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Go Seung Ji

[Upcoming Drama TBA] Mojito, 모히또 - Sung Joon and Lim Ji Yeon

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Mojito 모히또



Jung Ji Gyu

(The Musical, KAIST)



Lee Si Eun

(Blue Love)



Episodes: 16 (TBC)


Broadcast Period

 2019-- , 




Chi Ji-Woo (Sung Joon) is the son of a wealthy chaebol family. He feels uneasy at night. He decides to open a cocktail bar and have it serve customers only during the day. Meanwhile, So Joong-Hee (Lim Ji-Yeon) comes from a poor background. She works as a kitchen porter at a nightclub, but hopes to become a French food chef. Chi Ji-Woo and So Joong-Hee meet and fall in love.



Production Information

Filming began in June.

Network and airing date have yet to be decided.



Sung Joon

Sung Joon plays an heir with a negative balance in his bank account who becomes anxious at nightfall. He opens up a bar specifically for daytime drinking


Lim Ji Yeon

Lim Ji Yeon plays the heroine who has lived with insufficient funds her entire life.


Baek Sung Hyun as Kim Young Kwang

Baek Sung-hyun has confirmed that he will be playing the heroine’s childhood friend named Young-kwang who follows her around because of his one-sided crush on her. He has held an extensive range of part-time jobs, and has thus achieved the coveted goal of financial independence. His success has allowed him to rent an apartment in the city, but due to his frustratingly timid personality, he still hasn’t been able to confess his love to the heroine for all these years.


Kim Yoon Hye as Seo Ye Ji

Kim Yoon-hye will play a character named Seo Ye Ji, who is a new permanent employee on the marketing team of an alcohol-manufacturing company. 


Choi Sung-Joon - Choi Ji-Hyuk

KangNam - Ssongssong

Jang In-Sub - So Sang-Hee

Choi Hee-Jin - Lee Shi-Won

Lee Han-Wi

Lee Byung-Joon

Jung Kyung-Soon

Park Hae-Mi

Choi Ryung

Seo Gyung-Hwa



Sources: Asianwiki | Dramawiki | Korean-drama | Dramabeans





Highlight Video


Script Reading Pics


Press Conference





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New pre-produced drama #Mojito confirms its line-up. Filming to start in early June.







Sung Joon up to headline new pre-produced rom-com Mojito

by girlfriday


Sung Joon is currently busy romancing Go So-young on Monday-Tuesday drama Perfect Wife, but he’s already considering an offer for his next drama, a pre-produced series called Mojito. The new project will be a 16-episode romantic comedy about a man who doesn’t like nighttime, which for some reason prompts him to open a daytime bar. Maybe he feels left out that other people are drinking at night without him?




Im Ji-yeon considers drama reunion with Sung Joon in rom-com Mojito

by girlfriday


There’s a potential new drama reunion in the works for High Society co-stars Sung Joon (Perfect Wife) and Im Ji-yeon (Blow Breeze), who are both considering offers to star as love interests in a new romantic comedy drama called Mojito.




Baek Sung-hyun, Kim Yoon-hye join drinking rom-com Mojito

by tineybeanie


The upcoming rom-com drama Mojito has secured its two secondary leads, Baek Sung-hyun (Voice, Doctors) and Kim Yoon-hye (My Sassy Girl, Vampire Detective). The drama is centered around the ongoings of a day-drinking establishment, run by an heir with a negative bank balance who becomes an agitated bundle of nerves at nighttime. He meets a woman who has lived her entire life with her balance in the red, and the story is about how they heal each other’s wounds and fall in love. Offers are out to Sung Joon (Perfect Wife) and Im Ji-yeon (Blow Breeze) to star, and reports say they are both considering favorably.




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Other Confirmed Cast


1767.jpg Lee Han Wi 


r1BwgD95B5JeWryX1K7k7hV34el.jpg  Lee Byung Joon


71NwyR9L_93be50_c.jpg   Jang In Sub



fullsizephoto680295.jpg Park Hae Mi


Jung-Kyung-Soon-01.jpg Jung Kyung Soon







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15 minutes ago, Go Seung Ji said:

I am wondering what happened with this drama. No news since completion of filming.

No idea. But since early broadcast slots are already full, we can only hope for a release date mid-2019. IF it gets picked by a broadcast station.

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So this drama has finished filming 2 years ago and still hasn't found a broadcast station and therefore no timeslot to air this drama. In addition the main lead Sung Joon is serving in military right now and is not able to promote the drama.


Shouldn't it air next year the only option left is OTT Service, meaning it should stream online instead of waiting for a timeslot.


However, nothing has been determined yet.

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