the future either its related to my health or our Jiji couple ,I don't want to pressure myself to think about it .I just want to enjoy this present moment to the max :lol:


Fighting and stay strong dear. It won't be easy and may God bless you. 

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49 minutes ago, midorinokerochan said:

Happy 1000+ pages, NamJi squad!
You are truly a wonderful, warm, cool, talented and fun bunch of shippers... the best! 

I'm glad it's Sunday, so I have a little time to come out of my cave and celebrate with you :) As a matter of fact, I had other things in mind, but I guess I'll write more later. 

For now, about the IG post shared by @pauliza  (btw, a virtual hug and prayer from me as well)...



As far as I can see, in her caption NJH mentions (and tags) the SP poster, so it makes perfect sense that she met JCW's assistant and the dog during the poster shooting. It does not necessarily means that they were close friend or anything. No mystery there. And it was still April, just the beginning, so there was no reason for her to be secretive, when she had never been before...  And as for Mr. G deleting this picture, well, we know that he deleted all of his pictures (not just this one) some time ago: all his pictures before July 12th are gone.  Maybe he did it because fans were bothering him ( :(:(:( ), maybe for other reasons, we don't know. I wouldn't read too much into this, at this point. 


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 Still, I remembered that I had seen another pic of NJH wth possibly the same dog  and what looks like a different hairstyle but I have no idea when it was taken, so I can't make any assumptions. You can see the pic here:  https://twitter.com/dumplinghyun/status/899444920385024000  Maybe I'll edit this post and delete the spoiler later. 

The fact that people have saved away screenshots of Mr. G old posts, tho...

Gotta go now, be back later.


Agree,  nothing suspicious about this dog, the dog happen to be in the set and also mr G , maybe the dog is too cute that everyone what to take a picture ... me trying to be rational .... 


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