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[Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The Story of Ming Lan 庶女明兰传 / 知否?知否?应是绿肥红瘦

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On 3/15/2019 at 6:27 PM, Razberry said:

I would've even liked to see the emperor talk to Ming Lan at the end when he is showing them his harvest. I think someone mentioned in the novel that ML and GTY regained their title and even got a promotion? I would've loved to actually see that. I know it's inferred that it's a happily ever after ending, but after journeying with them for 70+ episodes, I think we deserved more than just guessing what happened to certain people. I wished that they would've done a small time skip and showed us Ming Lan's second baby's birthday, where all of her families and friends were together again. 

@Razberry  Hopefully theres a season 2 and we get to see how things play out after the old schemers are gone bringing in new ones.. 

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On 3/18/2019 at 2:00 AM, arcchidus said:


I actually disagree with you there on the timing.


Although he found her kind of interesting before, I don't think he had romantic feelings for her until after the river incident. I think before that, he was too busy with his family drama to really see clearly (and for a while, she was just too young anyway).


I think after she told him to raise his girl better, he started seeing her in new light, and actually took extra care to make her life as easy as possible. Before that he just treats her like a friend. 


@arcchidus, after having watched this drama, what seems like a 100 times (literally more like 20+......:lol:), I actually think she was on his radar long before the river scene--he just never dared to dream or hope that he even had a chance with her nor wanting to cross the boundary of friendship with the young duke. I go back to when he was talking to the prostitute at the polo match. Although, had admiration for Ming Lan and Ms. Yu; however, the things he said pointed more to Ming Lan than to her friend; however, his goal was help find an out for his mistress.  Later when he went to angrily speak to Ming Lan after his proposal was rejected, he baited her saying that he should have proposed marriage to her instead.....


Not only that, at the polo match there is a clip that was purposeful in that it showed the prostitute in purple taking note of the way Gu Tingye was looking at  Ming Lan when she got into the match.  We later learn more about this prostitute, she's very good at observing people and know more about what's in their heart than they do. That's why I think this clip of the prostitute was added. It also shows during the match before Gu Tingye joined, how interested he was in watching the match and MingLan play. After Gu Tingye "lost" the match, she even asked him if he was  interested in Ms. Yu or Ms Sheng. Gu Tingye said he wanted to make both of them happy.  


When he later told Ming Lan that he wanted to marry her after their discussion on the river, I don't think those are just random thoughts that come out of nowhere. I actually think in his heart of heart, there was a seed already planted. When he was getting gifts ready for his potential engagement to Ming Lan's friend, he didn't want to part with the kneepads she had given him when they were children. He asked Shitou to keep the knee pads, despite being old and cheaply made.  


One last thing. When Ming Lan's brother went to visit Gu Tingye, after his father had died and after his argument with MingLan over his mistress,  Gu Tingye' mistress came in to offer food, but Changhai told her that the "My Sixth...I've brought him some fish porridge."  Gu Tingye waited until after his mistress left and said, "Hey, let me have a taste of that fish porridge."  Gu Tingye then said after tasting the porridge, "The culinary skills of your Sixt Little Sister are indeed outstanding." 


At the river he made ups his mind, but in his heart, I think she's always had a special place there from the time they were children. She was off limits due to his friendship with the young duke and her brother.



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