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[Mainland Chinese Drama 2018] Age of Legends 橙红年代 - William Chan, Sandra Ma


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‘Age of Legends’ announces premiere date

Directed by Liu Xin, acted by William Chan, Sandra Ma, Liu Yi-jun, Chen Yao, Ye Zu-xin and He Ming-han, urban heroic TV series ‘Age of Legends’ has officially announced its premiere date to be  September 17! The production team released a ‘eight-year mystery’ teaser and ‘Guang-Rong’ poster, together with stills of the full line-up. The drama is set against a background of drugs trafficking, it tells the story of a group of ordinary citizens who try to pursue a better life and the police who protect the safety of the people, fighting against crime with justice. 

In “Age of Legends’, William Chan plays the role of protagonist Liu Zi-guang, has a complicated background. After his father's tragic death eight years ago, he left his home to build a life elsewhere. However, upon returning to his hometown after eight years, he lost his memory. The knife and bullet scars on his body, his tattoos, his extraordinary physical strength, his skills, or his connections with drugs lord Nie Wanfeng, all point towards a difficult past experience.

Liu Zi-guang with his highly dubious background just have to run into female police officer Hu Rong, played by Sandra Ma. This outstanding graduate of the police school sets her lifelong goal to be a qualified people's police officer. She is determined to investigate the truth behind Liu Zi-guang, who has been declared dead by the officials.  As the lives of the two of them get entangled, Hu Rong gradually discovers Liu Zi-guang’s sense of kindness, justice and responsible character. 

Although this is the first time William Chan and Sandra Ma work together, they share a special chemistry. William once said, “Sandra and I are very harmonious, many dialogues just come out naturally." Sandra also praised William’s acting in an interview before. It is thus met with anticipation what kind of ‘competition’ the two of them will display in the drama. 

‘Age of Legends’ has assembled a group of outstanding new generation actors. Chen Yao, who plays ‘cool entrepreneur" Li Wei, has previously impressed viewers in works as ‘Wu Xin the Monster Killer’ and ‘So Young’. Mischievous Bei Xiao-shaui is played by Ye Zu-xin, whose performance in ‘Scarlet Heart’ had been unanimously recognized by the audience. He Ming-han played a courageous and ambitious captain Han Jin in ‘The Eighteen-Year Sky’, which is a classic among mainland's youth  dramas. Wang Ge, who left deep impressions with his performances in ‘Yu Zui" and ‘Animal World’, stars as the righteous Zhuo Li, and Ye Liu, who acted in ‘Sky Hunter’ plays Arthur in this drama. These new generation actors inject a sense of youthful vitality and freshness in ‘Age of Legends’. 

In addition, many powerhouse veteran actors are also included in the cast. Liu Yi-jun’s acting had been highly affirmed by his previous works such as ‘Nirvana in Fire’, ‘The Disguiser’ and ‘The Battle of Beiping". This time, he plays Nie Wan-feng, the main antagonist which is a sinister and complex character. Other actors such as Wu Gang, Wang Ji, Li Jian-yi, Hu Jing, Feng Guo-qiang, Ren Zheng-bin, Wang Tong-hui, etc. who had acted in previous well known works such as ‘Beijinger in New York’, ‘In the name of the people’, "Xiao Zhuang Mi Shi". This time, their participation in ‘Age of Legends’ is expected to be met with much excitement.

‘Age of Legends’ is based on realism, originating from life, and depicts the personal struggles and inspirational growth of ordinary civilians. It also shows the police officers’ duty to safeguard security,  promote social justice, and ensure people's livelihood. Liu Zi-guang and his brothers rely on their own strength to manage the local barbecue store, and stand up against criminals. Hu Rong always puts the interests and the safety of the society in the first place. Her "I will not wrong any good person, nor spare any bad person” voices out the mission of all police officers. While highlighting the heroic style, the drama can also serves to educate young people to stay away from drugs. At the same time, it shows the public security life from an innovative perspective, represented by Hu Rong, Han Jin, Hu Yuejin, etc.





































source http://ent.cri.cn/20180906/f48454c1-16e1-9358-83cc-b02e7f51e53e.html

translated by : Prettysup

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Characters descriptions


William Chan as Liu Ziguang (27yo) - owner of barbeque store
Ma Sichun as Hu Rong (25yo) - policewoman
Liu Yijun as Nie Wanfeng (42 yo) - drug lord
Chen Yao as Li Wan (22yo) - businesswoman
Ye Zuxin as Bei Xiaoshuai (24yo) - good friend of Liu Ziguang
He Minghan as Han Jing (32yo) - policeman
Wu Gang as Hu Yaojing (55yo) - Hu Rong's father, police chief
Wang Ji as Mei Jie (48yo) - hotel boss
Li Jianyi as Master Guo (60yo) - car mechanic, father figure of Liu Ziguang
Hu Jing as Lisa (age unknown) - mysterious underworld lady boss
Feng Guoqiang as Song Jianfeng (53yo) - veteran policeman
Ren Zhengbin as Hou Sihai (45yo) - traid boss who loves to sing karaoke
Wang Fa as Zhuo Li (26yo) - good friend of Liu Ziguang
Wang Tonghui as Li Jianguo (40yo) - retired soldier who is a good friend of Liu Ziguang
Ye Liu as Arthur (22 yo) - devote follower of Liu Ziguang

































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Some set pictures released by official weibo :


After Liu Zi guang returns to Jiang Bei after losing his memories, this is the first place he stays at, which is Master Guo's garage. Although the house is small and dilapidated, but it is where Liu Zi guang regains a family's warmth.




Li Jian-guo's barbeque store which is later taken over by the 'Three Musketeers of Highland Slope'. This is also where Liu Zi guang and Hu Rong share many heart-touching moments.




The house which Bei Xiao-shuai and Zhuo Li stay. After Liu Zi-guang returns to Jiang Bei and reunites with the 2 of them, the '3 Musketeers of Highland Slope' stay in this exquisite loft.




The place which Hu Rong and Han Jing work, the police station of Jiang Bei City.



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