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Favorite Vloggers based in Korea

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Who are some of your favorite vloggers based in Korea?

caricakes - White American, works at a start up social media company(?), vlogs about cafes and solo trips throughout Korea and Japan, lives in Seoul
She's actually the only one I'm currently subscribed to but I'll list other vloggers that I follow

joanday - Korean American, has a main beauty channel (Joan Kim), daily vlogs, lives in Seoul

Fancy Nancy TV - Chinese American, works as an English teacher(?), lived in Jeonju but now in Seoul

Edward Avila - Filipino American, mainly creates beauty videos, vlogs once in a while, lives in Seoul

Kimmyonaquest - Vietnamese American, no longer lives in Korea for 1+ year, was an English teacher, did a lot of traveling, lived in Cheorwan 


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