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☆ OFFICIAL ☆ Love Live!! School Idol Project ♡ Thread | ラブライブ! + ラブライブ! サンシャイン!!


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2017.04 {SCANS} Dengeki G's - Love Live! Sunshine!!






MESSAGE from Mari
Caption: Aqours’ journey is— A tour filled with smiles and kindness♡

When I heard that the new and upcoming Aqours song would have a railway motif, I was pretty surprised~!

I mean, there aren’t any railways in Uchiura, right?

Everyone goes to school by walking or by bike.
Other than that, people like Yohane who live just a bit far away commute only by bus.
In the first place, the closest railway station is more than a 30 minute car ride away.
Or so I thought.
I can see it now.
Even if it’s a railway, it’s also a train for travelers – it’s alright if I put it that way♡
No matter how you put it, Uchiura is filled with beautiful seas and mountains.
With hot springs, delicious fish, aquariums and tourist spots, it’s a great place for a holiday♡

Thus, we came to do a test shot for a PV with everyone. As expected, we have to start with the appeal of the seaside view! And so, here we are.

When I look at the sea– somehow…
Memories surface.
I remember the time when I had just came here.
Uchiura was even more out in the sticks than I had imagined— but the sea was beautiful. 
For someone like me who doesn’t like flocking around with other people very much— I often looked at the sea.
Rather than people, I preferred the sea.
Every time I’m on the tip of the cape, when I listen to music while looking at the empty sea, I would feel as if I’m the only person in the world.
In this world, I’m this tiny—
However, it’s a world I’ve monopolized for my own.
I loved this empty world that stretched on endlessly.

If it’s now.
When I’m with everyone, the world looks completely different. Strange, isn’t it?
Being together with someone else – isn’t bad too.
Or perhaps I should say, it’s more fun than I thought♪
So, everyone, please don’t be afraid of change.
Don’t worry!
Don’t be afraid!!
If you’d open the door, Aqours’ smiles will always be there.
I’m always by your side. Don’t forget that, OK?
Let’s continue Aqours’ journey together no matter where it takes us♪

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine April 2017 issue
Translation: XiantheMiguel
QC: LuciaHunter

Source (1)






Caption: Drawn by the lovely spring sunshine— there’re nice days for reading like this every once in a while♪

Yawn, mumble mumble—
Aah— what should I do.
When did I—?
Start getting sleepy, zura—.

Monday, after school.
I was waiting here for Ruby to finish her cleaning duty but…
The library filled with the early spring sunlight streaming in was— warm.
Warm as if it was a greenhouse♡

It was different from the cold main hall of my temple home, which was full of holes and openings.
So, even when I was reading a book, it was snuggly warm.
Aah, it feels so good, no matter what, my eyelids are drooping zura—.

Maybe it was because I was reading a book till late last night?
It’s been a while since I last took out “Ningen no Unmei” —.

It’s an old story set in Izu, and it’s a long, long coming-of-age story that spans six volumes.
When I read it, I think of all the terrible hardships the people of old experienced. “They’re working very hard every day,” I would think.
When I read, I would always get concerned about the protagonist’s dramatic fate, my heart pounds and my chest hurts— continuing on makes it quite hard to stop reading.
Even though I knew it’s already past midnight, I just can’t stop, books are really troubling zura.

Ruby-chan still isn’t here huh?
If that’s the case, then it’s alright if I keep reading just a little bit…
I wonder if it’s alright for me to continue dozing off just a little bit?
This sleeping beauty of the book kingdom— hopes you can forgive her for this zura.

Source: Dengeki G’s Magazine April 2017 issue
Translation: XiantheMiguel
QC: LuciaHunter

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006.jpg 007.jpg

More scans


1.jpg 2.jpg3.jpg 

4.jpg5.jpg 6.jpg

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17/05/25 {Merchandise} “Taisho Roman” themed Aqours puzzles

A set of "Taisho Roman" themed Aqours illustrations will be released
as puzzles by Ensky this July!


Taisho Roman (Hanamaru, Chika and Ruby)
Price: 1,600 yen + tax
Size: 26 cm × 38 cm


Taisho Roman (Mari, You and Yoshiko)
Price: 1,600 yen + tax
Size: 26 cm × 38 cm


Taisho Roman (Dia, Kanan, Rika)
Price: 1,600 yen + tax
Size: 26 cm × 38 cm


Taisho Roman (Aqours)
Price: 1,600 yen + tax
Size: 26 cm × 38 cm

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17/05/19 {MUSIC} AZALEA "GALAXY HidE and SeeK"
cover art,
tracklist & audio preview


01. GALAXY HidE and SeeK
03. GALAXY HidE and SeeK (off vocal)
04. INNOCENT BIRD (off vocal)
05. 沼津スイーツ❤ハンティング 
lit. Numazu Sweets❤Hunting (Drama)

The CD will be  be available for purchase starting May 31, 2017. First press edition will come with a sticker of the cover art!



A  video with previews for the tracks "GALAXY HidE and SeeK" and "INNOCENT BIRD"
was released on Lantis official Youtube channel.




17/05/29 {MUSIC} Guilty Kiss "Koware ya Suki"
cover art, tracklist & audio preview


01. コワレヤスキ (Koware ya Suki)
02. Shadow gate to love
03. コワレヤスキ (off vocal)
04. Shadow gate to love (off vocal)
05. 十番勝負❤沼津やまやの陣 
Jyuuban Shoubu❤Numazu Yamaya no jin (Drama)

The CD will be  be available for purchase starting June 21, 2017. First press edition will come with a sticker of the cover art!



A  video with previews for the tracks "Koware ya Suki" and "Shadow gate to love"
was released on Lantis official Youtube channel. 



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17/05/31 {GAME} New SIF Aqours Half-Deck "Time Travel"

In the Japanese version of the mobile game "Love Live! School Idol Festival" a new half-deck of Aqours cards,
labeled as "Time Travel", was added to the Honor Scouting system.

Chika Takami Pure UR どこだっていいよ♪

TimeTravel-Chika-1.png TimeTravel-Chika-2.png

Mari Ohara Smile SSR お江戸カルチャー

TimeTravel-Mari-1.png TimeTravel-Mari-2.png

Riko Sakurauchi Cool SR 心を交わす

TimeTravel-Rika-1.png TimeTravel-Riko-2.png

Dia Kurosawa Pure SR 歴史のねじれ

TimeTravel-Dia-1.png TimeTravel-Dia-2.png

Hanamaru Kunikida Cool SR 毎日が大冒険♪

TimeTravel-Hanamaru-1.png TimeTravel-Hanamaru-2.png

Source (1), (2)

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