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Hi everyone :persevere:


First, I am Thu Le  i dont know why but i can not log in to my old acoount :cry::cry: My old account linked with my facebook account and eventhough i can still login normal to my facebook i can not login to soompi anymore :pensive: Haizz. So i created this new account. 


Second, like i said before, i live now in a place, where i cant alway have the internet that why i have disapearenced for a week. I still can update the news from our shyshy but not so fast and can not really write a comment. 


On 10/1/2018 at 3:19 AM, WoozyPrincess said:

@YourHighness . , She is nominated for Best New Actress for Seoul 2018. I think she is pretty good actress, tho maybe not at YSH's level yet. I just hope their on-screen chemistry is good enough.. but most importantly, the writing.


I find the writing of the recent YSH's drama's has been wanting. I have a feeling, he is trying to get out of his melo role (his sorrowful eyes and tears can move mountains) and expand his acting range. I just hope he settle down soon and focus on finding a role that has good storyline. Has faith in his own ability. He is a fantastic actor afterall.


On 10/1/2018 at 5:50 AM, rachel98 said:

same I remember he said he feels most comfortable and confident with heavy and sad roles so i think he is trying to do an image change. I wish for the best but more than that just a really good story. same for KSH


I have thought about this too. Sohyun acted im almost type (Melo, Family Serie, Action, Romcom) so it was not really something for me when se played in RaRo. But Seungho is a little weird. Because like we all haven known ,  he played most of the time in serious/sad Drama or at least serious Character. But right after Ruler he decided to change his gerne to Comedy and try out to play badass Character like Mingyu in IANAR (I watched the Serie, and although i really like Seungho and his acting is still as excilent  as usual but ... i am sorry, i couldnt make through episod 3. Too much for me). The Question is why? Why he want to change his Image/gerne now? Most of the actor change their gerne/imager after an sucessfull Project. For e. an actor ended his comedy Project really succesfull and make his name to the industry so he continue works 1 or 2 Project with this gerne but Seungho was really success with Ruler (Yeah.. i dont say this was the best drama, it still lakced some point, but this drama had high Rating in Korea, was loved by internationel and shyhsy couple recived many love from viewer) he was even nominated for Deasang and Ruler is NOT a comedy. Why suddenly change to a `uncomfortable` gerne after an sad/serious sucesfull project. Maybe because of this   :blush:



Yeah... hope we can see them together in project in near future :blush::blush:

Like i said, i lived a week without Internet so i got bored and i made a video to tribute our lovely Crown Princes and Gaeun :blush: Hope you guys enjoy it :heart:



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I thought it was confirmed months ago... BUt this girl is so active. When does she have the time to study? An all-rounder. Very hardworking girl.
Kim So Hyun Confirmed For Lead Role In Netflix Drama Adaptation Of Popular Webtoon

Oct 18, 2018
by E. Kang

Kim So Hyun will be leading a drama!

Her agency E&T Story confirmed on October 18 that Kim So Hyun accepted the offer to star in Netflix’s “Love Alarm.”

Based on a popular webtoon, the drama is about people who still want to know each other’s true thoughts and feelings while living in a society where an app that lets users know when someone within a 10 meter radius has feelings for them is widely used.

Kim So Hyun will play Kim Jo Jo, a girl who continues to be bright and carefree despite her painful family history. She begins a new romance after the release of the ‘love alarm’ app.

“Love Alarm” will be directed by Lee Na Jung of “The Innocent Man,” “Oh My Venus,” and “Fight My Way.”

It is set to be released in 2019 through Netflix.



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On 10/14/2018 at 2:05 AM, addie15 said:
The wife of Sohyun’s CEO liked that post again. She doesn’t follow that ig account but liking two posts there means that she lurked into that account and read those shyshy posts.  That says a lot about the status of shyshy imo. What do you guys think?

I have not logged into my account here for a while and wow 68 notifications lol.  Thank you Thu Le for liking most of my comments lol. I’m curious as to know what you think too. 


:lol::lol: I like those Post or Comment which i feel for, i dindt noitice that those came a lot from you, but yeah .. who know, maybe we have the same wave ;);)


About the Wife of Sohyun's CEO. I cant tell what is going on here, because not only her but many other people made some hints like they want to tease us or so :persevere::persevere: 

And when she really did like you said and like we all think then it almost like  an unofficial confirm :wub::wub: we only have to wait and see :wub::wub:

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Hello all,


I apologise for not being active, school has started and it has been tiring and difficult so I have not come onto Soompi much.


I have missed the shyshy couple so - I am glad they are both coming back with individual projects and am looking forward to both.

But I do miss seeing them on the same screen :P


just wanted to do some updates

FYI - KSH's variety show is subbed at least the first ep :D


KSH's insta update








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Ok so we got quite a lot of hints today :))


1. Love Alarm and Revenge is Back filming on the same location


trans by @MsSubak  :)

A : it’s crazy! There was a filming in front of school, it’s the filming of “Love Alarm”, it was a bicycle riding scene. There were Yoo Seung Ho and Kim So Hyun, i want to see them but i couldn’t

B: Did Yoo Seung Ho come? (by Naver translator)

A: My friends said they saw Yoo Seung Ho







Btw, the post talked about filming Love Alarm, but the photo showed students wearing similar uniform in Revenge is Back? D6CYM9V.jpg




Anddd apparently, one of Revenge is Back staff posted this in her IG.


Too bad, her IG is private thuus i can’t see the original post. I’d like to know when she upload this! >.< and did she tag Sohyun for real?! Isn’t it a definite hint that they’re on the same place at the same time??


This is the staff’s IG



Oh, look! Isn’t that Sohyun’s former Manager who follows her? Hmmmm another coincidence :ph34r:


In conclusion.... our shyshy surely had filming in the same location, but the hints also showed that they’re there on the same time as well?! So exciteddd




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2. Andd the post by Shyshy_cupid IG got like from “that” person againn :glasses:




And she even used her private account to like these shyshy posts! What an effort kkkk




Is she a diehard shyshy shipper like us?? :joy: orr she just simply knows something? :phew:

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Altho both said they wanted to work again in a modern set up, I guess we wont see them together in a drama anytime soon. At least not until 2020 when KSY turn 21, legal age in Korea, since that was what KSH said, she wanted to act again with YSH after she becomes legal. Which to means she's implying wanting to do a more passionate/naughty drama with him. To me tho I like them in romcom, I still prefers them to be in melo. And I wish  for them to be in something like DOTS, CP etc 

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