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[Movie 2018] The Negotiation, 협상

Go Seung Ji

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Movie: Negotiation (literal title)

Revised romanization: Hyeobsang

Hangul: 협상

Director: Lee Jong Suk

Writer: Choi Sung Hyun

Producer: Yoon Jae Gyun

Release Date: September 19th 2018





Sohn Ye-jin is set to play a skilled member of a crisis negotiation team, whose superior is taken hostage by Hyun Bin. She will lead the negotiations with the criminal to make sure her superior makes it out alive.




Filming began June 17, 2017 in Paju, South Korea

Filming finished December 9, 2017.

Hyun-Bin plays a villain for the first time in his acting career.




Son Ye-Jin - Ha Chae-Yoon



Hyun-Bin - Min Tae-Koo



Kim Sang-Ho - detective

Jang Young-Nam


Source: Asianwiki










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Sohn Ye-jin and Hyun Bin to face off in thriller Deal

Now that is one good-looking pair of human beings. Sohn Ye-jin (Last Princess) and Hyun Bin (Confidential Assignment) are both favorably considering lead roles in a new film titled Deal. It’s described as a crime thriller and will be produced by Yoon Jae-gyun, whose producing credits include Like for Likes, Dancing Queen, Confidential Assignment, and Ode to My Father, which he also directed. This will be Hyun Bin’s second collaboration with a Confidential Assignment alum: He is set to film Rampant, the zombie sageuk thriller, with director Kim Sung-hoon...........


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7 minutes ago, jongski said:

Whoa! Hyun Bin 2 movies already for 2018? Outbreak and this? Be looking forward to this as well.

I've not seen Son Ye Jin as as well. Thanks for the information <3

The same thing I said in the Outbreak thread... 2 movies! but where is his drama.... I want drama too!

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MAY 25 2017

Hyun-Bin & Son Ye-Jin cast in movie “Negotiation”


Hyun-Bin & Son Ye-Jin are cast in new movie “Negotiation” (literal title). The movie will have Hyun-Bin playing a villain for the first time in his career. In the movie, Son Ye-Jin will play crisis negotiator Ha Chae-Yoon. She faces off against Min Tae-Koo (Hyun-Bin) who is holding his boss as a hostage.

2017 in South Korea.June,Filming for “Negotiation” begins



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Hyun Bin And Son Ye Jin Confirmed For New Crime Thriller Film


It has been confirmed that top actors Hyun Bin and Son Ye Jin have accepted their casting offers for upcoming film “Negotiation” (literal title).

“Negotiation” will be a crime thriller about a crisis negotiation team’s best negotiator Ha Chae Yoon (played by Son Ye Jin) who tries to save her boss held hostage by a captor named Min Tae Kyu (played by Hyun Bin).

This will be Hyun Bin’s very first time taking on a villain role.

Filming is scheduled to begin in July.

Source (1)


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JUN 23 2017

Filming for movie “Negotiation” begins



Filming for movie “Negotiation” (literal title), starring Hyun-Bin and Son Ye-Jin, began June 17, 2017 in Paju, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea. The first scene filmed involved negotiator Chae-Yoon (Son Ye-Jin) facing off against Tae-Koo (Hyun-Bin) for the first time. Tae-Koo has taken his boss hostage. This is the first time that Hyun-Bin will play a villain in his acting career.

“Negotiation” will be released sometime next year in South Korea.




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"Negotiation" Son Ye-jin vs Hyeon Bin, Who Will Win?


This new criminal thriller movie is about a brilliant negotiator of Seoul Metropolitan Police Agency whose superior have been kidnapped by a kidnapper. Actor Hyeon Bin and actress Son Ye-jin have been selected as the main casts and just started shooting this month.


Actress Son Ye-jin took the role of the negotiator Ha Chae-yoon, who is in the part of Police Station's Crisis Negotiation team who's responsible of making a huge decision each moment to protect the hostage. Last year, her acting in the movie, "The Truth Beneath" has received high praises as she acted a mother character that lost her daughter.

For Actor Hyeon Bin, this is his very first villain role and we are anticipating a great change in his image. As the kidnapper, he will be playing the ruthless, cold-hearted criminal.


As the negotiator and the kidnapper, Son Ye-jin and Hyeon Bin's brain battle will be an intense factor of this movie. A character with the job "Negotiator" is also a refreshing, new term in the Korean movie industry.


The movie "Negotiation" will be produced by JK Film's director JK Youn, who has created the movies "Ode to My Father" and "Confidential Assignment". The connection between JK Youn and Hyeon Binbegan with the movie, "Confidential Assignment", and the work synergy between them lead to this movie.




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AUG 1 2018

Teaser poster and release date for movie “Negotiation”


Teaser poster and release date added for upcoming movie “Negotiation” (literal title) starring Son Ye-Jin and Hyun-Bin. The film features Son Ye-Jin playing a negotiator for crisis situations and Hyun-Bin playing weapons smuggler. The negotiator has only 12 hours to save the lives of hostages held by the weapons smuggler.

Release date for “Negotiation” is set for September, 2018 in South Korea.


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