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[Movie 2018] Human's Time 인간의 사건 - Jang Keun Suk, Ahn Sung Ki, Mina Fujii, Ryu Seung Bum


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[Movie Support] Today’s dinner, hotel-style buffet was supported by JKS Taiwan WiFi Team / SUKSTAR-HK / JKS’ Chinese wives / SUK-Nation-HK.
Ribbon message: The strongest desire for humans is appetite!!!



cre: tw CriJ

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[Knews] 'Human Time' Jang Geun Suk, Lee Sung Jae, Ryu Seung Bum...in a photo
Actors in Kim Ki-Duk 's movie “Human Time” in a group meal photo.
Actors such as Jang Geun Suk, Fujii Mina, Ahn Sung Ki, Lee Sung Jae, Ryu Seung Bum, Seung Ki Yun gathered together at the filming site in a photo. 
The actors are eating steak with knives and forks in the temporarily tent. Just look at a picture we can see they have a peaceful atmosphere.


Through photographs, we can predict how actors will appear in 'Human time'. Ahn Sung Ki, who is dressed as a gray-haired old man, attracts a lot of attention. Ryu Seung-beom, who plays the gangbang boss with trademarked hairstyle. Lee Sung Jae, a politician, is dressed neatly.


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Today’s dinner, grilled eels and shrimps & buffet was supported by UNG KANTO / JAPAN EELS+ / Friends who love and support you / AmoreJKS Japan / AW’S–Angel Wing Sister’s / TeamZikZin / UNG STREET / Suni and Eels and Jang Keun Suk!


cre:  tw

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[The finish of filming Event] It is said that Actor Jang’s last filming event ended successfully! Actor Jang, thank you for your hard work till the end!! Both domestic and international eels, thank you for your support.
Ribbon message: ~Jang Keun Suk Official Fan Club CriJ~ Thank you for your hard work so far.


cre: CriJ

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[News] Actor Jang Geun Suk meets director Kim Ki Duk in a movie  

The meeting was a dramatic event as Jang Geun Suk appeared in Kim Ki-duk's 23rd feature film, Human Time. Jang Geun Suk, who has a brilliant image as an idol star meets a filmmaker who breaks social myth are unique in themselves...


cre: http://news.mk.co.kr

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Actor Jang, Prince of Asia 
Today is the last day of shooting. kk Thank you for your hard work! I will serve you our coffee till the end of shooting the film today as well. 
I just feel this one week has flown away. 
Thank you for always sincerely welcoming me.
Please keep on ZIKZIN all the time. 
And CriJ who always entrusts this job to me! Also eels from all over the world! Thank you!! 
Let's keep on ZIKZIN together! 

# Jang Keun Suk # Actor Jang # Director Kim Ki-duk
# Human time # Coffee # Coffee truck # Support
# Catering # food truck # shaved ice truck # Hongdae Cafe
# Yeonnam-dong Cafe # Good coffee at Kim Dae-ri # Kim Dae-ri's truck No. 3
# coffeetruck # Gangneung # Pyeongchang # Kim Dae-ri's roasting coffee
# Good weather # CriJ # Eel # I am an eel, too # Eel Kim Dae-ri
# ZIKZIN # Sparing some time to enjoy a cup of coffee # Jung Dong-Jin # Gangneung Unification Park # Last day of filming



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I got Actor Jang's autograph after a long interval. 
"Thank you very much for always giving us delightful aroma of coffee on the set!!" This is what you wrote, right? kk
In your next work I will serve you more delicious drinks.  Please look forward to it! ^ ^ Let's go ZIKZIN all together! 
# Jang Keun Suk # Actor Jang # Director Kim Ki-duk

# Human time # Coffee # Coffee truck # Support
# Catering # food truck # shaved ice truck # Hongdae Cafe
# Yeonnam-dong Cafe # Good coffee at Kim Dae-ri # Kim Dae-ri's truck No. 3
# coffeetruck # Gangneung # Pyeongchang # Kim Dae-ri's roasting coffee
# Good weather # CriJ # Eel
# I am an eel, too # Eel Kim Dae-ri
# ZIKZIN # Sparing some time to enjoy a cup of coffee # Jung Dong-Jin # Gangneung Unification Park # Last day of filming



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Extract from AERA Maz:

Interview after 5 years, Jang Keun Suk once again appear on AERA cover, this time, his acting, music, academic, director, variety shows, social activities and many other achievements. And then we talked about acting, small title "As the actor is very popular", the content of "Daebak/Jackpot" drama, experienced many kinds of hardships, his so-called "popular" is swallowed alive snakes, he can complete the role excellently, can do everything. 
Have a question for him, if there is big gamble in the life, he replied that he had to wait to play in "You are beautiful", at that time waiting for a year, if he gave up, he maybe had a different life. 
The subtitle "Lost some targets", he prepares to conquer Japan market and after that he succeeds in Japan, but his popularity too fast into the fanatical, he got his dream can stand on the stage of Tokyo Dome. After that time, Suk lost his target over a month, he got embarrassing and he stayed at home only, at that time he has been kept watching his DVDs, Suk said, "Although the cameras follow me, but I was incredibly looking at fans, so amazing. In this process, I thought I receive their love so much, but why I stopped? With loneliness and fatigue as the reason to forget the eel's solidarity I am really sick! Thinking about it has the power to cheer up, perhaps everyone see that I am a STAR, but for me, my eels are my best STAR!" (This is what he said in FM Seoul, too)


*** Dreams must be big
Q: In any popularity craze, there is always a time of calm, do you feel any uneasiness or fear?

Suk: When one reached the peak, the only way to continue is to descend. It is natural to feel lonely and fearful. It is not so much what others think, but the anxiety of not being able to continue doing what have been pursued thus far. However, I am an optimist, going downhill will mean there is another new peak to climb. So long I am with my eels, I remain happy even going downhill. A man needs to walk the paths of ups and downs to have a fulfilling journey, even though the view may be superb at the peak, but one gets bored looking at that same view continuously. Hence I like to challenge myself.

Jang Keun Suk next challenge is the movie “Human Time” which he is currently filming, directed by the famous Korean filmmaker Kim Ki Duk. Kim Ki Duk is the first Korean filmmaker to receive awards at the top 3 international film festivals (Venice, Berlin and Cannes). His films have drawn controversies for their eccentric subject and praise for their filming technique. “Everyone can’t believe I am appearing in PD Kim’s works, I myself can’t believe it either, which is why I have to accept the role”. Received the invitation via a personal call from the PD himself, completed reading the script in a very short time. Offensive content and a brutal character which caused me to hesitate". The person who gave him a nudge and encouraged him to go for it is the president of the company, his mother, she said “this is a portrayal of problems commonly seen in human nature, it is a must to have such experience as an actor”.

Suk: "I have similar thoughts as well, but kept considering how impactful the content will be for eels. “Hahaha, but I am very excited to see a new actor Jang”. 
“I hope to attend the Film Festivals in France or Germany with this film, with the aim to become World Prince. Dreams has to be big!” 

Eng trans: Eels of ECI

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JUL 3 2017

Filming for Kim Ki-Duk’s “The Time of Humans” finishes


Filming for Kim Ki-Duk directed film “The Time of Humans” finished recently. The movie stars an eclectic group of performers including Jang Keun-Suk, Ryoo Seung-Bum, Ahn Sung-Ki, Lee Sung-Jae, Mina Fujii and Joe Odagiri. The pictures here were taken during the final days of filming, which began last month. Story for the film takes place on a battleship with a wide variety of people on the ship. They include a gang boss played by Ryoo Seung-Bum, a cruel guy named Adam played by Jang Keun-Suk, a Japanese woman named Eve played by Mina Fuji and her boyfriend played by Joe Odagiri.

“The Time of Humans” should be released later this year in South Korea.


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[News] Finished filming Kim Kiduk’s movie ‘Time of Humans’
Director Kim Kiduk’s new movie ‘Time of Humans’ finished filming successfully.

On July 3rd, Kim Kiduk film released the news and a group photo of Director Kim Kiduk and co-stars taken on the last filming day.

This is the third time that they officially announced the movie ‘Time of Hunans’ finished filming.

The storyline of Movie ‘Time of Humans’ is people of various age and career travel together on a warship, and in such a limited area of the warship, human’s various desires beyond their morals and ethics can be seen.

Actor Jang Keun Suk, Ahn Ji Hye, Ahn Sung Ki, Fujii Mina, Ryoo Seung Bum and Lee Sung Jae appear on the film. Kim Kiduk film starts to edit the footages to release it in public.

cre: Naver, Koari, Eng trans: Tenshi


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July 11, 2017

Production Wraps on KIM Ki-duk’s THE TIME OF HUMANS
AHN Sung-ki, RYOO Seung-bum, Joe ODAGIRI and JANG Keun-suk End Shoot

by Pierce Conran / KoBiz


The Time of Humans, the 23rd film from veteran indie filmmaker KIM Ki-duk, ended its shoot on July 3rd. The film features a major roster of acting talent that includes AHN Sung-ki, RYOO Seung-bum, Joe Odagiri, JANG Keun-suk, LEE Sung-jae and Mina Fujii.

Taking place on a battleship, The Time of Humans focuses on a varied group of people whose desires and true moral ethics come out in the close quarters of the ship. The passengers include RYOO’s gang boss, JANG’s villainous character Adam, a Japanese couple played by Fujii and Odagiri, LEE’s captain, and an old man played by AHN.

Director KIM, famous for works such as Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter and Spring (2003) and 3-Iron (2004) and a Golden Lion winner at the Venice International Film Festival for his 2012 film Pieta, most recently made the North Korean fisherman drama THE NET, which was his first collaboration with RYOO.

AHN is a Korean screen legend whose credits extend from KIM Ki-young’s The Housemaid (1960) and PARK Kwang-su’s Chil-su and Man-su (1988) and several modern classics. RYOO is known for his collaborations with his brother, director RYOO Seung-wan, such as The Unjust (2010) and The Berlin File (2013). Popular star JANG’s last film role was 2011’s You’re My Pet. Japanese star Odagiri has been seen in several Korean works, including KIM’s Dream (2008).

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Kim Ki-duk, Chung Chung-hoon invited as new members of Academy

A handful of Koreans, including filmmaker Kim Ki-duk, director of photography Chung Chung-hoon and CJ Group Vice Chairwoman Lee Mi-kyung, have been invited to become members of the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences.

Also included are animator Lee Sang-jun, who worked on the 2013 animation “Epic,” and Korean-American Helen Lee-Kim, president of international sales at film production company Good Universe. 


The organization, whose members decide the recipients of the annual Oscars, announced this year’s list of 774 invited members Thursday.

Kim, who rose to international fame through films such as “Bad Guy” (2001) and “Samaritan Girl” (2004), was invited for “Spring, Summer, Fall, Winter ... and Spring” (2003) and “3-Iron” (2004)...

cre: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20170629000721

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