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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The King of Blaze 火王


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Cr avirtualvoyage


Chinese title: 火王 / Huo Wang
English title: The King of Blaze

Genre: Ancient, Fiction, Romance

Episodes: 30 part 1, 40 part 2

Director:  Hu Yi Juan (Cloud in the Song 大汉情缘之云中歌, Melancholic Princess)

Broadcast Period: 11/26/2018


Bolin Chen

Jing Tian 

Zhang Yijie

Lai Yumeng

Du Junze


The story mainly focuses on the God of Fire (King of Blaze) Chung Tʻien and God of Wind Chʻien Mei. Chʻien Mei had been followed Chung Tʻien for such a long time. Although Chung Tʻien is the God of Fire, but he had been known as a cold-hearted person among all the seven gods. While living in the human world watching over his companion Hao Yüeh's reincarnation during the Tʻang dynasty, which was one of the seven gods in the past life, Chung Tʻien met a beautiful fortune teller named Ssŭ-tʻu Fêng-chien. The fortune teller actually is the reincarnation of Chʻien Mei, but Chung Tʻien didn't recognize him due to his cross-dressing and looks exactly as a beautiful girl. Eventually the two fell in love. Fêng-chien was once hurt by the gold phoenix hairpin made by Chung Tʻien, as no one can survive being hurt by Chung Tʻien's metalwork...

Cr Viki

The King of Blaze 火王 Viki Episodes

**Please use spoiler tags for those who have not seen the episodes yet**

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So based on the synopsis, the wind god is a male, who cross dress.... so essentially this is a boy x boy story but due to censor/mass appeal/back to normal boy girl love story plot, we use a girl for the wind god? Was actually interesting until “cross dress as a beautiful girl” then I saw the actress lol. Was hoping for a beautiful guy cross dress lol. Anyhoo, pass lol.

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Wait...so this is actually a BL series? I'm confused. Or does the wind God eventually become a girl? Is the wind god actually a girl and reincarnated as a guy in the Tang Dynasty?

I saw the raws are out but I don't want to start without actually knowing the background. 

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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Current Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The King of Blaze 火王

Haha, the ending of Episode 7 is hillarious. The heroine starts to get the hots and hugs the hero while he is trying to save her life. His face made me lol :lol:.

So far this drama is okay. Nothing that really grabs me since there are just too many characters for too little time. I'm now curious about the contemporary time since it would give the too stereotype story a nice spin.

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Someone is watching the future part too? As much I love SciFi vibe, Fire always pushing away Wind for her own good gets on my nerves. That guy needs to see a shrink. I wouldn't be surprised when the way to save the god realm is her and him together. In past season his powers always multiplied with her.
And Mountain is such a bland evil and WHINEY character :rolleyes:. I really really really hope they will allow him a bit more fleshed out soon. Like in the beginning of season 1. Even his daddy was more reasonable and cool. But the actor is very good since he can keep a straight face with these ridiculous lines.

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  • sugarplum892 changed the title to [Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] The King of Blaze 火王


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