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[Upcoming Mainland Chinese Drama 2017] Castle in the time / Time City, 时光之城, Park Ming Young, Zhang Zhe Han

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Castle in the Time






Original Title: 时光之城

Also Known as: City of Time; Castle in the Time; Time City

Episodes: 40

Released date: not confirmed yet

Gender: Romance

Network: Dragon TV



Park Min Young as Xu Zhen

Zhan Zhe Han as Gu Zhi Jun

Xu Ke  as Lin Jin Xiu

Zhao Xi as Li Zi Qing



"Time City" is a romantic comedy about a college girl who fell in love with a famous actor. 

The optimistic and hardworking Xu Zhen (Park Min Young) wants to rebuild the broken relationship between her mother and ill father, so she goes to see her mother, who is the director of a Gaia film festival. On the way she accidentally bumps into top star Gu Chijun (Zhang Zhe Han) being rejected by his ex-girlfriend once again. Gu Chijun values his pride highly and does not want this embarrassing event being exposed to the public, so he creates difficulty for Xu Zhen to get rid of her. But she doesn’t give up easily and finally wins the admiration and respect of Chijun.

Based on the novel "Castle In The Time" by Jiaojiao


Source: mydramalist








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