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For Charity, the elder Libra to bring money from pre-order. Shirts and hats number 110,000 Baht elder Libra 30,000, a donation at the Ramathibodi Foundation for purchasing medical instruments. Jasmine Carpenter Medical Institute thanks to everyone who joined together this time.







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Come and join us. Special Events "good volunteer well" at Ayutthaya On Saturday, 24 November, together with the actress,  we have six people close to the whole day. Here at one place with a live signature from all the actor!! For More information please contact Line: Kazz magazine






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Worse excuse ever! 

In this eps I hated Korn. He should go to hell and never go back. He was so selfish, he felt bad for himself. He said he was sorry but try to make excuse. He was scared that Knock will find out and being very angry with him.

Yes, he thought just that “ knock shouldn’t know, he is going to be very angry at me “ lol  again , he fears for himself and Knock being angry really? He didn’t think that not only angry, Knock will feel HURT , badly hurt by the betrayal.

He tried to excuse himself, he felt sorry for himself, he asked for a second chance for himself. But never once, he asked about what Knock wanted to do, was feeling , what he could do etc

no it’s just me myself I korn, promise you that he won’t happen ever again ( I wanted to laugh at that line )

Korn is a garbage and a pathetic one.

Knock is childish at times sure, knock wasn’t really caring about the domestic cleaning, he was always on his phone for the game sure…


But he had to put up with Korn who suddenly asked him to move out from their place because his dad was coming more often for a while.

He had to put up with Korn who asked him to “ hire “ fake girfriend and asked to present the fake girfriend to his parents as well , so to lie on purpose to his parents…

Korn asked Knock to marry him and yet, as soon as his dad is coming he chase away knock, so knock has to sleep at his friend’s place!

the hell? And now he cheated and it’s basically not it’s fault, he didn’t mean it, he even saId I didn’t see it happen lol  it’s just sex, poor pete felt so sad and I was so angry… Don’t worry, the only one i love is you. LOLOOLOL

Go burn in Hell Korn 

I also hated it, the way the writing are showing us how evil pete and wanwan are… Like they are trying to say, it wasn’t korn ‘s fault, the evil persons tricked him lol

sorry but Korn has freewill, pete didn’t rape him. korn drank a bit, but he wasn’t wasted and far for being drunk. Pete didn’t force him to have sex with him either.

the only one at fault here, it’s Korn.  

Sure pete and wanwan are bad persons. But Korn has his freewill and chose to do it.


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