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The Doc is merried in real life  

I got her notification while in a meeting a seriously considered leaving the meeting to watch..but I didn't have my bluetooth..<sigh> so good no surprises with the dialog.   There ma

I'm hoping this is what an apology could look like  

Last Tul instam... 


off topic:


Koen , Former K-Otic (Tomo's boysband) get married in Irland




A Dress up.


The sweet-k-otic is the most recent place to have a long summer. He was the Cha dam to the wedding ceremony in Northern Ireland. See gestures He loved it so much. Phri/Itchome






Tomo  with  Koen and the rest of the group celebrating the engaged announced:




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Max' Twit about his conversation with Tul



Translation [caption: see what kind of person he is! Baka Fool in Japanese languaje in the sense of a shy girl scolding the boy)]

T : Hey, I haven’t met you for ages

M : It’s weird for you to say that

T: I feel like something is missing



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